Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 7: The Dull Day Departure

Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 7: The Dull Day Departure

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

An average mage day flies by as Wilbert tries to enjoy his day off.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Dull Day Departure

I woke up this morning feeling like I would have another wonderful day. That’s when I realized, today was the day Gallia was talking about for some reason. I got out of bed, unwillingly. Gallia was trying to wake me up to go to Frostwing’s appointment. The appointment was only to check on his physical state after Frostwings, incident. I would do anything to dodge out of this entire day. Except for perhaps what Gallia had planned for later tonight. I don’t know why she called today, crammed. What more was there then Frostwing’s appointment? Right I had forgotten I had told Gallia I was going to work at Ice Ware all afternoon because lots of their workers were going on vacation for some strange reason. My goal today, was to escape from the entire day itself.

“Wilbert if you don’t get up we’re going to be late. You don’t want to pay the late fee, do you?” Asked Gallia knowing the answer. Gallia was already in her dress and ready to go.

“Fine.” I said. Crusts had formed in my eyes and I wiped them away.

“Good. I’ll go give Frostwing a bath just before we go. You get dressed.” Said Gallia walking out the door to bathe Frostwing.

“You know how it goes when Frostwing bathes in the pond in the enchanted forest. He can get, aggressive.” I exclaimed.

“I told you earlier Wilbert that I had everything in control,” said Gallia shutting the door on me. I put on my tank top and under garments. I put on my traditional robes. I grabbed my communication orb and my freshly bought wand from the market into the robes pockets. I went to the pond in the enchanted forest that was actually only just a few feet away from our house. Gallia was scrubbing Frostwing furiously in there with the brush. That’s when I went back inside and sat on the couch and flipped on the Tv.

“Wilbert what are you doing? We have to go!” Exclaimed Gallia.

“I don’t know Gallia. Today just isn’t very typical.” I said. Gallia sighed and got Frostwing out of the pond. He was drenched. Gallia grabbed a towel and began drying Frostwing off. I turned the television off and headed out the door.

“Were not riding Frostwing to the doctor.” Gallia Exclaimed.

“Why not? It’s not like anything bad is going to happen.” I said.

“Fine, but only because I don’t want to risk being late. Hopefully he doesn’t get too dirty.” Said Gallia. Gallia attached Frostwing’s reigns. I got on as driver.

“Frostwing, you know where to go.” I exclaimed. I pulled the reigns as Frostwing took off from the ground more suddenly then I had expected. It was only a few minutes before we had arrived at the doctor. Frostwing landed cozily next to the carriage that was parked in front of the doctors. We saw unicorns too. One of them looked familiar. Too familiar.

“Starlight! How’d you get here? I know you’re really feeling much better now!” Exclaimed Gallia. Starlight had been ill for the past months and been taking a while to recover, but now she looked like she was in perfect shape. Gallia walked toward her unicorn.

“Hey, get away from that!” A large man exclaimed from behind one of the beautiful creatures.

“That’s not yours. Since when do you think you can just take anything you want?” I asked.

“Since I found this wild unicorn roaming the enchanted forest.” Said the man.

“Roaming in the enchanted forest? This is not a wild unicorn.” I exclaimed. The main got on top of Starlight.

“What are you going to do about it now, punk!” Exclaimed the man. He flew off in the distance on Starlight.

“I promise we’ll find Starlight, but right now as you said, we need to get in for Frostwing’s doctor appointment.” I said. Me, Frostwing, and Gallia went through the large doors that lead to the doctors.

“Mr. and Mrs. Dunuton.” I said to the woman running the desk in the front.

“Frostwing right? We’ll take him in, and for now, you two can wait in the waiting room.” Said the woman. Me and Gallia took our seats in the softly cushioned chairs. We sat quietly for an hour until Frostwing finally came out.

“Looks like your dragon’s health is great! Do your best to keep it that way with balanced meats and proper exercise.” Exclaimed the woman from earlier.

“We’ll just get out of here really quick.” I said after signing out. That had been a long appointment, and now I could finally leave. I got back onto Frostwing for flight. Frostwing scratched his ears before taking off.

“So Gallia, what did you have planned for today again?” I asked.

“I told you that it was a surprise. You’re just going to have to wait a few more hours and then well, have something important to do.” Said Gallia.

“Whatever you want to say honey. How are you planning on getting us to this event?” I asked.

“Before we do anything, we need to get Starlight from that man. I haven’t been spending much time with her. She deserves me.” Said Gallia.

“That man. He was wearing sunglasses and that tank top. Brown hair. I’m sure we’ll find him. We’ll just ask the magical government about this man’s identification.” I said.

“The magical government? I don’t think we have time to make it all the way over there. It’s near the Winter Woods. What we need to do is look for the stock photos of citizens of Storagia to identify where this man lives.” Said Gallia.

“Right the stock photo’s. Don’t you have those at Ice Ware?” I asked.

“Yes. Which that is where we are going right now.” Said Gallia. Frostwing was soaring above Ice Ware, preparing to land. His talons firmly grasped the terrain.

“We’re here Gallia. I’m sure your father has the stock photos from the magical government. We should be able to get a look at some of them.” I said.

“You need the security code to get into those stock photo’s though.” Said Gallia.

“Right. I’ll ask your father for the code. That would be unbelievable if he didn’t know the code.” I said. Gallia’s father walked out of his office into the main storage room.

“Wilbert, you’re here and ready to work. If I could have you pack all these boxes to the attic.” Gallia’s father asked.

“Before we start getting to work. I had to question about the security code to the stock photo’s.” I said. “There from the magical government.” He continued.

“I need you to give me the could so me and Gallia can track down this man that stole Starlight.” I explained.

“Steal Starlight? I have a hard time believing that. Are you getting into the stock photos for, crime purposes? Are you cheating on my precious daughter?” Questioned Gallia’s Father intensely.

“No! I not trying to do that. I thought you would simply understand.” I replied.

“I do understand my dear son in law. The stock photo code from the magical government is 4937 and its locker number is number 107.” Said Gallia’s father.

“So that’s the code. Thanks that’s all I wanted to know.” I said. I went into the room with the stock photo’s. There were lockers stacked to the roof in there. 107 was near the bottom completely in my reach. I put in the code, then I opened the locker. There were files listed for names A-Z. Photos of all the citizens of Storagia. I searched through them for almost an hour before I found the man in the d’s. Dan. That’s his name. He lived all the way over in the eastern kingdoms. Like that was going to stop. I exited the room with the stock photo in my hand.

“Gallia, I know where to go.” I exclaimed, showing her the address of the man. He was 43 years old and lived New Cyan City. A city covered in plants and flowers.

“Wilbert, you’re going to have to take this on your own. I have to work here with my father. Make sure you’re here for the event tonight though.” Said Gallia.

“Okay Honey. Me and Frostwing will probably be back in an hour or two. We’re going to go get Starlight back for you.” I exclaimed. Gallia nodded. I left the large glass doors of Ice Ware. I met with Frostwing outside. I boarded him so I could take him for a flight.

“Frostwing, I’m going to need you travel very far east. This might be the longest journey we’ll ever take. An hour or so. I’m just letting you be aware. We’ll have a few breaks on the way.” I said to Frostwing. Frostwing took off quickly anyways. Well I guess that just meant he was eager to save Starlight.


Meanwhile Gallia was still working at ice ware carrying large cubes of ice and loading them into the trucks. That’s when Cool Z came out of nowhere and scarred her.  She dropped the ice cube and it shattered into small pieces.

“It’s okay it’s just ice.” Said Cool Z.

“Grandfather, what did you want to tell me?” Asked Gallia.

“Well our little plan for tonight, is definitely not going as planned.” Said Cool Z.

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