Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 9: The Storagian War Part 1

Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 9: The Storagian War Part 1

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

In this epic war Wilbert will do whatever it takes to overcome the T.O.G.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Storagian War Part 1

Gallia had just kicked off our first family reunion together. We would do this family reunion on the same date, every year. Earlier today me and Frostwing went to New Cyan City to find the stealer of Starlight. We did find him, but he wasn’t afraid to put up a fight. Dan was a bad man. I had barely escaped from him with Starlight. Now, Gallia was hosting a family reunion and dinner event. I was interested to see what she had planned for this.

“Gallia! We have to shut this reunion down for now! Something terrible is happening in Storagia. Wilbert, the magical government needs your help.” Exclaimed my brother Sam.

“Sam, what’s going on. Gallia had so much planned for us, what could possibly be more important than this?” I asked.

“The new laws. After the new laws became official, there were many patriots all against the ideas. Most of them have a Storagian’s with a history of crimes. It wasn’t just one or two of them. It was 2,000 of them! The magical government has declared war against these patriots. The war had begun.” Explained Samuel.

“If the magical government has declared war, I declare we still fight for what’s right. Tearing down the magical government could lead to other terrible chained events. Let’s not let these patriots get what they want. I ask for the help of all of you, to protect the magical government.” I announced.

“Wilbert that’s crazy. You know the military is only trolls and dwarfs. We shouldn’t be risking our lives out there on the political battlefield.” Said Gallia.

“If it’s what we have to do. I was meant to be the legendary battle mage. I was meant to take anything down in our way. Have you ever heard of the hero who let’s everyone down and let’s patriots overthrow the magical government because of new laws?” I asked.

“No, and I’ve never heard anything else similar to that.” Said Gallia’s father.

“That’s my point, we need to up rise, and fight this political war!” I exclaimed. Everyone else in the family cheered me on.

 “Do you just expect us to just confront them straight on?” Asked Bella, my sister.

“Confronting them is our only option when we’re on the bridge of overthrow.” I replied. I got atop of Frostwing.

“I know you’ve been flying a lot, but we need to fight for Storagia. Do you think you still have a little juice left in you?” I asked Frostwing. He yawned stretching his legs and showing off his teeth.

“I’m taking that as a yes. Father, gather up all the unicorns so we can all go to fight.” I exclaimed. My father began heading to the back of the Crystal Kingdom where all the unicorns were kept. “Me and Gallia will lead. Follow us.” I continued. I took off on Frostwing just a little bit before everyone left. Gallia flew on Starlight behind me. What we had was an army. We all arrived at the Storagia’s magical government building.

“Wilbert? You and your whole entire family. Why are you here? Asked Jay, the president of magic.

“We’re here to end this. I see you have all these patriots here. Who is leading this revolution anyways?” I asked.

“It’s Dan. He and his friends here want to rule Storagia themselves and want everything to go by there own rules.” Said Jay.

“Dan? That’s the man that I...” Dan cut me off and didn’t let me finish.

“It is me Wilbert. You didn’t believe in me. You brought even more unicorns over this time! How disgraceful. I say these unicorns are overpopulating. Kill them all!” Shouted Dan in anger. The crowd began chanting what he just said.

“Quiet! You can’t just overthrow the magical government like this. There are laws against this.” I said.

“Which is exactly why we are doing this. There’s 2,000 of us and probably about 2,000 of you.

“The games even. We’re playing fair teams. The magical government declared war, so you know what they wanted.” I said.

“Wilbert what are you doing?” Gallia whispered to me.

“Trust me, I know. This is the only way we’ll win.” I whispered back to Gallia. I turned back to face the patriots and the magical government.

“I say on with the war.” Said Dan. His nasty followers began chanting, “On with the War!” Dan smirked feeling he would win. The Storagian military emerged from the building of the magical government.

“Troll and Dwarves of all kind, come and assist us in battle!” Exclaimed General Gobi loudly. The dwarves and troll fought with axes, swords, and crossbows. These melee weapons you could not even compare to what the Patriots of Storagia had. Trolls with crossbows began firing, dwarves with axes began striking, but it was all useless to the Patriots. A dark wizard with dark hair, dark skin, and a wand of dark magic exclaimed, “Repello!” loudly. The arrows had gone flying back toward the dwarves and trolls. Many of them blocked the arrows with their wooden shields, others weren’t so lucky.

“We have to help them! They obviously can’t do this alone!” I exclaimed. Gallia, Bella, Samuel, My Father, Gallia’s Father, Frostwing, Starlight and the rest of the unicorns all came to confront the battle. 

“You may have heroes on your side, but we have the quantity advantage.” Said Dan. The rest of his gang laughed. It’s hard to feel empowered when you have two thousand people laughing at you. 

“Repulso!” I exclaimed thrusting my wand toward the great army. I knocked many of the patriots to the ground. It stirred up a lot of dust as they hit the ground. Frostwing and Gallia worked together freezing about 20 patriots. Patriots tried breaking the ice or anything it took to help their allies. My father picked up one of the battle axes and swung rapidly. The dark wizard I had seen earlier blasted my father to the spell, and he fell to the ground dropping to the ground. He panted hard, then got back up only to be hit in the face with a fist knocking him to the ground again. Gallia’s father helped her freeze more opponents charging toward us at a quick rate. King Flare even assisted us with his heat blasts. But he had accidentally freed the patriots stuck in shards of ice. The unicorns charged and stampeded the patriots. Most of them didn’t make it out alive. Only 5 were left afterward. Titanius, Starlight, and 3 small baby unicorns. I wonder how those little ones got into this battle. “Repulso!” I continued to say repelling enemies away from me. That’s when I was encountered by my arch nemesis there. Dan. He kicked me to the ground my head hit the ground hard.

“No matter how hard you try; you can’t defeat me.” Said Dan.

“Good will always overcome the bad!” I exclaimed. That’s when I realized, as long as Dan had that dagger, he would win this war no matter what would happen. Dan slipped the green blade from his pant leg again. He thrusted it through my chest. At least he thought he had. The blade had been between my index finger and my middle finger just an inch away from chest. I held it there as hard as I can and Dan pushed as hard as he could. I launched the blade by moving my fingers to the side, away from Dan. I quickly got back onto my feet. Whoever got that special tool, would be the one to win this war. Me and Dan raced toward it. I was so close only a few feet away, but that’s when Dan tackled me back onto the ground. I couldn’t see anything but dust.

“So you figured it out. That doesn’t mean you’ll win.” Said Dan. Dan released me and quickly grabbed the green dagger. The power is mine once again. You may have been a great battle mage, but you were definitely short lived.” Said Dan. The Storagian war continued on. A man with a Mohawk and a t-shirt with a lightning bolt on it. He struck Gallia, her father, and Frostwing. They all fell to the ground and the man continued to shoot volts at them on the ground.

“You can never win this war. Good always overcomes evil!” Said Gallia screaming in pain. The volts were the most painful thing she had ever experienced.

“You’ll never win this. You’ll never win anything!” Gallia’s father shouted in pain. Frostwing roared out loudly in pain.

“We all have different opinions about what is right and what is wrong. We all have opinions about what all the rules should be. The answer is not to remove everyone out of the way, it is to reason and to come to consent.” Explained King Flare. His little speech didn’t help. It seemed to make them, angrier. King Flare was knocked down by a kick to the face.

“Now that the magical government is falling, we can finally release the true monster!” Announced Dan.

“T.O.G.” His follower patriots chanted.

“Why are they chanting that?” I thought to myself.

“The Tog will remain in its grave no more. The true king of Goblins and Trolls. Father of Togar, grandfather of Togath.” Said Dan.

“T.O.G,” Dan’s crowd continued to chant. They began chanting louder and louder and louder. Dan held up his blade to the sky.

“Asthronos Toro!” Said Dan.

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