Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 4: The Fatality of Frostiwing

Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 4: The Fatality of Frostiwing

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

That ThunderBird that Frostwing had protected us from. Was he okay, I'm unsure. He's been in the tank for days now.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Fatality of Frostwing

One thing had been remaining on my mind since the storm and the attack of the Thunderbirds. Frostwing was very hurt. Hurt isn’t the word, what I should say is he’s passing me away. Gallia tells me he’s going to be fine, but every morning he doesn’t wake up, and I worry. Today was the final day before Gallia would expose of Frostwing and put him out of his misery which was probably right at this point in his life. I didn’t want to see Frostwing go.

“Gallia, you think Frostwing has the chance today.” I said.

“The doyenne of dragons should be caring for him. She said it’s almost time to stop trying to help something we can’t help. We’re running out of options.” Replied Gallia. I sobbed softly. I wiped away the tears in my eyes.

“I’m going over to see him Gallia. Keep watch of the house. I have to have some time with Frostwing one on one.” I said.

“I get it Wilbert. Go on and greet Frostwing again. Are you sure you don’t want me to go, because we have an appointment and this is the time we find out if Frostwing’s passed on.” Said Gallia. “Dragons can surprise you.” Gallia continued.

“Goodbye Gallia. I’ll be home with the news.” I said. I walked outside. It was snowing outside today. It was snowing very lightly. “Demento!” I exclaimed teleporting myself to the dragon doyenne at the hospital.

“Wilbert you scared me. Whenever you come in so quickly like that.” Said the doyenne. Her name was Dawn.

“I’m here to see Frostwing. May I go in for a visit?” I asked.

“Of course Wilbert. I’m not sure about your dragon. He’s blood temperature is very overheated for an ice dragon. Should be a nice cool 66 or 67. Right now we have it all the way up in the 80’s. We’ve kept his body in cold water during this time. This should restore his blood temperature and his heart should be pumping again soon.” Said Dawn. I walked into the patient room 24. I opened the door slowly. The doctors were in there arguing about Frostwings state.

“I’m so sorry to interrupt. She said I could come in. Could you leave for a just a moment? This is very personal if you would understand.” I explained.

“Yes Wilbert. We’ll leave you to what you wanted to do.” Said one of the doctors.

“Thank you. I replied coming into the room. Frostwing was inside a tank full of cold water to sustain his blood temperature. I pressed my palm against the glass. His heart was still beating according to the heart rate monitor. Frostwing had been in this unconscious state for 4 days now. He was scaring me to death, if he was gone, I had just lost my life time companion.

“I’m so sorry Frostwing. I shouldn’t have let you gone out there with those Thunderbirds. It was all my fault. You were just trying to protect me.” I said leaning my forehead against the glass beginning to sob again.

“Your heart still beats. I know you’re still there.” I said tears falling down my face. One of the doctors opened the door.

“Wilbert, just so you know, us doctors have done some more research on Frostwing and things aren’t looking good. His heart rate gets slower every day, and his blood temperature continues to rise. There is almost nothing left to do for him.” Said the doctor.

“Yes I know. I really hope Frostwing can push through this.” I replied. I sat down in a chair that was right in front of the tank. I watched Frostwing float in the water. I thought about all the adventures we had together. Everything we had done together. It’s been me and Frostwing ever since the begging of my adventure. Frostwings wings were enclosed around him. Frostwing had just recently had stitches from the Thunderbird attack. They said it was pretty severe. They had stitched up the scales but his heart was still damaged, but still beating. I sat in the chair a little longer my head hung. I felt so much grief. Frostwing would always be in my heart. He would be my spirit. He would be my soul. That’s when I gasped as something astonishing had happened. The heart rate monitor stopped beeping and made a loud warning to the doctors. I began crying out loud. The doctors had rushed in to see what was happening, rushing right past me.

“We’re losing him! Frostwing hang on in there. We have ourselves a code red gentleman. A code red!” Exclaimed one of the doctors. I continued to sob my head now in hands.

“No! Frostwing!” I shouted. The doctors escorted me out of the room.

“Stay out here. We’ll do whatever it takes to help your dragon young mage. Be aware there might not be able to do anything about that.” Sais the doctor that had escorted me out of the room.

“What are we going to do!? I think we lost him nurse. This dragon is no more.” I could hear from the other side of the door. I grabbed the tissues that were on the desk to the left of me. I dabbed my tears.

“We’ve lost him! Code Red! It’s time to properly expose of the body.” I heard another doctor say.

“You can come in now.” Said the same doctor. He opened the door for me and let me back into the rooms. That’s when the heart rate monitor started up again. Frostwing woke up with a gasp.

“Frostwing!” I exclaimed happily. I wiped the rest of the tears from my face. “You were killing me in there Frostwing! You scared me to death!” I said.

“He’s alive. He’s breathing naturally now. We’ll keep him in here until later this night for further research. This is a miracle.” Said the doctor. I called Gallia on my communication orb.

“So Wilbert, how did it go?” Asked Gallia biting her nails, nervous.

“I’ll bring you the news when I get home honey.” I replied. Gallia waved me a goodbye as I put my communication orb back into my robe. After a few more hours in the hospital, Frostwing was ready to go home. They had brought him out of the emergency care. Me and Frostwing were exiting the dragon hospital together to get ourselves home.

“Frostwing I love you so much!” I said tears of joy now going down my face.

“You think you’re strong enough to fly us home? Let’s see if you can take us home to Gallia.” I said. Frostwing roared as if it were a yes. I opened my arms wide and wrapped them all around him. I loved Frostwing so much.

“I love you so much bud. Never scare that bad again! I never want to lose you!” I exclaimed. Frostwing made a sound like a sigh. I got onto Frostwings back. He flapped his wings and we soared into the cool air. The scarf Galli ahead given me for emotional support trailed behind me.

My hair went from its usual brown to a white from all the snow that was falling. Sooner or Later we finally arrived at my shack. Frostwing spread his wings even wider than before than circled my shack slowly descending. He landed on the ground very softly. His talons firmly grasped the ground. I slowly opened the door and saw Gallia as soon as I had come in.

“Is Frostwing...” Gallia trailed off not finishing wanting to know the big news.

“Frostwing’s...” I trailed off not continueing being a bit stoic against Gallia building up the suspense.

“Wilbert! Frostwing can’t be gone!” Exclaimed Gallia. Frostwing burst through the door alongside me.

“I was just messing with you Gallia. Don’t get to anticipated.” I said.

“Wilbert you scared me to death. If we had lost Frostwing.” Said Gallia.

“I know. I’m glad he’s here. He gave me a major scare today. They thought they couldn’t help Frostwing. I’ll never forgot those few moments.” I said. 

“Now that that we know Frostwings back safe and sound, what’s the plan for our future?” Asked Gallia.

“Me, you, and Frostwing. I was planning an outing. Like maybe out of the country. By that I mean we need to get out of Storagia sometimes.” I said.

“What could possibly be better than Storagia?” Questioned Gallia.

“There’s another world out there. That world that Jane came from. It makes me curious. I want to know more about that world. I think we only got a glimpse of that amazing world.” I said.

“Amazing world? That girl was insane, and that world didn’t seem very magical to me.” Said Gallia.

“I’m pretty sure there was a lot more to it that meets the eye.” I said.

“Sometimes you worry me honey.” Said Gallia.

“I’m worried. What if Storagia left Storagia forever. What if we left to that world again? But if we did, would that put both worlds in poverty?” I asked.

“I don’t know Wilbert, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to find out.” Replied Gallia.

“Oh we will find out. That other world means something and I know it. We need to get out there. It will be like our honeymoon to another world.” I said.

“Everybody does that.” Said Gallia sarcastically.

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