Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 10: The Storagian War Part 2

Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 10: The Storagian War Part 2

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

In this epic war Wilbert will do whatever it takes to overcome the T.O.G.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Storagian War Part 2

It didn’t take me long to figure out what T.O.G stood for. It stands for Terrorizer of Good. It was going to destroy Storagia and everything in it if I couldn’t think of anything to do about it. Dan had held up the cursed blade to the sky and said the very familiar words, “Asthronos Toro!” Those are the same words that I had used to commit to the soul spell. I wonder if it uses the same kind of power or dark magic. When he did it, it looked very similar. A green beam from his blade shot up into the sky. Something was emerging from the portal. The only thing I could see coming out of the portal was a giant green hand.

“Son of a Horon.” I said to myself as I watched the portal form and gigantic troll emerging from it. A few moments later, the humungous troll completely emerged from the portal. It was ten times bigger than the size of my house.

“The great T.O.G has Arisen. Now bow down to me and tremble beneath my power.” Said the giant troll with a very low gravely. Dan’s lips were moving but the words were coming from the T.O.G.

“Wilbert, I think we might have lost this battle.” Said Gallia. T.O.G walked up to the magical government building. Each step it took was like an earthquake. It thrust its first downward destroying the top of the magical government. Rock and pieces of the building crumbled down on Jay and the rest of the magical governments life work. After that, the giant troll was now leaving the magical government and approaching the mage market. And it was approaching the mage market fast. When Frostwing finally had the strength to get up again I got on him and rode him after us. Frostwing spit ice shards at the T.O.G. It only tried to swat Frostwing and smashed all the ice shards he had created. Me and Frostwing continued to circle around the T.O.G.

“Frostwing, were going to need more power if we’re going to take this goblin down before it’s too late.” I exclaimed.

“Pesky Peasant. Get out of my way.” Said the T.O.G as we circled it. Me and Frostwing headed in the direction of our teammates. Everyone, but me and Frostwing were too weak to fight.

“If you can’t help us then who can?” I questioned circling around everyone on the ground including the patriots or called, followers of Dan.

“If I can’t get my own teammates to help me maybe you will. I’m asking for your assistance patriots of Storagia.” I exclaimed.

“Why should we trust you? We shall always trust in our leader, Dan.” Said the man with the lightning bolt t-shirt.

“I know I might not seem like the most trusting person right now. Dan’s not on your side. He’s not on any of your sides. He’s just using you so he can stab you in the back later.” I explained.

“Wilbert’s right. He has been using us all along.” Said the Dark Wizard. All the other patriots agreed.

“Follow me and Frostwing. We’ll lead the path to the T.O.G. He’s just over that mountain.” I exclaimed. The patriots began following me and Frostwing as we slowly glided over the mountains waiting for each and every one of them. I could see the T.O.G attacking the mage market, destroying many buildings inside of it. I needed to protect the remaining buildings of the mage market.

“Frostwing we need some ice over these homes!” I said. Frostwing began spraying his ice forming domes around the homes that still haven’t been destroyed. There were many Storagian’s running, and cowering in fear.

“The rest of you. Attack the T.O.G and attempt to take it down.” I declared. My patriot army charged toward the T.O.G.

“We’ll isn’t it a shock to see you.” Said the man with a lightning bolt on his shirt shocking the T.O.G.’s ankles.

“Don’t waste your time with puns no matter how puny you are.” I said. The Dark Wizard blasted the T.O.G with a strong spell. It knocked him backward making him fall over crush a wall of ice.  A snake charmer began wrapping snakes around the T.O.G.’s arms and legs. He was stuck.

“I’ll finally take him out. Clear the area while I finish him off.” I said. The patriots began backing away from the monster.

“Xaptis!” I shouted loudly at the T.O.G. I could feel the spell emerge from my wand enough to the point where it forced me backward on Frostwing. I physically even saw the spell itself. But it had not effect on Dan.

“Foolish Mage. No Spell can conquer the T.O.G. Nothing can conquer it. It’s too late to try and stop me.” Said the T.O.G. with its booming voice. He slithered out of the snakes’ grip and stood back up again.

“This is over, and it will never be over!” Shouted the T.O.G.

“If I couldn’t take him down with spells what could I use to try to stop him. There’s one option I had left. Bella. It’s never come to this dire of a situation to use her powers. She isn’t even in complete control of those powers yet, but she was going to be my secret weapon. Too bad I had left her all the way back at the magical government. Or so I thought.

“I know what you’re thinking Wilbert and I know that I can do it.” Said Bella sneaking up on me from within the crowd of patriots down below.

“I don’t even know if you can defeat the T.O.G alone Bella. That’s why we’re going to need to combine our powers to destroy the T.O.G.” I explained.

“Right Wilbert. We can only do this together. Sister and brother siblings forever.” Said Bella.

“You’re going to really have to focus and control your power. This is going to be unlike anything the both of us have ever done before. We’re going to need the full power inside both us.” I said. I landed on the ground with Frostwing beside Bella. I gave Bella a hug.

“You think because a young maiden will tag you along, you will be able to defeat me?” Questioned the T.O.G.

“If we Have to.” I said. Asthronos Toro. Those were the words. The words of power to power any spell better than anyone has ever done it before. So that’s what it meant. If there where was anytime to use that, the time is now.

“Are you ready, Sis?” I asked Bella.

“More ready then I’ll ever be.” Bella replied. Bella flipped a stray piece of hair behind her back.

“Asthronos Toro!” Me and Bella both exclaimed at the same time. A power blast that was the color of white emerged from my and wand and her hands. We held the spell for as long as we could’ve.

“You still haven’t defeated me. You and your spell.” Said the T.O.G. We continued to blast it with the spell. It got smaller and smaller. Eventually it shrunk down to about our size. The T.O.G transformed into the portal it had once come from.

“No you can’t be! You’re sending me back! You’re sending me back!” The T.O.G kept repeating over and over.

“No power is stronger than the power of love.” I said. The T.O.G was completely absorbed in the portal. The portal disappeared in an implosion with a loud blast. Gallia and every one I had left behind had heard the blast.

“Wilbert must’ve defeated the T.O.G,” Said Gallia. Cool Z smiled at the green implosion they saw in the sky. Me and Bella and the whole gang of patriots went back to the magical government to meet everyone else.

“So Wilbert, did you do it?” Asked Gallia.

“No I didn’t do it. Me and Gallia did it together!” I exclaimed happily. Me and Bella got off of Frostwing. Gallia hugged me, then gave me kiss.

“I’ve never loved you more!” I exclaimed happily. Tears of joy emerged from my eyes.

“Gallia, looks like we can finally finish that reunion of yours here.” Said Samuel.

“Yes we can.” Gallia replied smiling.

“You guys can do all the yap and stuff but what about us? What are you going to do with us Wilbert?” Asked the Patriots.

“You’re going to be the next military, since so much of our old military died in the Storagian war. The Dark Wizard will lead you. You will still be known as the patriots. The patriots that protect Storagia.” I said. Jay and Eva, Vice President of magic, walked over holding the arms of Dan whose body looked lifeless.

“What should we do with him Wilbert?” Asked Jay.

“We’ll leave him with the authorities. He’s going to prison for a long time.” I exclaimed.

“Plus the fact that he was already supposed to be in prison in the first place.” Said Jay. Jay smirked. Dan woke up.

“What are you doing with me?” Asked Dan.

“Don’t worry about it.” Eva Replied.

“So Gallia. About that trip to the other world. I found something that can get us their sweetie!” I Said.

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