Chapter 2- Asked On a Date

Chapter 2- Asked On a Date

A Chapter by Rhonda

   "Hi Lina!" Majd saw me at my locker.

   "Hi Majd! How are you?" I asked him.

   "Great. Hamada invited me to go to the mosque with his parents and you and your mom."


   "Yeah. Forgive me if I'm bugging you, but would you like to go on a date with me on Sunday?"

   "You're not bugging me. Sure." He was sweet and the last thing he was doing was bugging me.

    "Can I please have your house address? I would like to pick you up." I got a piece of paper out of my locker. I wrote down my address and handed it to him.

   "Thank you." Majd said.

   "Where will we be going?"

   "You'll see." he said with a smile and walked off. The curiosity got to me and I was curious to see where we were going.

   I decided to go to Dida's locker to see if she was there.

   "Hi Dida." I said after reaching her locker.

   "Hi Lina. How are you?"

   "Great. I got asked on a date."

   "By who?"

   "This guy named Majd. I went to eat dinner at Hamada's house last night. Hamada brought him over to his house. He asked me to the dance. He also said ge goes here and he just asked me on a date."

   "Nice! You got to show me him, alright?"

   "I will. Don't worry. Are you going to the dance with anyone yet?"

   "No. I want yo ask Ahmed, but it would be better if he asked me instead."

   "Yeah, it's better." All of the sudden we heard laughing. We figured out it was Ahmed. He was in listening distance. We didn't know he was there.

   "Sure. I'll go to the dance with you." Ahmed said. I could tell Dida embarrassed.

   "Great." Dida replied.

   "See you later." he said and walked off.

   "I feel so embarrassed." Dida said.

   "I would be too, but at least he said yes. Now, we both have dates." I said and we started to squeal and laugh. The bell run suddenly.

   "I got to go, bye Lina."

   "Bye Dida." and we left.


   "Mama! Mama!" I called my mom after I got to the house after school.

   "I'm in here." she called from the kitchen. I raced there to tell her about what Majd asked me.

   "Majd asked me on a date!"

   "Did you say yes?"


   "When and where?" she started to smile.

   "Sunday and he said that he'll surprise me."

   "He was wise. He didn't pick tomorrow. Never on praying day."

   "I know Mama."

   "I'm going to start preparing dinner."

   "But it's not dark yet."

   "We're preparing so we don't have to be as starving as yesterday."

   "Good thinking."

   "We must go to th market place again. We are having pigeon."

   "Ok Mama." We walked out the door. We picked the nearest stand with pigeon since it was hot outside.

   "Hello. Could we please have pigeon? A pound." Mama asked.

   "Yes." the stand owner said. I looked behind me and saw man and woman staring at me. Their skin was light, like mine.

   "Could it be my dad?" I thought. I also thought that I shouldn't tell Mama.

   "Thank you." Mama said suddenly. "Come on Lina."

   "That's strange. The woman isn't wearing a hijab. They must be tourists." Our country was a Muslim country. Women had to wear hijabs according to the Qur'an. We walked home in the blazing heat of an August day.

   "Lina, you must be ready by seven tomorrow morning. We don't want to be late to the mosque." Mama said as we were walking.

   "Hamada invited Majd to come with us. Majd told me at school."

   "Ok." My mind wandered off to a picture of Majd and I walking together. It was at a beach near here. My heart fluttered with excitement.

   "Also, is Majd pickig you up at the house?" Mama asked me as we neared the house.

   "Yes, why?"

   "Just wondering."


   I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned in my bed. I was excited about the date with Majd happening on Sunday.

   "I get to see him tomorrow though." I thought to myself.



© 2010 Rhonda

Author's Note

ignore spelling problems if any

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The chapter moved the plot forward, and as a writer that should be your main focus. Remember that most writers have short attention spans...

Posted 10 Years Ago

i enjoyed this chapter,once i started it i couldn't stop^^ Great job and interesting characters:)

Posted 10 Years Ago

I like the chapter. The description of each event was well written and kept the flow of the story rolling very well. I like to learn about other beliefs and culture. Make us wiser and respect the ways of other people. A excellent chapter.


Posted 10 Years Ago

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