Chapter 11- The Interview

Chapter 11- The Interview

A Chapter by Rhonda

   "The dance with Majd was amazing really. It just didn't feel right with Bashar." I said to Dida on the phone. I was finishing my homework on a Sunday night.

   "Do you feel like getting back together with Majd?"

   "Half of me yes, half of me no. Yes because we care about eachother. No because he cheated on me. I could tell he wanted me back."

   "You're torn, aren't you?"

   "Yes. I don't know what to do."

   "Sleep on it. It'll help you. Maybe your dreams will give you the answer."

   "Good idea. Anyway, I can't wait for the interview tomorrow."

   "Me neither. I think I'm prepared enough. Do you?"


   "I hope you get in."

   "Inshaa'allah. You too."

   "He'll wish it I'm sure."

   "Thanks. Did you and Ahmed have fun?"

   "Yeah, we actually did. He asked me on a date."



   "Awesome! I'm excited for you! You've waited for this for so long."

   "Ever since fifth grade."

   "I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow."

   "Bye Lina."

   "Bye Dida." We hung up.

   I decided to go to bed. I had a decision to make and an interview to wait for.


   "Lina, here's this sheet for you. I suggest you go now." Ms. Nazreen handed me a pink sheet. It was a pass to go to the office. I decided to take my stuff with me incase the interview was gonna be long.

   "I can't believe they waited until fifth period." I thought to myself as I walked to the office.

   The sheet said to go to the counseling ofice, so I did. When I got there, there was no one there except for a women sitting at the desk. She was light-skined like me. She was wearing no hijab, so I guessed that she wasn't Muslim.

   "Hello. You must be Lina." the womam said smiling.

   "Yes I am."

   "Go ahead and take a seat." I took a seat in the chair.

   "My name is Eva Ridley. I'm from the LLS program. I'll ask you some questions. Your answers will determine if you will join us on the trip to America. Are you ready?"

   "Yes." I noticed she had an American accent.

   "Alright. Do you know any other languages?"

   "Just a little bit of French. I should say the basics."

   "What is your favorite subject in school any why?"

   "My favorite subject in school is Language Arts because I like to write. I've been writing since I was 5 and it's been my hobby ever since."

   "Are you open-minded?"

   "I think I am because I like almost every song that I've ever heard. I've read and studied about other religions." The questions kept going.

   "Why do you think that you should go on the trip?" was the final question.

   "I think I should go on the trip because I've never traveled. I've only been here and Rabat. I dream of travelling the world and learning about different cultures and religions." I replied.

   "Thank you Lina. You'll be notified on Friday if you got accepted or not."

   "Thank you Ms. Ridley." I walked out feeling nervous.

   While I was going back to class, I saw Dida walking to the office.

   "How was it?" she asked me.

   "Fine Good luck."

   "You too."


   "How was your interview?" Mama asked me when I got home.

   "Good. I was a bit nervous though."

   "When do we find out if you got in?"


   "Friday? That's quick!"

   "That's what I thought."

   "How was Dida?"

   "I don't know. She was pretty nervous before her interview."

   "I need to call them to invite them over for dinner."

   "That would be fun."

   "Yeah. Could you go get me the phone?"

   "Sure." I went to my room to get the phone.

   "Here Mama." I handed her the phone. She quickly dialed in the number.

   "Hi Shurka. How are you?" she said in the phone.

   "Great. I'm fine too thanks. I was wondering if you, Ghaith, and Dida could come over for dinner."

   "Alright. See you soon." she hung up the phone. "They're coming over."



   "How was your interview Dida?" Mama asked her at dinner.

   "I was nervous. It went great though."

   "You probably already know this, but we find out on Friday if we get in or not." Shurka said to Mama.

   "So do we."

   "Did you sign up to go?"

   "No. I've been to America already. You haven't gone to America, have you?"

   "No, I've never been. I signed up to go with Dida."

   "Yeah. Hey girls, do you wanna go in Lina's room? Us adults are gonna play a card game." Mama asked Dida and me.

   "Sure." I replied. Dida and I got up and went to my room. I shut the door.

   "I have something for you." Dida said.

   "What is it?" she began to dig through her bag.

   "It's this." she handed me a card. I could tell it was home made. It had a red rose on it. It said my name at the top also. I opened it to see what it said.

   "Dear Lina,

    The first time I met you was the best thing that ever happened. You looked beautiful and you still do. Our dates were awesome. I do admit, I cheated on you, but I messed up. Please forgive me. I'm sorry.



   "When did he give this to you?" I asked.

   "Today. His interview was after mine."

   "Give him this note." I got out a piece of paper and a pen.


    Why should I ever trust you again after that? You broke my heart. I'm glad you realized what you've done was bad, but our relationship is damaged now. By the way, just talk to me next time.

       Lina" I wrote.

   "I'll give it to him." Dida said.

   "Good. Thanks."



© 2010 Rhonda

Author's Note

ignore spelling mistakes if any

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A very good chapter. I like her desire to go to the USA. Always good to learn new things and meet new people. The story is very good. Your skill for story writing is amazing. Thank you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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