Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by VincentRayne

The day went on without any problems. Akino managed to somehow get to school in time. There was an entrance ceremony that Akino in particular found boring. The school was quite large. When lunch came around Akino learned that her friend, Roy, was on the opposite side of the building. They agreed to have lunch under the cherry blossom trees.

"So, how is your day so far?" Roy asked before he opened his lunch box.

"Pretty dull. The only thing going on is one explanation after another. Class rules here and 'let's get to know the teachers better' there." Akino took a frustrated bite from her sandwich and Roy chuckled.

"Thus begins your years as a high school student. Don't worry, second years are going through it two. Probably, not as much, but we're still experiencing the same torture as you.

"Right..." Akino managed a smile. The two returned to eating their lunch when the bell rang. "What? Lunch is already over?"

"Calm down. There are different lunches. This school is fairly large so not everyone can eat all at once."

After the two finished their lunches they saw that they still had time until their classes started. The sun was high in the artificial sky but the heat seemed like it truly came from the star. The two lay down and were enjoying their sunbathing until the school bell rang. “That’s our bell.” Roy sat up and then helped Akino to her feet. As the two were walking back to school they saw a limousine pull up to the front gate. Everyone in the front gate area stopped to see who would exit the vehicle.

“Do you think they’re celebrities?” Akino asked.

“I don’t think so.” Roy answered and two people stepped from the car. It was a boy followed by a girl. Both wore glasses and looked to be brother and sister by their appearance. “Those are the Rayne twins. Elisa and Nero Rayne.”

“Those two are related? I remember seeing the two of them before but I always thought they were a couple. They’re always with each other.” Roy shrugged.

“No one messes with Elisa. Nero makes sure of that. It’s a shame. She seems like a really nice person but Nero is so intimidating that everyone is afraid to go near the girl.” Akino looked on and wondered what was so intimidating about Nero. He was tall but other than the fact that he looked like a model he didn’t seem threatening. Elisa looked as if she could easily win a beauty contest. Her hair was set just below her jawline but she was tall as well.

“Are they foreigners?” Nero and Elisa walked inside the school and Roy and Akino followed after to get to class.

“I’m pretty sure. They speak Japanese fluently enough so who knows.” The two exchanged their outside shows for the school shoes in their lockers at the entrance. “I’ll pick you up after school.” Akino and Roy waved their goodbyes and headed to their classrooms. When Akino entered her class she saw Elisa sitting in the desk right next to hers. Akino looked around to see if Elisa’s brother was anywhere but he wasn’t in the room. Akino quickly sat in her seat as the teacher entered the room.

“Good evening, students.” The teacher began. “I’m Ms. Arai, your homeroom teacher for those of you who are just getting in�"which is…” Ms. Arai skimmed the class looking for new faces. “only a couple of you. Elisa is it? You’re Nero’s sister right?” Elisa nodded her head. “Are you as athletic as he is as well?” Elisa shrugged. “Alright. I want to see a hand in the air for all the athletic people in my class.” About half of the class raised their hand neither of which was neither Elisa nor Akino’s.

“Sounds like someone is making preparations for the sport’s festival.” Elisa spoke but to really no one in general. Then there was a knock on the door. The teacher halted her plans on the sport’s festival victory and stepped out of the room. Akino noticed Elisa looking at her and smiled. “My name is Elisa. I believe I’ve seen you somewhere before.”

“It was at the music store.” Akino said and quickly wished she would have taken a little bit longer to answer.

“Yes, that was it.”

“Is your brother in the same grade?”

“No, he’s in the same grade as your boyfriend so you don’t have to worry about him during school hours.” Akino felt her face turn red.

“Roy’s not my boyfriend. We’re just friends.”

“Really? You two make a good couple though, even as friends.” Elisa smiled and bright smile and the door to the classroom opened. Ms. Arai entered and was followed by another student. Akino let out a soundly gasp that made everyone turn their heads.

“Umm. Sneeze past.” Everyone turned back to the front with a couple of snickers.

“Okay, we seem to have a new student.” Ms. Arai began. Next to her stood the same girl that Akino met in the forest.

© 2011 VincentRayne

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