chapter 11

chapter 11

A Chapter by VincentRayne

Miko eyes slowly opened. She felt like she was in a dream but then her memory came flooding back to her dragging her back to reality. She quickly put a hand to her chest but strangely found no pain nor bandage. Miko then sat up and quickly took in her surroundings. She was in a large bedroom.

“Where am I?” She quietly whispered to herself.

“You are in my home.” Miko jumped at the reply and saw as Elisa got up from a large chair that was facing a fireplace in the corner of the room.

Miko, if I heal you your life will be owed to Elisa. Can I trust that you won’t betray her or anyone she cares about? Miko remembered the promise that Yukino talked with her just before she lost consciousness.

“Thank you for sparring my life. I am in your debt.” Elisa’s face remained a blank canvas.

“Your lot have caused a great problem but they are all taken care of. Your plan has failed. If I am correct how mercenaries operate, you no longer have an objective. The other two are most likely reporting their failure to whoever hired you.”

“Yes, you are correct.” Elisa smiled.

“Since your life was saved along with being sparred then you are indebted to the person that saved you?” Miko had a feeling she knew where this was going.

“Could you get to your point?” Miko figured Elisa’s smile resembled a shark’s grin.

“My point is that you are my bodyguard until further notice.” Miko remained silent for a moment.

“I guess that’s reasonable.” Elisa lost her smile and she came and sat on the bed next to Miko.

“Look, Miko, I don’t know what happened between our mothers but I at least know my mother. She doesn’t harm others unless she has good reason. She is a kind person that always puts others before herself. Right now she is away along with my father. I have no clue when they’ll be back. They’ve been gone for two weeks now and I feel that it has something to do with what’s going on.”

“Then they could have gone to Heaven then.” Elisa nodded her head.

“That’s what I am thinking and if they did then we must follow.” Nero stepped through the door. He looked perfectly fine despite his previous injuries.

“Care on letting anyone else in on this plan.” He eyed Miko with a hostile glare and Elisa noticed it.

“Nero, calm down. I still have to think this out. I’m absolutely positive that others are coming after us as well.”

“The fact that they want us dead is either a gutsy move on opposition’s part or the strings are being pulled by other individuals we don’t know of.”

“But who else stands to gain from the Surface being overthrown?”

“Maybe they don’t care about it being overthrown. They might just want its destruction.”

“Jessica has a sister.” Miko chimed in and Nero along with Elisa turned their heads to her. “She may not seem much of a threat but she has the power under her belt to become one. Whether she’s working with her father or in secret she has people under her to get what she wants done.”

“It’s a long shot but it’s the only probable one under our belt right now.” Nero added and Elisa nodded again thinking.

“Then we should head out to Heaven as soon as possible. We could go by train to the nearest elevator port. We’ll tell Jessica as soon as she gets here.” Nero looked at his watch.

“When did she leave her place?”

“About a half hour ago.”

“She only lives five minutes from here. Give her a call.” Elisa pulls out a cellphone from her skirt pocket and quickly dials Jessica’s phone. Elisa then puts the phone down after only having it to her ear for a moment. “There was even a ring. It went straight to her voicemail.”

“Maybe she forgot to charge it or turn it on.”

“I would like to believe that if I didn’t have such a bad feeling.”

© 2011 VincentRayne

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