chapter 4

chapter 4

A Chapter by VincentRayne

“This is crazy! We can’t fight here.” Akino yelled.

“Sure we can. It happens all the time. What’s one more?” Jessica dashed towards Ambeon at a surprising speed that threw Akino’s friend off guard. Jessica thrust the sword at Ambeon but her weapon was suddenly seized. It was Nero.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a low voice that seemed just as intimidating and the glare he was giving Jessica.

“What does it look like? You have no right to interfere!”

“This is not the court.” Elisa walked up. “This is a different land and according to the papers you signed to be allowed down here, you must abide and respect the people here and their laws. Fighting is against the law and you can be arrested. Do you really want to shame your family by being thrown in jail down here?” Jessica stayed silent and put the sword back in its case when Nero let it go.

“Don’t think that this is over. Ambeon, you got lucky this time. Don’t expect to get lucky next time.” Jessica stormed off and after she was gone Akino turned to everyone else.

“What are you two doing here; not that I’m not thankful or anything.”

“We saw Jessica and knew that there was something up.” Elisa answered. “I don’t think she would come down here unless it was a very good reason.”

“Something must have happened while we were away.” Nero chimed. Ambeon turned to Akino.

“I’m sorry for all of this. I won’t bother you anymore with staying at your place. It’s obviously dangerous to be around me.”

“We’ll escort Ambeon home.” After everyone departed Akino rushed home. Even when she entered her house she rushed up the stairs and to her room before her mother could welcome her home.

“Akino, is everything all right?” Akino’s mother called up the stairs.

“Y-yeah. Everything’s fine. I’m just really tired, that’s all. I’ll tell you about school later. I’m taking a bath and going to bed.”

“What about diner?”

“I ate a lot at school so I’m okay.”

“Okay, sweetie. Don’t push yourself too hard.”

“Thanks Mom.” Akino started the bath and after the tub was full Akino just lay in the water and reflected on the day. She had never really thought much neither about Heaven nor about the people that reside there. She remembered the stories about there being angels there and magic but those were only tales about the unknown. Akino knew that but it was always possible seeing that no one has been there and if they had they surely made sure not to talk about it. It was a fact that only the upper class lived there and that nobles and aristocrats were at the top. Elisa and Nero were in Japan since the last school year when Nero started high school.

Why are people from Heaven suddenly coming down here? It was because of what that woman Jessica said that answered Akino’s question. Judgment. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, alright. Akino finished with her bath and headed back to her room. The room was dark because the sun that was shining through her window had now set. Akino flashed on her light and jumped. Jessica was sitting on her desk casual as if patiently waiting for Akino to return.

“Nice to see you again. You are Ambeon’s companion, am I correct? I advise against screaming or yelling. I’d hate to have to hurt your mother.”

“What are you doing here?” Akino asked in a hushed tone.

“I have come to take you.”

“Why?” Jessica’s face changed to confusion as if she was not used to answering questions directly.

“I need you to persuade Ambeon to quit with her plans to save this place.”

“And why do you want this land to be destroyed so badly?” Jessica smiled again.

“My daddy promised this land to me if that happens. Now, enough questions. You must come with me.”

“But I can’t.” Jessica seemed taken aback and Akino was starting to realize that this girl wasn’t used to people speaking or acting out against her. “I have school tomorrow and I can’t miss it. Especially, since it is my second day.” There was a knock at the door and then Akino’s mother stepped in. Akino was about to panic until she saw that her mother was holding a tray with to person’s worth of drinks and snacks.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything. I just thought that you would want something to snack on.” Then Akino’s mother left and closed the door.

“My mother invited you in?” Jessica scoffed.

“Of course. I’m not some barbarian or thief to just hop through your window.”

“Then what was up with the threat on my mother.”

“I just didn’t want you to tell about today’s earlier events. So what’s this ‘school’ you were talking about.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” Jessica narrowed her eyes at Akino.

“I wouldn’t have asked if I knew. Apparently it is something that everyone knows about here?” Akino nodded her head.

“It’s where I go to learn math, English, Japanese, physical training, and help me go to a college.”

“College? You mean like a university?”

“Yes.” Jessica reached for one of the snacks and Akino pulled the tray away from the girl. “Hey! You’re not a welcomed guest. Therefore you aren’t allowed to have any snacks.”

“Why not?”

“You just tried to kidnap me.” Jessica hopped off of Akino’s desk.

“Fine. I won’t forget this. I’m leaving for now but when we meet again I won’t be so nice!” Jessica walked out of Akino’s room and then poked her head back in. Akino gave Jessica her portion of the snacks and Jessica beamed a smile as she looked at the packages that they were in. “I have yet to try the delicacies of this country. Thank you. Now I’m leaving.” Jessica walked back out of the room and Ambeon flopped on her bed.

How did I get mixed up in this? Is it fate or destiny? Maybe it is. Ambeon soon fell asleep.

Akino yawned as she sat in her class waiting for the teacher to show. She saw Ambeon yawn as well.

“The springs are always so relaxing aren’t they?” Ambeon asked and Akino nodded. Elisa had her head buried in a book but still couldn’t stifle a small yawn. The door opened and Ms. Arai stepped in.

“Okay, class settle down. Welcome to your second day of high school. That means you’ve taken a step forward so don’t any of you back out. You finish what you start.”

“What was up with that random speech?” Akino heard a student ask quietly not particularly directed at anyone.

“And on that note we have another exchange student. I think I’m the only teacher getting them.” The door opened and in stepped Jessica with a smile just as bright as Ambeon’s.

“This is Jessica Trevor. She is also from Heaven.” Ms. Arai looked at Jessica. “Jessica, can you tell me if any more Heaven residents are coming to visit us?”

“I can’t say. What I mean is that I really don’t know.” Jessica quickly added in when she noticed the irritated look on Ms. Arai’s face. “Right now the people of Heaven are curious as to what is happening with the lower city. As of recently Heaven has granted rites of passage for certain residents to visit here.” Akino leaned towards Ambeon.

“You’re seeing this too, right?” Ambeon nodded, her eyes still fixed towards the front of the classroom. “Good, I thought I was dreaming.”

“You may take your seat.” Ms. Arai said.

“Thank you.” Jessica went to an empty seat that was next to Elisa. Jessica eyed Ambeon and gave off an arrogant smile. Ambeon wasn’t amused and Elisa didn’t seem to care much. The day went on with high tension between the two girls making Akino feel uncomfortable. Elisa was either oblivious or she didn’t care. When lunch came around Ambeon finally spoke.

“Jessica, what are you doing here?”

“Enrolling in school, obviously.” Ambeon narrowed her eyes at Jessica.

“You know what I am asking.”

“I already told you I wouldn’t give up. Akino here said that violence isn’t easily accepted here so I researched on what I could do to defeat you. When I saw that you were here at this school then I realized that many people on this planet settle their disputes by challenging each other to see who will score better on a test or do better in a sport.”

“What makes you think that Ambeon would comply with you challenging her here at school?” Elisa asked her head still bent towards her book.

“Oh, I think she will have to look forward to it.”

“And why is that?” Ambeon asked obviously frustrated.

“Because my daddy says that if you don’t accept I can resort to violence if need be. And on top of that your family has already agreed on the topic.” Jessica smiled that easily said “I win” and only seemed to anger Ambeon further. Akino realized that the quarrel gained the attention of a lot of students.

“That’s enough you two. I’m sure you don’t want any more attention than need be, do you?”

“I’m afraid I didn’t bring any lunch today but I see that there are some students going out and coming back with food.”

“There is a place to buy food.”

“Can you escort me?” Ambeon gave off an audible huff and a smile played across Jessica’s face.

“S-sure.” Akino answered and left with Jessica. Elisa looked at Ambeon.

“Is that a trace of jealousy I detect?”

 “No, of course not but…”


“Jessica is the enemy.  That girl is just trying to get under my skin and she’s using Akino to do so.”

“Akino is a nice girl. Besides, I’m sure she would rather side with you trying to save her country rather than trying to destroy it.”

“But what if Jessica offers Akino and her family a place in Heaven?” Elisa chuckled and Ambeon clearly didn’t think anything at the moment was worth laughing at.

“I thought you were supposed to have some trust and faith in friends.” Ambeon settled down, feeling guilty of thinking Akino could be so easily persuaded to do something so bad. The door opened and Nero stepped in. All of the students in the class immediately turned their heads but Nero paid them no attention. He put a lunch box on Elisa’s desk.

“Your lunch.” He said in a smooth and cool tone.

“Thank you. Guess who showed up today?”


“Yeah, but�"”

“Saw her and the other girl on the way here. I guess I’ll leave before I melt from everyone eyeballing me.” Nero looked around the classroom and everyone suddenly went back to their lunch and conversations. A second after Nero left Akino and Jessica returned. Jessica was carrying a handful of sweets while Akino only held a sweet bun.

“What’s with the sweets?” Ambeon asked.

“Have you tried the sweets here? They are wonderfully delicious!”

“Really?” Jessica nodded her head.

“Let me try one?” A conceited smile played across Jessica’s face again.

“Oh? Is Ambeon asking me for something?”

“Never mind. I’ll just get one myself!” Ambeon rose from her seat when Jessica held out one of her sweets. “What?”

“I was treated with kindness by your friend so I’m treating you with the same respect. It would dishonor my family if I were to simply be bluntly rude.”

“Well,” Elisa started without looking up from her food. “no one saw that coming.”

“See?” Akino said. “We can all be friends. We don’t have to fight.” Jessica let out a quick laugh.

“This doesn’t change anything! Ambeon is still my enemy. She stands in the way of what I want and if she won’t move then I must get rid of this obstacle.”

“I’d like to see you try and get rid of me.” Ambeon said through narrowed eyes.

“I guess this is when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object.” Elisa said. The bell rang and soon everyone was back in their seats ready for their teacher to walk in.

“It just hit me.” Jessica began when several students started talking. “Ambeon, you didn’t thank me for my generosity.”

“You have got to be kidding me.” Jessica was beaming a smile towards Ambeon.

“Well? Are you going to prove yourself rude in front of all of these people?” Ambeon mumbled something and Jessica leaned closer. “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” Jessica took out her cellphone and put it in recording mode.

“What are you doing?” Ambeon asked.

“This is history in the making and I want to record it.”

“Okay.” Akino cut in. “This is obviously getting out of hand. Jessica, don’t you think you are being a little rude right now?” Jessica’s face turned red and she put her phone away with an apologetic look on her face. “And Ambeon, you need to stop letting her get under your skin like that.” Ambeon nodded just as their teacher walked in the door. This time the instructor was a handsome young male looking to be in his upper twenties.

“Hello, class. I am Mr. Nicholas. I am your English teacher. I’ve heard that there are several foreign students in the class. Anyway my main topic to you today are about club activities. We encourage students to join at least one. They are a great way to make friends and better enjoy your years here at Otani High.” Mr. Nicholas began writing on the board. “These are the clubs available here at Otani. You have the music club which has two different divisions: The band and orchestra. There is the art club which is a single division. The most popular is the sports clubs. This is divided into many divisions ranging from volleyball to wrestling.” He finished writing on the board and turned back towards the class. “After school today your seniors will be at each club to help you find your way and to explain how each division operates.” Mr. Nicholas handed a stack of papers to each student at the front of every column and they took one and handed it back. “This is a map of where each club at this school is. Now remember that clubs are not required.” School ended quickly and the grounds as well as the halls were instantly filled students looking for a club to join.

© 2011 VincentRayne

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