chapter 13

chapter 13

A Chapter by VincentRayne

Henrietta stepped into Solita’s room as she was finishing up changing into her night gown. Solita tried to pick up her brush but the shakiness in her hands had returned again.

“Mademoiselle,” Solita jumped at Henrietta’s soft voice making it obvious that she didn’t know the maid was there, which is not normal. “pardon my intrusion but the medicine is not working as it should. It seems like you are building up a tolerance.” Solita slams the brush against her desk but quickly regains her composure.

“What will I do when it wears off?” Henrietta steps up to Solita.

“We both know the solution. You must�"”

Vous savez les vampires ne sont pas l'exception ici!” Solita whispered loud and quickly.

excusez-moi, Mademoiselle. I only mean what is best for you.”

“I understand, Henrietta, but we cannot resort to that just yet. Why is it you want to become a vampire?” Henrietta blushed.

“It is so I can better serve you now and forever. You saved my life so I am indebted to you. I am only a Dragula now. I don’t feel right being your servant as I am now. Even Shadow is one of the rare Royal Vampires like yourself. I just feel inferior.” Solita put a hand on Henrietta’s shoulder.

“I promise that when the time comes you join me and Shadow but now you must hold true to your duty and being a Vampire only hinders that.” Henrietta nods slowly.

“I originally came to inform you that Z is back and wishes to speak with you. He waits in the court yard.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Excusez-moi. I temporarily forgot.” Henrietta bowed apologetically while Solita dressed herself in a robe.

Z was waiting in the middle of the courtyard with Shadow. The Royal Knight stood straight and true as someone who truly honored their position but his eyes were dangerous. Shadow had the type of eyes that could sink even the greatest opponent to their knees without so much as taking a step or uttering a word. And now those eyes were on Z. Shadow’s hand rested on the handle of his sheathed sword. The knight owned what looked to be a broadsword but not as wide from blade to blade. Its length was long on the other hand and while it didn’t seem like Shadow could draw it before Z did anything rash it was not a gamble that Z would want to make.

The sound of a door opening and closing drew Z’s attention but Shadow’s glare did not falter.

“Do you mind telling me what happened?” Solita demanded marching quickly with Henrietta right behind. “I only sent you on your mission this morning. I better hear some good news!”

“For one, I am standing here so I have not been killed and you can see I’m fine. Second, I have performed the most important task you have asked of me. While I wasn’t able to get as far as getting rid of the others or getting your sister back I was able to trigger Elisa’s inner drive.”

“Inner drive?” Solita asked and Z nodded.

“I have done some research on the Rayne family and there is one thing everyone with pure Rayne blood has. There is a sleeping beast within them�"an inner demon if you will. It is publically known that Sarah had both an angel and demon within her in the past but she possessed the strength to control both entities. Vincent Rayne’s side of the family’s inner power works in a different way. It is most often a morph or shape shifter. Vincent can transform into an entity resembling a werewolf. But not the kind you hear in myths. This being is all wolf with the exception of human limbs. Silver bullets won’t work and the transformation is not determined by the moon. You have probably seen earlier versions of this beast known as Anubis from Egyptian myths. People think of these creatures as gods and with the power they possess they very well should be.”

“So what is different about Sarah’s side of the Rayne family? They don’t transform that I know of.”

“And you are correct. Sarah’s side of the family is often born into the world with a deadly disease. No one knows the origin but some say it was a curse from one of the female Rayne’s trying to unlock the Forbidden power and others say it is due to a relationship in the early ages between a queen of Light and a King of Darkness. Because of this the Rayne’s almost died out in the early ages when the family was first founded. It wasn’t until later that the doctors found out that the newborn had to be fed souls for the original to fend off the disease for the child to live. Today medical experts would refer to this anomaly as a virus. Before birth the child would be given two souls. In order to keep the original soul alive a demon and angel entity must be put in the child. This would cause a struggle within the host and this would give energy to the child’s own soul. This is why the female Rayne’s are commonly known to have frail bodies and headaches. Elisa on the other hand is much different than the others.”

 “And how is that?”

“She is unique.” Shadow chimed in. “I saw her demons through her eyes but there weren’t any angels. In fact she has three.”

“Then how is she kept alive?” Z stepped forward.

“Elisa’s three demons are in fact three pieces of one. With the sudden attack on the Angels in years past that almost left them extinct there was no other way. The three pieces are struggling to put themselves together but they are repelled away from themselves. I don’t quite understand it but this is what has gone one inside her. All we need to do is find ways to have the demon reassemble itself and it will instantly gain control of Elisa.”

“If she doesn’t die.” Solita put in.

“Oh, she will die eventually but in the meantime let her loose on the surface or in your enemy’s backyard.” Solita couldn’t help emitting an evil smile and she turned to Henrietta.

“Henrietta, come tomorrow we initiate our plan into action.”

We, Mademoiselle.” Henrietta curtseyed and excused herself. Z dismissed himself as well. He had more work to do, after all.

© 2011 VincentRayne

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