chapter 10

chapter 10

A Chapter by VincentRayne

A young woman sat at long dining table. She attempted to pick up her salad fork but the unsteadiness of her hand would not make it an easy task. She grabbed hold of her wrist  as if trying to steady her shaking hand and realized that her other hand suffered the same symptoms.

She finally grabbed her fork and saw that eating was out of the question. In frustration the young woman threw her fork onto the table where it bounced off and hit the marble floor with a sharp ting. Just then the massive doors leading into the dining hall opened and a line of five servants walked gracefully in. Upon reaching her all but the leading servant kneeled. The maid held out a small plate with a cup resting on it. In the cup was a dark liquid.

“It is time for you medicine madam. Oh, may I wipe your brow?” The woman didn’t even notice that her fever was high. The maid wiped the woman’s forehead and then offered the cup. The girl didn’t move to take it. “Please, madam. This is only to make you better.”

“It is not.” The young woman said sharply.

“What do you mean, if I may ask?”

“I get worse with every glass I drink out of.” A man stepped through the door that was known as the woman’s personal guard and servant even though he looked like a royal knight.

“Miss Solita, his majesty himself saw to this particular brew. Hopefully, it will suffice better than the previous ones.” Solita reluctantly picked up the small glass with shaky hands and quickly downed it. A look of pain came across her features but quickly passed. She placed the glass back on the saucer and the servants exited the hall leaving Solita with her guard. “It pains me whenever I see you drink that atrocious potion.”

“What brings you here, Shadow? I thought you were out?”

“I just returned, my lady, but I’m afraid I bear bad news. The mercenaries have failed in their mission.” Solita instantly regained her acuteness.

“Does Father know yet?” Shadow shook his head.

“Not yet, my lady. If you would have it, I can dispose of them before they soil the family name here in Heaven.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary.” Solita looked towards the door just as man with what appears to be a weird one piece black straight jacket with long messy straight hair and multiple scars on his face stepped in. “I have hired him and I believe he will be more than capable than the other three. Please don’t be upset. I don’t want to see you lowering yourself to travel to that wasteland.” Shadow bowed.

“Thank you. I know you only do what is best in other’s interest.” Shadow left but paused as he was walking past the individual. “If you let her down I will personally hunt you down and end your existence.” With that he exited the dining hall. Solita turned her attention to the man that just walked in.

“So your name is…”

“Z, ma’am.” He said as he bowed. A look of confusion came over Solita’s face.

“Z? As in the letter Z?”


“I assume that’s a code name then?”

“More of a personal preference. I’m sure I wasn’t asked to come here to answer questions, was I?”

“Yes, I suppose. I want a problem of my father’s taken care of. It is small right now but left unchecked it will inevitably grow.”

“I am needed to dispose of someone or something?” Solita smiled.

“That is if you are up to it. Three before you have failed but I hope you have more…” Solita looked Z over. “potential.”

“And these people are?”

“The information will be given to you indirectly if you wish to accept.” This time Z smiles.

“Of course.” Z turned to walk out but was stopped by Solita’s voice.

“There is a girl among the people you will find that looks like me.  I need her returned here if possible. Unharmed if you can.” Without another word Z walked out of the dining hall. Solita waited a moment in the silent hall. “Henrietta.” A woman in an all-black maid uniform and chin length black hair stepped from around the door.

“Yes, madam.” Henrietta’s voice dripped with a French accent.

“I would greatly appreciate it if you could keep an eye on Z. In secret if you could.” Henrietta curtseyed.

“And what of your father?” Solita only smiled. “Oui, I understand what I must do.” The maid curtseyed again and retreated through the doors.

This is exactly how I predicted everything would happen. Now it’s just a matter seeing everything fall in order.

© 2011 VincentRayne

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