chapter 3

chapter 3

A Chapter by VincentRayne

“This is Ambeon Alexandria; a foreign exchange student from England. You can take the seat next to the window, Ambeon.” Ambeon went and took the seat next to Akino who couldn’t help but stare. Ambeon just merely smiled at her and waved before looking back towards the front.

“Okay,” Ms. Arai continued. “I think that’s everyone.” She looked around at the students. “Oh, of course. Our foreign exchange students. Since they aren’t from this country why don’t we get to know them and where they are from.” The students searched about the class room as to see who the foreign people were. Their eyes quickly landed on Ambeon and Elisa. “Can you please come and explain to us where you’re from and give a brief description of what it is like there?” Elisa seemed to sink into her seat while Ambeon seemed to blush. Akino couldn’t wait to hear her story. The whole fish food incident had been on her mind constantly ever since it happened.

Ambeon rose from her seat and walked to the front of the class.

“Hello, my name is Ambeon. My parents moved here from England but I was born not too far from here.” Ambeon pointed upwards. “That’s where I’m from.” A couple of students giggled. Ambeon retained her smile as if she didn’t realize she was being laughed at.

“You’re from the sky?” Ms. Arai asked.

“In a sense. I guess you and everyone that live down here would call it the sky or Heaven.” Everyone suddenly went silent. Everyone knew that above the artificial skies lay another city that was supposed to be beautiful. Only nobles and the incredibly wealthy resided there. The city is supposed to be as large as the dome that covers Japan but not a lot of people know about it because no one comes or goes.

“Well, that certainly is news for all of us, Ambeon. Can you describe what it is like in Heaven?” Ambeon shook her head.

“All I can tell you is that it is as beautiful as you imagine it to be.”

“So are only Europeans there?”

“No, but a lot of them are. The rest of the residents are from all countries but English is the primary language that everyone speaks.”

“I see. Well, hopefully you can tell us more about Heaven later on.” Ambeon bowed quickly and walked back to her seat. Akino was obviously disappointed. Ambeon didn’t even say a quarter of what Akino wanted to hear. “Next is Elisa.” The girl slowly rose from her seat and dragged herself to the front of the class with her head down. “There is no need to be shy. You are amongst friends.” Elisa gradually raised her head. “That’s better. Now, start with where you’re from.” Elisa quickly pointed a finger upwards like Ambeon did. The entire class immediately erupted into murmurs. “Then do you know Ambeon?”

“I only met her once but I heard of her family.” Ms. Arai nodded her head.

“I don’t suppose you could tell us more than Ambeon has already?” Elisa shook her head and Ms. Arai sighed. “I guess it can’t be helped. You may take your seat.” Elisa seemed to be back in her seat before Ms. Arai finished her sentence. “Class, I have to attend a meeting with the teachers in the lounge so I trust you can keep the noise down to a minimum?” As soon as Ms. Arai left the classroom most of the students circled around Ambeon and Elisa’s desk. It was fairly obvious to see the difference in their personalities. Elisa was the shy type while Ambeon seemed more outgoing and social. Of course the students were trying to get more information out of the two about Heaven but they wouldn’t tell anything more than they had already said.

The school day eventually came to a close and Elisa was quick to get away from the attention and out of the classroom. Roy came to pick Akino up and as they were walking out of the school they were joined by Ambeon.

“Akino, right?” Akino nodded. “I’m incredibly sorry for leaving suddenly when we first met. I just came down from Heaven and I was kind of scared when I realized that you were the first person from down here I met. We here dreadful stories about the people down here.” Roy turned to Ambeon.

“Like what?” Akino noticed they Roy’s head perked up when he heard Ambeon say she was from Heaven.

“There are many barbarians and criminals here. I should never go out at night here because it is dangerous. I regularly visit that area in the forest but haven’t come across anyone before except Elisa once.”

“Elisa? The Rayne sister? She wasn’t with her brother?” Roy asked.

“You must understand that they are not attached at the hip. It is only when they go out to public that Nero accompanies Elisa as a type of guard. Remember that they come from the same place as I and thus must have heard the same stories.”

“So why come down here from Heaven? I thought that place was a type of utopia.”

“I want to explore new lands. It’s like traveling to another country except this one is right underneath me.” As the three turned to walk through the gates that led off of school grounds they nearly bumped into Elisa and her brother. “Sorry. Nero and Elisa, it’s good to see you here.” Elisa managed a small smile while Nero kept his constant expressionless face.

“It is interesting that we would both end up at the same school in this country.” Elisa said in a quiet voice. Akino noticed that Nero and Elisa were casting suspicious looks on Ambeon.

“Elisa, you may have forgotten that this is a small country and that this city is located close to one of the pillars that connect this land to Heaven.” There was a moment more of silence and then Nero put a hand on Elisa’s shoulder.

“Let’s go. I’m sure that everything is fine.” Elisa slowly nodded her head.

“Yes, you’re probably right.” She turned to Akino and Roy. “I don’t believe I introduced myself properly. My name is Elisa Rayne and this is my brother, Nero.”

“My name is Akino and this is my friend, Roy.” Akino replied.

“We will see you all at school tomorrow.” Nero and Elisa left and the other three continued on their way.

“What was that about?” Roy asked.

“The Rayne family is uneasy with most people. They are a noble family that believes in order and control. They are a well know group of people in Heaven. A lot of them are in charge of many things. My coming here wasn’t exactly passed by them on a positive note.”

“Sounds like an arrogant bunch.”

“But Elisa seems like a nice person.” Akino commented.

“Maybe. But that could just be a front.” Roy said.

“Then I’ll just have to talk with her tomorrow.”

“Good luck with that then.” Akino and Ambeon parted with Roy after walking a distance in peace. After he left Akino and Ambeon continued walking in silence to the point where it was getting uncomfortable.

“Ambeon, where do you live?” Akino asked to break the silence.

“Not too far from here but it’s still getting ready.”

“You’re living in that new neighborhood that’s still being built?” Ambeon nodded. The area where Ambeon lived was basically a small district that was full of big houses and it was fairly obvious that only the wealthy could afford to reside there.

“But since it’s not entirely ready I wanted to know if I could spend the night at your place.” Akino halted. “Please. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“What about your parents?”

“Well, the thing is that I’m going to be moving in an apartment nearby because I’m trying to show them that I can take care of myself.”

“I thought you said that this place was supposed to be so much more dangerous than Heaven.”

“I’m trying to show them that there is no difference. That is why I am truly here. This place right now is under judgment by the nobles in Heaven. If they don’t see a reason why this land should be spared then they will destroy it.” Akino felt like she was being told something straight out of a science fiction movie but by looking at Ambeon’s face and listening to her tone it seemed like this was a real matter at hand.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Akino asked but she figured she already knew the answer.

“If I told anyone this then there is a good possibility that a lot of people would start an uproar over the matter and that would only be justifying Heaven’s reason to get rid of this land.”

“And how would they do that?”

“Total removal of life force.” Ambeon and Akino spun around at the sound of the voice to face a girl with long straight blonde hair and seemed to be the same age as the two.

“Jessica?” Ambeon asked in a surprised voice.

“Surprised to see me? When I heard that you were coming down here I knew exactly why. Just let fate take its course.”

“You’re saying that it is fate to let this land die?” Jessica nodded her head.

“I already have permission from daddy to stop you by any means necessary.” Jessica pulled out a wooden sword from a cylinder case she was carrying. “Now, if you have any honor under your name then you will fight me. The witness will be the official that decides the match.”

© 2011 VincentRayne

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