chapter 6

chapter 6

A Chapter by VincentRayne

“We’ll take a train and get you to another one.”

“No, it’s much worse than that.”

“What do you mean?”

“This elevator port is destroyed on your land, Akino. When maintenance checkers from Heaven find this then they are immediately going to report it saying that this is retaliation on them. This is all my father�"” Jessica stopped and an intense look came over her face. After a brief silence she shook her head. “No, he wouldn’t do that would he?”

“You think you father could have had something to do with this?”

“The problem is that I don’t entirely know. He is watched closely but then again he has a lot of contacts.”

“How long until maintenance finds this?” Jessica shrugged.

“Maintenance checks are done once every month so it could be a day, week, or the full month.”

“Then we should let Elisa’s parents know. They’re from Heaven so maybe they can do something.”

“Who’s not to say that they are a part of this?” Akino was shocked that Jessica would make such an accusation.

“How can you say that?” Jessica took Akino by the shoulders and looked her straight in the eye.

“Akino, this is a war that is under question here. The tension between the Surface and Heaven are too greatly. Maybe your people have kept that from you but everyone in Heaven knows. If this war starts then…” A hint of fear crossed Jessica’s face. “I will have to fight with my homeland and that means fighting against my only friend here.”

“That won’t happen!” Akino said with a determined voice. “I’m going to Elisa’s parents and getting them to help. They are living here which means that they must like it here so they would help. Let’s both go together.” Jessica hesitated but then smiled with a nod. As the two walked to Elisa’s house a sudden question appeared in Akino’s mind. “Jessica, why did you change your mind about returning? I mean, you could have easily found another elevator port.” Jessica shook her head.

“I can’t go back now. I would have to report this incident. That is what I was assigned to do.”

“So, you really follow directions to heart don’t you?”

“As long as it is in standard then, yes, I do.”

“Even the standard that your father gave you?” Jessica glared at Akino with her ice blue eyes.

I do as told, no questions.” Her voice was as icy as her eyes and Akino dropped the subject. Jessica was from Heaven and everyone probably did whatever a nobleman told them to do. Especially, if that person is that nobleman’s daughter. It’s obvious why she was chosen to carry out her orders. Her mentality is like that of a soldier. They are to do what they are told�"no questions asked. But Jessica was different. Unlike a trained soldier Jessica had a personality and even had her own thoughts to express. I was hard to judge her because of that. Jessica’s trying to help start a war and while she’s at it the girl makes friends and tries to prevent a war at the same time. It was like dealing with two different people.

“Akino!” Jessica’s voice shook Akino from her thoughts. “You were a little out there. I was asking if we were going to call your mother or Elisa.”

“Y-yeah. I’ll call Elisa and say we’re on our way. You can go on ahead and head there while I go to Mother’s.”

“Thanks for telling me the address.” Jessica said sarcastically. “Luckily for me I already know the address.” Akino apologized and before parting ways with Jessica. The smashed elevator was definitely something or someone interfering but Jessica couldn’t figure out whom. As if giving an answer to her questions a man sat on a stone fence chuckling.

“It looks like Daddy’s little girl isn’t doing exactly what she was told.” Jessica caught movement in the shadows just in front of a high stone wall.

“Apparently, it was too much.” The voice  in the shadows belonged to a woman.

“Who are you?” Jessica demanded hoping to not sound as scared as she felt.

“We are your guardian angels, Jessica.” A second woman stepped into view. The street lamp down the street only gave an outline for Jessica to see.

“Guardian angels? What’s that supposed to mean? You can just say you my dad’s spies.”

“Okay, then. We’re your dad’s spies.” The man replied and hoped down from the wall. The moonlight reflected off his glasses making them the only easily visible thing to Jessica.

“Then you’re the ones who destroyed that elevator.”

“We had to. We couldn’t have you going up there without evidence to crush this Surface.”

“If the cardinals find out about this you won’t have a light sentence.”

“We don’t have to worry about that. The arrangements have already been made for us to destroy the elevator and make sure you do as your father ordered. There are a lot of people counting on you in Heaven.” Then it seemed like the three of them disappeared�"blending with the shadows.

Did Father hire these mercenaries? Jessica honestly felt hurt. Her own father didn’t trust her. She was doing her job. She tried doing what her dad wanted but she was being watched. There was nothing she could do. Especially, with the Rayne family being here.


Ambeon paced back and forth wondering what happened to Akino. Elisa was growing tired of watching with every step Ambeon took.

“Ambeon, would you please sit down? Pacing doesn’t help make anyone show up any faster.”

“Well, then can you call her?” Ambeon had to have asked for the umpteenth time.

“Like I said, I gave her my number. She didn’t give me hers.”

“Why didn’t you ask for it?”

“I don’t know. I was in a hurry and wasn’t thinking straight.” The doorbell rang and before Elisa could stand from her chair Ambeon ran out the room and was at the door liked she owned the place. She opened the door and saw Jessica standing on the other side. Ambeon immediately slammed the door shut. Nero was standing with his arms crossed behind Ambeon and she jumped when she saw him.

“Who was that?” He asked crossly and Ambeon tried to play on an innocent smile.

“Just a salesman.” There was banging on the door with Jessica’s yelling.


“Salesman?” Nero asked.

“Saleswoman.” Ambeon corrected.


Elisa handed Jessica a cup of tea as everyone sat at the table in the kitchen.

“The elevator was destroyed by, who you think are a trio of hired mercenaries?” Nero asked and Jessica nodded.

“That’s why I need to see your parents. This is a very important matter that could give Heaven what they need to start a war.”

“I’m sorry,” Elisa apologized. “But our parents won’t be here for a while. They are on a vacation.”

“Is there a cellphone you could call them by?”

“I already tried that.” Nero said. “Both of them have it off.” There was another knock on the door and Ambeon sprung up. She bolted for the door but not before Elisa grabbed her by the arm.

“You lost your door answering privileges.” Jessica snickered as Elisa sat Ambeon at the table and Nero went to answer the door. Akino stood with a bulky backpack. Nero stood to the side letting Akino in and closed the door after her. When she entered the kitchen she could immediately sense the grim atmosphere.

“So, what’s going on?” Akino asked.

“We’re pretty much on our own.” Jessica answered. “Their parents are gone. On top of that we have three hired guns that will see to it that my job is completed on my father’s side.” Akino blinked.

“Three hired guns? I only left you alone for a short while. What did you do? Are you saying that our lives are at stake?”

“Akino, this is war.” Elisa said her voice cold. “People die for its cause before and after.” Akino felt her heart speed up. She never understood the weight of this whole thing but now she was thinking she was beginning to. Elisa turned to Jessica. “Do you know who they were?”

“No, it was too dark and they were pretty good about hiding their faces. All I know is that there are two females and one male.”

“Do you know if they followed you?” Jessica shrugged.

“I don’t know. There are too many walls, streets, and alleys. If they did they wouldn’t have to try very hard. I mean what can they do? They can’t do much knowing a third party is here keeping a look out for them.”

“If I were your father,” Nero began. “and wanted to give a plausible excuse to wage war on another country I would kill anyone that was from our land that was living in that country. I would set it up like it was done by the hostel enemy and done because of their prejudice towards the other country.” There was strictly silence that followed afterwards. If that was true then the Rayne’s were in trouble.

© 2011 VincentRayne

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