chapter 8

chapter 8

A Chapter by VincentRayne

“Akino,” Jessica ran up to Akino and Yukino upon seeing them entering the classroom. “I heard you flipped your lid earlier. Are you okay?” There was a type of urgency in Jessica’s voice and Elisa stepped up behind her.

“It doesn’t matter whether she’s okay or not. Akino needs to know as well as Ambeon.”

“What�"what is going on?” Yukino asked.

“Those mercenaries are here.” Akino looked around the classroom as if expecting them to jump through the windows or doors. “They’re posing as second and third years. So they are on the floors above us. My brother has one of them in his class.” Akino thought if he had any in his class and decided to ask him after school but the thought of dragging him into this whole ordeal twisted her heart. “Nero will keep an eye on the one but the others could be any�"” The door opened and one of the mercenaries stepped into the room. Everyone in class stared at her but not because of how rare it is to see a person from another class come into a room but also because of how beautiful she was. Another girl stepped in after the first one. This girl was beautiful in a different sense. She wore several lip piercings along with one nose, one eyebrow and about half a dozen piercings on each ear. She also wore heavy black eyeliner to match her night colored hair that she wore in a high ponytail in the back.

The gothic girl was almost in complete contrast with the other girl’s brunette hair that was in a single side ponytail. She only wore one piercing which was a silver stud beneath the center of her lower lip.

“It’s nice to meet you in person, Ambeon, and especially you, Elisa.” The girl gave out a sly smirk.

“Who are you?” Akino asked.

“That is of no concern to outsiders.” Yukino stepped forward.

“She is one of us.” A brief look of surprise flashed the girl’s face.

“A human? I guess you really are desperate�"” She looked closely at Akino and made her way towards her until Yukino, Elisa, and Jessica stepped between them. “Fine, I am Jyou and my silent apprentice is Miko. It would be impolite for us to barge into your class and not introduce ourselves.”

“Where’s your third lackey?” Jessica asked and was rewarded with an icy glare from both girls.

“Nao is in the same class as Nero so it is most likely that they are keeping an eye on each other.”

“What do you want anyway? I’m sure that my dad just sent you here to do his dirty work.” Jyou scoffed.

“That trash you call a father?” Jessica tensed. “It seems that everyone is well aware that his plans were doomed from the start. We only intend to do our job, collect payment, and then turn him in. There would be a great reward for a war criminal. The evidence we gather will be more than enough to convict him of his crimes. His punishment would inevitably lead to death and there would be a mass gathering to see his damned corpse hanging fro�"” There was a loud sound and before anyone could stop what happened.  Jessica had slapped Jyou, hard, across the face. The force was quick and completely caught Jyou off guard and she fell into a couple of desk, knocking them over.

“How dare you!” Jessica screamed her eyes full of rage. “I’ll never forgive you for addressing Father in such a way.” Miko helped Jyou slowly to her feet. Her face showed that she was still shocked but then she looked at Jessica and smiled in such a way that made everyone flinch.

“I don’t understand why you put yourself in this position. It is only a matter of time, Jess. You’ll have to choose between them and he and either side you choose the other will be hurt and a new enemy. You’d best decide quickly because it will only more as you wait.” Jyou touched her hand to the side of her lip and when she pulled it away she saw that there was blood. Her smile disappeared. “I’ll remember this, cur.” The two girls quickly exited the classroom leaving all the students in stunned silence until the bell rang. When class started again everyone tried to act as nothing happened but even the teacher noticed the air was now heavy with emotion but also acted as if it wasn’t noticed.



The final school bell rang dismissing the class for the day. Now everyone was acting the same as they always had but it seemed that they made sure they steered clear of Jessica.

“Okay.” Elisa said and turned towards Jessica, Akino, and Yukino. “Have you all lost it? First Ambeon and Akino and now you, Jessica. Did you all just happen to hit that time of the month on the same day or am I the one going crazy?” All of the girls apologized when Roy came running up.

“Akino, did I hear wrong or is it true that your class has been going berserk today.”

“We’ll let you walk her home to help ease her…troubles.” Yukino said and walked ahead pulling Jessica and Elisa along with her leaving Akino and Roy to themselves.

“Wow, word spreads fast.” Akino said and Roy shrugged.

“I hoped everything worked out.”

“Oh, yeah. Everything is fine now except�"” Akino paused thinking.

“Except what?”

“Did you have any new students in your class?”

“Yeah, two of them. Both looked a little to creepy for my taste though. Why?”

“They came to my class during lunch.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing. They were on one of my friends, they talked about her dad and she smacked the brunette.” Roy nodded taking in the information.

“Well, one of them did walk back in with her face reddened after lunch but I thought it was the heat.”  Roy stopped and turned to Akino. “Akino,” He began with serious tone in his voice. “We’ve been friends for a long time so it’s only natural for me to know if something is going on with you. Personally, I’ve noticed it from the first day of school but I never paid it any mind because you just entered High School. But… Now I can tell that something is different about you. It might have something to do with your friends but either way you’ve kicked me from knowing what has been going on lately.” Akino opened her mouth to reply to only have Roy put a finger to her lips. “You don’t have to defend yourself. I know you have your reasons and I’m sure you’ll tell me when the time is right so I won’t ask any questions.”

“So, you’re not mad?” Roy shook his head and gave a smile that made Akino blush.

“Well, I have my part time job to get to so I won’t be able to walk you home.”

“I think I can handle myself.” Not even five minutes after Akino and Roy parted ways Jyou, Miko, and what Akino guessed was Nao, stepped from around a corner as if they were waiting.

“This is the girl?” Nao asked and Jyou nodded. “Then she is ours.” Akino felt her heart skip a beat as she realized the danger she was in. She started to back away when she bumped into someone. “Well, I see Nero has kept a good eye on me.” Nero stepped in front of Akino, putting himself between her and the Mercenaries.

            “Back off.” Nao chuckled.

            “If you didn’t notice there is only two of you and three of us. Plus, the girl there is only extra baggage. You’ll have a hard time fending us off while protecting her.” As he said this the two girls circled around to surround Nero and Akino. “So what are you going to do? Handle this the hard way or hand the girl over. Or better yet, you could hand over yourself.”

            “I like the third option.” Nero said his voice surprisingly calm.

            “And that is?”

            “Get rid of you.” Nao smirked but then it quickly disappeared.

            “Go ahead and try.” Miko dashed forward heading straight for Akino. Akino closed her eyes, bracing for an impact and heard it�"but that was it. She opened her eyes just in time to see Miko hit the ground several feet away.

            “You honestly don’t think that me and my brother are separated for long do you?” Elisa’s quiet voice sound out. Akino smiled but then wondered where she came from. Elisa was standing next to Akino and there is no way she could have got there without anyone seeing her run. They were standing on a three way intersecting walk way. “Akino,” Elisa’s voice brought Akino back from her thoughts. “Run as fast as you can away from here.”


            “Just do it!” Nero’s sharp voice made Akino jump and after a last look at Elisa she ran. Miko was just recovering, the hand on her chest making it obvious where she was hit. Jyou started to go for Akino when suddenly Elisa was standing in front of her.

            “Don’t even think about it.” Jyou threw a punch at Elisa’s face and was easily dodged and thrown. Jyou quickly landed on her feet and pulled out a handgun, pointing it at Elisa. “Aren’t those illegal here in Japan?” Jyou gave a smirk and pulled the trigger. Elisa nimbly stepped to the side. Jyou’s smile disappeared and she fired again and missed. Elisa reached into her satchel and pulled her own firearm.

            “I thought you said guns were illegal in Japan.” This time Elisa smiled and fired. The shot jolted the gun from Jyou’s hand. Elisa fired again and shot Jyou in the arm. The girl yelped in pain and fell to the ground.

            Meanwhile Nero had Nao on his knees. “Elisa, that other girl is gone. She must have gone after Akino.” Nao chuckled again.

            “You’re too late. By now Miko has that girl. Knowing Miko the way I do the girl is already dead. As are you.” Miko held Jyou’s gun pointing towards the siblings and fired. The first shot went wide but the second found its mark, hitting Nero in his side. Nao freed himself and kick Nero where he’d just been shot making him grunt out in pain as he hit the ground. Elisa ducked under another bullet that flew by where her head just was. While dodging the shot Elisa failed to see Nao approach her and didn’t see the kick that was aimed at her head. The force knocked Elisa down hard making her drop the handgun. Nao picked it up and tossed it to Jyou who was finally back on her feet. “A pleasant surprise but I thought you went after the girl.”

            “She can be found easily enough. You two go on and track her. I’ll take care of these two.”

            “Ah, that’s right. You have a grudge against the Rayne’s don’t you? Just don’t take too long.” Nao and Jyou took off in the direction that Akino ran off two leaving Miko alone with Elisa and Nero. Miko walked up to Nero and kicked him, hard in his ribs. Hearing a snap she then stomped on his gunshot wound.

            “Just in case you’re wondering, no one is coming this way. This entire area is cut off right now so no one but me will hear your screams.” Miko noticed Elisa on her hands and knees, trying to get up, and delivered a solid kick to her stomach. “You are probably wondering why I’m doing this. Well, think. I know that your parents will understand immediately why when they find your bodies.” Miko reached in the collar her shirt a pulled out a switch blade. “That is, if they recognize you after I’m done.” Elisa felt a new wave of adrenaline rush through her as rose to her feet. “Good. I like it when they die in one last ditch effort to save their lives.”

            “So, I’m guessing this isn’t your first time doing this?” Miko finally smiled.

            “I’ve taken plenty of lives if that’s what you’re asking. It’s you usual story of struggle and survival. But I’m going to kill you slowly unlike the others.”

            “What did we do?”

            “There’s that question.” Miko started for Elisa and quickly kick her legs out. Not even a second after Elisa hit the ground Miko was on top of her the knife pressed against her neck and the barrel of the gun against her head. “You’ve heard of the butterfly effect? Everything you do affects someone or something in one way or another. Sarah, your mother, did that on a grand scale. Unfortunately, my mother got the worst of it.”

            “Well, I’m sorry you hold me responsible for something I wasn’t even around to do.” Miko punched Elisa across the face.

            “My mother Evilyne and my father Thantos are both dead.”

            “They are both dead because they asked for it.”

            “No! Why were they killed when Sarah and Vincent let so many others live?” Elisa quickly grabbed ahold of Miko’s wrist that she held her gun in. Elisa then quickly pressed on the arm that Miko held the knife in. Elisa head butted Miko and yanked the knife out of her grasp. Elisa then turned the knife and stabbed Miko in the chest and kicked her onto the ground. Miko was stabbed in the same shoulder that had the handgun and she dropped it. Miko quickly stumbled to her feet and pulled the knife out screaming out in pain. Elisa pointed the gun she now held at Miko. “Go on! Kill me so you can be like you mother! So I can be with mine.” Miko threw the knife at Elisa and the act caught her off guard. A hand reached out and caught it, inches away from Elisa’s face. “D****t, Nero!” Miko quickly drew her own gun and aimed at Elisa and Nero. Two shots rang out and a body hit the ground.

© 2011 VincentRayne

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