Unlikely Friends

Unlikely Friends

A Chapter by Brandon Crawford

Chapter 3
Unlikely Friends

The Beast walked closer to Luke and Azura let out a deep growl warning the beast to stay back. Luke put up his blade and let Azura body cover him, but Azura kept her eyes on the creature that harmed him. Morning raised above the mountain cave, but Azura relized that her companion had vanished and so had the beast. Miles away Luke woke to see a woman tending to his wound, he barley could see what she looked like, but she said with surprise in her voice "Your awake!" His vision became clear she was browned haired with golden eyes like Luke and she was wearing a Royal dress with gems on the corners of them. She looked at him and before he got the chance to get up, she lay him flat on his back with her one arm. Luke eye's widen and she then hogtied him with a knife to his neck. The ropes were tight and strong on his arms and legs, and she had no problem carrying him for he was only three years old. in the afternoons the woman would vanished at night and then the beast came back to put it white fur up against Luke for the winter winds still blow in the night air. Luke's eyes looked at the beast and it nudged his head has if it was telling him to go to sleep, and once he closed his eye's he fell into a deep sleep. Morning sun light woke Luke to see the woman covered up beside him in a peaceful rest. Luke eye's shot open to hear the sound he was waiting for, Azura wings made a gust of wind and woke the woman has well. Azura eyes looked at the girl and then she reached into both there minds, and said "Luke do you know who this is?" He shakes his head no in reply to her question.  She said "this is Mara princess of the werewolf's." Mara looked at look Luke and he did not look back, but simple said "Why you take me away from Azura." Mara reply instantly "I thought you were a werewolf like me expect your a pup in the eye's of my transformed state." He told her what he told Azura when they met. Mara told him how she lost her baby boy in the woods and was searching for him. Luke accepted the offer of escorting her back to her fathers kingdom. Hours later the camp fire had been made the meals had been cooked and eaten, but Luke and Mara kept talking. Luke looked deep into the fire and asked Mara "How old is your child now?" She put down her meat and replied "same age has you, but the weird thing is you look so much like him." Luke thought the possible idea that Mara was his mother. After a while of waiting Mara (in her werewolf form) returned to Luke side and never left. Her snow white fur shine in the night sky and her golden eyes shined in the dark looking at Luke sleeping by her side. Azura let Mara get close to Luke, but sometime Mara would go berserk and try to harm him. Azura kept her guard up for her ancestors had a pure hate for the werewolf. Azura also sometime flew with Luke on her back asleep while she and Mara ran towards her fathers keep. The Kingdom was surrounded by a wall of old carving telling the past of the werewolf's. The inner city was teaming with crowed of werewolf's, but Mara said they would not mess with Azura or Luke has long has they stick close to her. Has Azura entered the throne room with Luke on her back they seen gleaming pillars of gold and diamond floors with the king siting on his royal throne. Mara said with no hesitation "Hello father I bring forth guest." The king greeted Luke with a kind gift and he greeted Azura has they use too in battle. Mara whispered to her father in secret and once she was finished the king nodded his head and with a flick of a finger the guards chained Azura to the floor, but Luke drew his sword and cut the chains freeing Azura from her captivity. She snarled and made Luke get on her back and hang on tight. Mara leaped into the air and grabbed Luke drawing the knife towards his neck and Azura reacted in surrender, and was chained back up sent to her ice cold prison.

© 2013 Brandon Crawford

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Added on February 20, 2013
Last Updated on February 26, 2013


Brandon Crawford
Brandon Crawford

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