Proclaimed Son

Proclaimed Son

A Chapter by Brandon Crawford

Chapter 4
Proclaimed Son

Mara held Luke close, but he was angry for them to trick him and Azura like that. Luke had all his weapons took away even his sword, also Mara dressed him has a royal prince. Months later Luke had already tried making Azura escape possible, but Mara caught him before he could. Mara father died from a arrow in the heart, but in Luke mind he sorrowed in the kings death, but never showed his emotion for the old king . Mara now queen of the werewolf ordered several guards to escort Luke were ever he goes till night. Luke slept with Mara in her transformed state because then she comforted him every time he missed Azura. Winter begin once more and Azura had escaped and formed a rebel against the werewolf's. Luke was forced to stayed with Mara, but was happy that Azura was free. Miles away in the now burning city of Morthen, Azura lay down in her tent and ordered the troops around. Her commander and chief of the army was General Eclipses, her allies had been personal friends of Luke and joined Azura to free him from Mara. Azura let out a shout in her commanders minds that made them quiet "Shut up you cowards we only have three days before Luke is declared prince of the werewolf's and we both know what Mara do when the night comes!" Eclipses was thinking of strategist of countering the city of Dethal and then she shouted "There is a way to get him out." Azura looked straight at Eclipses with blood red eyes and snarled "What is your plan Eclipses." Eclipses explain the plan and Azura nodded in agreement. Days away Luke looked at the sunset sky and was interrupted by Mara. She was wearing Golden armor enchanted with all kinds of magic, and her cape was black has a clear night sky. Mara held Luke up and kissed his forehead promising him that they won't hurt him has long has she lives. Luke shivered from the frozen air, and Mara held Luke tighter. A rush of warmth covered him has he lay on Mara fur blanket, and then a feeling of protection filled his mind.

© 2013 Brandon Crawford

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Added on February 20, 2013
Last Updated on February 26, 2013


Brandon Crawford
Brandon Crawford

Athens, TX

I'm a writer that just want to be himself more..