Sharp Fangs

Sharp Fangs

A Chapter by Brandon Crawford

Chapter 5
Sharp Fangs

Azura and Mara army's met on the hill side on the late sunset both of them growling for blood. Before the battle began Luke appeared with a straight face as if he was fighting his real enemy's. Azura looked like she was about to cry in tears, but she realized Luke was forced into fight her. Azura flashed in front of Luke and grabbed him, but he tried to stab her with his sword. Azura placed Luke into the hand of Eclipses, but Azura and her army dispersed. Mara kneel-ed down in stupidity in the trickery of her foolish mind, Azura had placed a illusion on her and her army. Back at camp Azura broke Luke from his vow, and before she realized it he was huging her for the first time in what seems to her like ages. The bound between them both were stronger then ever, but before they could celebrate Luke caught a illness. Luke asked Azura to stop worrying about him, but she replied back instantly  "Your the main reason were in this war, plus I can't stop worrying about you, your like a child to me." Azura lay her massive body beside Luke and let him snuggle in, but before he closed his eyes he saw the black wings cover his body in a blanket of warmth. Once Luke had a night to rest, and he was better the feast also went on has well in celebration of there achievement. Mara army gained double speed in the nights, but Azura army had already got to there fort in Galmora. Luke was greeted by the soldiers with respect, and friendship, plus he also met the sword master also he taught Luke how to regain footing in battle and how to fight off a werewolf in hand to hand combat. Azura looked at Luke and give a small grin, but Eclipses saw what she was thinking. Hour later Eclipses asked Azura "Why would you pick him Azura?" Azura replied "Because I have never trusted like this toward any other human, he is perfect for a Dragon lord, but he knows that he is different that what I like him for, he thinks himself normal even when he's not." Azura made no other words and curled around Luke in worry of his fate, but was happy that he himself was with her.

© 2013 Brandon Crawford

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Added on February 20, 2013
Last Updated on February 26, 2013


Brandon Crawford
Brandon Crawford

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