Waking Up

Waking Up

A Chapter by Allie-Shea

Beep. Beep. Beep. 

The all to familiar sound of the heart monitor thing, that I couldn’t really remember the name of (and still can’t) sang it’s single toned tune. I felt a throbbing from where my new wound had been made and my right hand felt still and uncomfortable. An IV? I assumed as much. The scratchy sheets on the rock hard bed made everything more uncomfortable. Forcing my eyes opened I saw blurs of people at first. “Hey, look! He moved!” a clueless voice said, I now was only assuming it was Adrian’s. 

There was silence then I felt myself stretching out as best as a I could while disregarding the pain. I closed my eyes and opened them once more now able to make out what and who the blurs were. A window was cracked to show a tall black haired man with pale skin and dark eyes holding a cigarette and blowing smoke through the crack; Milo. 

He didn’t look over at me, didn’t move much at all honestly. 

Turning my head I saw Tyler with his jet black hair and typical clothing standing in the doorway. Being look out for Milo. Adrian sat in front of my bed with his scruffy face and brown hair. He smiled, just waiting to poke fun at me. Dante’s voice was heard in the hall- he was on the phone. To the right of me I heard a small sigh. I turned to see the blonde dressed up in the clothes I saw her in earlier. She was staring at the white walls both pissed and worried. The emotions ran over her face too well. “He-” I went to speak but her sharp blue eyes cut into me as she stood up and walked out of the room. Milo turned to face me and watched KiKi swiftly walk out of the room he didn’t react, not speaking he dropped the butt of the, now much smaller, cancer stick out the window and walked over to me. 

He spoke and his words were tainted with a bitter smell, “Don’t worry ‘bout it. She’s just pulling herself together,” Milo was often like my translator for the language KiKi spoke. Of course it was English, but her body language killed me. Her way of thinking was strenuous...and those looks she gave...they were lethal.

“Oh,” I said lowly while looking at empty walls. Milo sat down on the bed and looked at Tyler and Adrian. He must’ve flashed them a darker look than what I had seen because with in moments the two left the room. “What are you doing?” I asked nervously as we became isolated in the room.

“Listen, when the doctors come in and ask you what happened. Just say you fell and that’s all you remember. We all lied and said we just found you in the woods. They ask you why you were in the woods. Say you were working on a field project for your ecology class,” Milo explained. I had to give the kid props, he was crafty with his excuses.

“Well...why were you guys in the woods?” I asked lowly.

“Because, moron, you were missing and we remembered you telling us you were going out to finish your project,” he smirked. I nodded and looked at his dark orbs. 

Good show, Milo. Good show. I thought, just as my mind began to start up I remembered the sights of last night. 

“Milo...you killed someone,” I whispered in terror as I now truly grasped everything that had happened not too many hours ago.

“Shut up, dip-s**t!” he yelled while covering my mouth with his hand. Looking at me he shook his head, “You can’t say that s**t out loud...,” he explained- though I was already aware of that statement. Moving his hand he looked at me with slightly colder eyes. His body movements were swift and smooth, “Now...what happened?” he questioned- I assumed he was referring to my injuries.

“I fell.”

“Do you remember how you fell? Did someone attack you? What happened?”

“No, I don’t remember. I was fine one minute then the next minute I wake up in a hospital bed.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” my response was now short and sweet. He smiled pleased with the results from questioning me. 

“You learn quick,” he said softly before walking out of the room. Once his shadow no longer hit against the wall and the white room was silent I exhaled. What did you get yourself into, Anthony. I thought nervously. I looked back at the seat KiKi once sat in; her eyes mocked me...they haunted me. Her anger was stronger, it was obvious that she expected better from me. Now her expectations would be lowered. Impressing her would be harder. Great.

Tap, tap, tap. 

“Hello, um... Mister Marlow, are you awake?” an older voice said though a body wasn’t seen.

“Yeah,” I responded a bit hollowly. That damn girl managed to put too many thoughts into my head. The man in a while coat wearing dark blue scrubs looked at me and smiled. He held a clipboard and stethoscope hung around his neck.

“How are you feeling?” he asked with a smile. I wanted to lie and tell him the pain ripping up my side was hurting more than burning to death on stake.

“I feel fine,” my voice was calm and collected. I’m a liar.

“Any really bad pains?” he asked while writing on the clipboard.

“Nope,” I said with a forced smile. I’m a lair.

“What were you doing in the woods that late, Anthony?” he said now digging into the more extensive questions.

“A project for my ecology class,” I told him as if it was actually what I was doing. I’m a liar. 

“Do you remember how you fell?” he pushed the questions further.

“No, all I remember was taking some notes. Then I stepped on some loose rock. Next thing I know...I’m waking up in a white room with my friends standing around me,” I explained. Now wondering how they managed to clean themselves up before taking me into the hospital. I’m a liar. 

He wrote more on the clipboard and smiled softly, “Well...okay then. I’ll write you a prescription for the pain. You have some major stitches so don’t do anything strenuous. Come back in...let’s say...six weeks. If you’re a fast healer we can take them out then. Until then take it easy. Alright?” he said while handing me a slip of paper.

I stared at him blankly, “Yeah,” taking the paper I sat it on the small roll up table that was connected to the bed, “May I leave now?” I really didn’t want to stay in a hospital again.

“Yup. Just get changed- carefully, and you can leave,” he said then lead himself out the door.

After taking a good twenty minutes to put my clothing over the tender stitches I walked out into the hall and saw no one. “Weird,” I mumbled while walking down the hall in a pair of fresh clothes, brought to me by an unknown source. Though, I assumed it was Milo or Tyler...not Adrian or Dante- neither of them seemed like the type to do something like that.

“Anthony,” a small voice rang out from behind me. I turned with two slightly frightened eyes as I heard the light clicks down the hall and an extremely pissed off expression on the midget’s face. 

“KiKi,” I said nervously. Her deep blue eyes narrowed in on me and she shook her head. Her small hand grabbed the collar of my shirt as she looked up at me shaking her head. I was actually frightened. After all, three inch heels could do a lot of damage to a man.

“You’re a f*****g idiot. You should’ve just said no,” she spat while pushing me into the wall a little. Where were all the doctors? She still kept her hands on me and I had to admit her aggression and the way she man handled me was really hot. Sitting on the floor and holding my side slightly her small body pranced away carelessly. Her movements swayed and flowed like a natural wave, and simply took my breath away as I stared at her with watery eyes.

A fallen angel. 

© 2012 Allie-Shea

Author's Note

Please ignore any/all grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

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