A Chapter by Allie-Shea

“S**t, Milo! Where’s all your food at!?” a familiar voice shouted. I opened my tired eyes to see two figures rummaging through my dorm. 

What the hell is going on? I thought while sitting up. My dark hair stuck up in every direction and my tired eyes focused on the figures. 

Tyler and Adrian...I should’ve guessed.

“Morning, sleeping beauty,” Tyler said with a teasing grin. Adrian had pulled out a bag of cereal and was eating it like a starved animal. I watched slightly amazed by the sight of the bearded man forcing handfuls of cereal into his mouth faster than he could chew them.

“Don’t you two have your own food?” I asked in a grumpy tone.

“Adrian ate all of mine,” Tyler’s voice was a little annoyed as well.

“Na-ope!” Adrian said with a mouth full of cereal. Several pieces fell from his mouth and onto our floor. 

That’s attractive. 

Shaking my head I stood up and started walking to the bathroom. The shower was running already, Milo had once again beat me in the race to wake up for the first shower. Thinking back to last night I couldn’t help but wonder what happened before he came into the dorm and spilled his life story to me. 

After all the guy was bloody and dirty...he looked like hell to say the least about it. 

“What happened last night?” I asked the boys hoping one of them would answer me.

“I ‘on’t know,” Adrian mumbled while continuing to eat my supply of cereal. Tyler only flashed me a glare that silenced me for the time being. Looking back I assumed that it wasn’t the best thing to ask. 

When Milo made his way out of the shower he paused looking at the two “guests” in the dorm. He wore one towel around his waist and was drying his fluffy brown hair with the other. I watched as Tyler’s face went from angered to relax within seconds. 

“You’re both kind of early,” Milo stated while walking to his dresser and grabbing some clothes. I turned away instant, not sure if he was going to drop his towel right then and there, but just incase I felt it seemed appropriate to turn around. “What are you doing, Tony?” Milo questioned me.

“I’m not gonna watch you change!” I shouted. Milo only chuckled, the sound of a drawer opening and then the bathroom door closed again within moments. Tyler looked at me when I turned around slowly preparing to see something I didn’t want to really see.

“Why so tense?” he laughed. Rolling my eyes I didn’t bother answering him. 

Milo came out with fresh clothing on and his brown hair was sticking up everywhere. I glanced at him wondering why he didn’t tell the guys to leave yet. 

Milo wore a pair of skinny jeans that were light washed and had holes through them, along with a deep cut white v-neck and then the usual accessories. He sighed, “Tony...get dressed. We have stuff to do today,” the sentence was so familiar to me now that I didn’t even complain. I simply did it as if it were routine. 

“What are we doing today?” my voice wasn’t anything but monotoned. 

“Smoking,” Milo said with a teasing smile as he referred to the first time I had ever tried smoking. 

I’d never do it again.

The morning was slow we made our rounds around campus and Milo was uninterested in just about everything everyone said. He wasn’t all there, lost in thought from what I could put together. KiKi hadn’t been seen at all, she didn’t greet Milo or Tyler...not even Adrian. I hadn’t heard from her either. 

No one questioned it though. It was like no one cared. The boys looked at me and smiled, “We’re going to get us a table outside,” Tyler announced as Milo and Adrain walked forward. I nodded like a soldier would to a general and began my search for a table. 

“Stop,” a small muffled voice whispered. It sounded familiar and the word stop was always setting off a small alarm in ones mind. I walked toward the sound to find something I wish I hadn’t.

Found her. 

I frowned as I saw her pressed up against Jason and the two kissing, a lot. I couldn’t be mad at the kid...I just wanted to be him. I wanted to be the one so close to her. To taste the tempting lips. She giggled a little as he whispered something in her ear. His lips met her neck softly and she pulled him into a hug. 

Turning around I felt like I had witnessed a murder. That’s why she didn’t say anything to anyone all morning. 

I frowned and walked around the court outside. When I found a small table I sat down and tapped my fingers against the table top. The scene replayed in my head over and over. I wanted it to go away, it was too much. In the distance I could see the boys walking toward me. Sitting up I prepared to tell them what I saw, maybe they’d take action.

Adrian was the first to sit down, then Tyler, and finally Milo sat across from me. He could already see it in my eyes, “What’s wrong?” he asked. I shook my head for a moment. The smell of bacon and pancakes flooded my nose and distracted my mind. 

I was hungry. 

“Tony, what’s wrong?” he pushed the question.

“Found KiKi,” I stated. No one spoke, Adrian stuffed his face and Tyler looked down. “What? Are you guys hiding something? Did you know where she was at?” I began to question them. 

Milo nodded at me then took a spit of his orange juice. “What the hell! They were all over each other. Milo how could y-,” he stopped me before I could end my sentence.

“They’re dating, Anthony...and you can’t control a girl like that...,” he shrugged. I was filled with rage and shook my head. Standing up in disgust I trudged away from everyone and back to the tree where I sat with her that day. Grabbing my phone from the depths of my pocket I began to text her.

Nice to know that you were with him. Could’ve at least told us morning. 

- Anthony

I hit send then sat staring at the green grass. How often was she with him really?

© 2012 Allie-Shea

Author's Note

Please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes.

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