TNP2-16 "The Hacker"

TNP2-16 "The Hacker"

A Chapter by dw817

Tricia was quick to answer, "David unless you've got your pants on backwards with the zipper up your butt I can't help you right now. What do you want !?"


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© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
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* * *


It was morning again. I had overslept past the time I thought I would get up, which was early.

Tricia was there watching me. Suddenly I jerked fully awake.

"How long have you been standing there !?" I demanded.

She leaned forward in the chair she was sitting and tilted her head playfully, "Oh, I don't know, an hour or so. I like watching you sleep."

I smirked, that was way creepy. "Well, I need to get up and get dressed." I said while clutching the sheets around me.

"Go right ahead." she offered and gave me a toothy smile.

"I'm - not dressed. Why don't you leave now."

"Oh, I'm no hurry. You go right ahead." she said.

Seeing she wasn't going to leave, I got up, still bunching the sheets around me. Suddenly she reached out and pulled the sheet from me to toss it in a corner.

Then she leered at me, "My those panties I bought for you look good on you."

"Shutup !" I said, I felt tears coming on. D****t ! Why was I always being teased. I remember the times at work when she came by to adjust my belt.

I truly believed that she had my best interests at heart. Now, I wasn't so sure. Did I love her ? Well, did I ? It was a question that was going to linger with me.

Snapping to my senses, I just ran to the bathroom and locked the door while she laughed at me.

I took a nice bath, dried off, and looked to the closet. Inside were clothes but they were awful.

While my Dad got me a snappy business outfit suit earlier, what was in there reminded me of what little Lord Fauntleroy wore when his G/F wanted to parade him around like a prize chicken.

I passed over these to put on the familiar robe and stepped out. I should've known she would still be there. She was examining my teddy bear collection, but she seemed to be looking for something by pushing in their chests.

"Hey, hands off !" I said.

"There you are, thought you fell in the toilet."

"No, I'm fine. And - shouldn't you be at work ?"

"No work today. It's a holiday for the company. So I get to spend all day with you."

"Lovely." I grimaced. "Well, since you're here, I noticed I haven't received any calls on my BBS."

"Let's take a look at it then, shall we ?"

And then she surprised me, for all her meanness to me, she really did seem to understand computers, modems, and connections. As it turned out, while I had the phone number correct, I forgot to change one flag in my Doomsday program to allow callers.

I had forgotten I disabled that when I changed addresses.

Sure enough, the phone rang, and it was a caller. Lamron, one of my favorite visitors.

She saw my face light up in happiness. Then patted me on my head and said, "Ok, you look you're set here. I need to take care of some things. Oh, and someone wanted to meet you about some purchases."

* * *

"At first I turned her down but then when I saw what she was selling I figured you would be interested."

"Okay ?" I asked as a question hoping she would reveal more.

But she didn't, she headed out and left me there with Lamron checking her online mail and seeing if any new files were placed in the system.

I left the computer and went to the refrigerator in question Smithers and Trudy showed me earlier. Pulled out a breakfast hot pocket, heated it up, and went back to my room.

It really was quiet in here. I could use another computer for music I thought. But failing this at the moment, I went to get out my radio and put it on the smooth jazz channel.

And - I thought I did - I was CERTAIN I did, but all I was getting was static.

I hit the intercom not really knowing who would answer. Curiously enough, it was Tricia.

"Yes, David, what is it now ?" she asked irritably.

"My radio isn't getting a signal ?" I asked.

"Radios don't work in here, honey. It's the structure. Don't you have some music tapes or your fingers or SOMETHING to amuse yourself with ?"

"Yeah, a few tapes."

"Well listen to those if you like. We transmit our own radio station here. Just set your dial all the way to the left on your radio. Gotta go."

She clicked off. I turned on the radio again and this time swiveled the knob counter-clockwise to have the pointer go to the far left.

Sure enough, there was music, and curiously enough, it was the very radio channel I was trying to reach. The people of this home must think smooth jazz is good music indeed, and I agreed.

My BBS rang again and a new caller came in. I checked to see who it was. It must've been a new member cause there was a long pause at the NAME entry as if they were looking around.

Suddenly they started typing, and FAST, but all they did was hit the asterisk key, or so it appeared to me on my side.

But then to my horror I saw that they had SysOp access, that is, the same access I had ! Very quickly they started to go through my personal messages !

I tried to stop the program but it said the string buffer was full and I would have to wait for an input prompt to appear.

But I wouldn't wait ! They were sitting there sucking up all my private conversations, I could tell by the way the lights were flickering on the modem !

I couldn't think of anything else except to pull the plug, which I did !

There was a moment of silence when the phone suddenly rang again loudly. But the computer was off now so it wouldn't pick up.

The phone rang 5 more times. Finally I picked it up to listen. There was silence. I waited a full minute and still no sound from it.

I spoke in the phone angrily, "Hello, who is this !?"

I was greeted with that strange warbling sound I heard earlier, followed by a click on the phone of disconnection.

I hung the phone up and waited. And waited. And waited. The phone was quiet. The music from the radio continued to play nicely.

Carefully I brought the computer back up and put it in active mode ready for the next caller. And my phone rang again.

This time it was Goldschlager, a different friend of mine. I breathed a sigh of relief, maybe that was the end of the mystery hacker ?

I could only hope. I hit the intercom again.

Tricia was quick to answer, "David unless you've got your pants on backwards with the zipper up your butt I can't help you right now. What do you want !?"

"No, umm - it's not that. I was just trying to reach Trudy." I said quietly.

There was a pause followed by static, obviously Tricia huffing angrily in the intercom.

"David, I'm sending Trudy down to show you how to use the intercom system. Out."


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