TNP2-22 "Not What You Think"

TNP2-22 "Not What You Think"

A Chapter by dw817

I fumed in silence. She added, "It does mean we can play dress-up sometime, and I would definitely enjoy that." and she gave me a wide grin on that." (more)


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© October 2014 Written by David Wicker
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Rated: TEEN

I tried once again, unsuccessfully, to pull my arm free from the slot under the closet. Now it was hurting.

"Oww ... Oh, hi Trudy. Umm - this is not what you think."

She stepped closer and placed a hand on my back. "Oh ? And what am I supposed to be thinking ?"

I bit my lip and was silent for the moment. She leaned over and rolled her hand down my back until she was touching my bottom.

"Hey !" I said angrily, and tried to pull free again.

Trudy started humming contendedly and pulled up on my undies hard.

"Hey, that hurts, quit it !" I said and tried to reach my free hand around, but she caught it easily.

"What - what are you doing !?"

"Just giving you a wedgie. I always wanted to do that."

"What - me especially ?"

"Well ..." and her voice trailed out. I realized I may not be able to get free without her so I held my poise as she gave my undies an especially hard yank.

A moment later she pulled away, I guess to survey her handiwork.

I grunted in pain, "Done are you ?"

"Yes." she replied.

"Good, now, help me out will ya ?"

She leaned down to look and there was a bright smile on her face. "Got your hand stuck in the cookie jar did you ?"

"Sure." I just wanted free so I agreed with her.

"Okay. Flatten her fist out and straighten your arm."

I grunted and tried to do what she said, "Like this ?"

"No, the other way, so your elbow is facing to the right."

I grimaced, "That's how I got it stuck in there to begin with."

She was losing patience, "Look, do you want my help or don't you !?"

I was quiet.

She added, "Now turn your elbow inwards and keep your hand flat against the carpet, knuckles facing up."

At that point I could easily pull my arm and hand out.

"Thank you." I stood up to face her and pulled back down my undies so they weren't riding up me.

"Don't mention it." She flashed her eyes down and back up again. "This is definitely a new look for you. I like it." and she giggled.

"Look, I said before, it's not what you think ?"

"That you're not a cross-dresser ? Oh there's nothing wrong with that. I had you pegged as one the first time we met. I'm good about these sorts of things. Some famous people were cross-dressers, J. Edgar Hoover and Milton Berle, the comedienne."

I fumed in silence. She added, "It does mean we can play dress-up sometime, and I would definitely enjoy that." and she gave me a wide grin on that.

"No, I'm not - look, Tricia called me on the intercom to come in here. Apparently she broke a dressing bust and needed me to - wear this - to see if it measured correctly."

"Oh is that so ? So you just normally wear panties then ?" and she reached a playful hand around to give me another wedgie. I slapped it away.

"No ! Tricia - she took my underwear and said I have to wear these until I deserve, 'big boy' underwear. I didn't want to get into an angry argument with her, it's a sore subject."

"So you LET her put panties on you ?"

I didn't say anything and just looked at the floor.

"God how much of a weenie can you be ?" and she leered a smile at me. "Not that I'm complaining."

"She's calling the shots," I countered. "If I don't do everything she says, she said she'll take the money away. I don't know if she can really do that but I don't want to test it. And - I can't go back where I lived. I'm living here now - under her grace."

Trudy nodded and was serious for a moment. "Well, you're not alone. Tricia does run things here and - it's not the first time she has done something humiliating to someone to keep people under her thumb. She did it with me too - I - don't want to talk about it"

I turned to face the locker again. "Then can you help me get my own clothes out of there - and - out of these ?"

She walked past to look. "It's just a combination lock." she said absently.

"Well, I certainly don't have the number."

"This one is easy." she added, then she got down to kneel and put her ear up against the locker and turned the dial carefully.

"What ? You can pick locks !?"

"Shhh ... ! I need concentration."

I was quiet for a full 2-minutes. Finally she pulled on the handle and it opened up.

I grabbed my clothes and ran behind the changing panel. I hurriedly took off the skirt and dress and threw them over the side where Trudy caught them.

"Need any help, David ?" she offered and started to walk behind the panel with me.

"No ! Get out of here !" I said and grabbed a corner to try and close the panel around me.

She spoke in a hurt tone, "It's not like it's something I've never seen before. You were talking about measurements ? We'll see how you measure up in an instant." and she laughed wickedly.

I grumbled angrily at that insult and got dressed as quickly as I could and once I was, I stepped back out.

Trudy savagely put the dress up against me, "Sure you're not a cross-dresser ? I'll completely understand if you are."

"No ! I said I'm not ! I'm not !!"

"If you say so, honey." and she said it in a tone of voice that made me roll my eyes.

There was something I wanted to ask her.

She could see I was forming a question so she spoke first, "What is it ?"

"What is code 17 ?" I asked.

Her eyes got wide. "That is very bad. I - honestly don't know what it is. But it's serious cause Tricia always runs away to do - something - whenever it happens."

"But you don't know what it stands for."

"No, I don't. But it's some kind of emergency."

I sat down on the bench there and she did too. We were quiet for a moment but she still kept grinning. If I had a bit more backbone I would've slapped her for all the mean teasing, but I just remained silent.

Finally she said, "Hey, weren't we going to check out that mystery floor from the elevator today ?"

I nodded. "Yeah, ANYTHING to get away from this."

"What, don't you like dressing up like a pretty princess ?" and she leered at me again.

I already told her no earlier. I don't know what else she wanted to get off my back.

She pressed forward, "You remember back at work I offered for you to wear a skirt ? I've got a wig I know would fit you. Well if you =DID= then we could go out on the town together, you could be my little sister."

"Can't we just go out together as I am ?" I explained to her.

She was thoughtful a moment, "Yeah, but it wouldn't be as much fun. Especially if guys came to you and told you how sexy you looked." and she laughed viciously.

"You'd like that wouldn't you ?" I grimaced. "Well, no. I'm David, I'm a boy - err - man - and if you are looking to find a sister in another guy, you're barking up the wrong tree."

She curled her two hands in front of her chest and pretended to be a dog, "Woof."

Seeing no reaction, she reached over and bopped my chest. I looked down and she bopped my nose. That was the first thing Tricia did to introduce herself to me, so it did get a smile out of me just then.

"That's a smile." and she leaned back in her chair, and I wondered if all this time she was just teasing me, just wanting to get me to grin a bit. I could never tell when Trudy was kidding or being serious.

"Elevator." I said, reminding her of our schedule today.

"Right. Umm - give me a sec, I'm going to bring a few things."

"Like what ?"

"Like a flashlight for one. We don't know how dark it is in there and - a crowbar."

"Crowbar ?" I asked, but she was already out the door.

I didn't want to be there in the art room when Tricia got back so I followed her.

"No entering my room ! Off limits !" she said when she saw I was behind her.

"Nono, I just don't want to be there when Tricia returns and wants to continue her - dressmaking."

"Yeah, okay. Sit there then."

I sat outside her door as there was a bench.

She finally came back with a full dufflebag.

"What all is in there ?"

She looked rather proud of herself, "Hammer, crowbar, flashlight, screwdriver Phillips and flat, wrench, chisel, hacksaw - "

I interrupted her, "Geez ! How many places have you broken into before ?"

Now it was her turn to be embarrassed. "Wait, what ? I didn't say - what makes you think I break into people's homes ?" she quavered.

I crossed my arms, "Because everything you mentioned would be perfect for that - you've done this before, haven't you ?"

She huffed angrily, "Well, yes and no. Oh, come on !"

And then we approached the elevator and she had her bag of tricks. Now we were going to find out what that mystery floor was about !


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