TNP2-27 "Journey To Self"

TNP2-27 "Journey To Self"

A Chapter by dw817

Tricia capped the marker and picked up two very thin sharp needles that were attached to some strange machine. It was clear the needles not only sent electricity but received impulses as well.


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© November 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

* * *


Tricia held on to my body a moment longer before finally letting it slump to the ground. She retrieved the needle and placed it in her pocket. Then she reached for an intercom and hit the button to get service.

"This is Tricia. I'm in hallway 3B on the first floor. Send me a gurney. We have a new patient."

A clear woman's voice answered, "Yes, Miss Candy."

A few minutes later two big guys in white suits arrived. She pointed to me on the floor and they picked me up to place me on the bed.

"To surgery." she said. They nodded and took the elevator. Tricia went with them but instead of hitting a single elevator button, she hit two at a time, [1] and [2], clearly the mysterious floor that me and Trudy were exploring earlier.

Whereas Trudy and me found a swirling mist and -some- creature, now it seemed as if that was all cleaned. There was still a harsh green light, but you could see the exits and it clearly branched to the left and right.

The men with the gurney and me on it exited the elevator and turned right. There they left me in what clearly was an operating room.

Tricia went over to wash her hands in antibacterial soap. Then she put on some thick opaque gloves. Humming to herself she picked up a little marker and protractor. She set the protractor on the top of my head and drew a curve to my left and right ear.She measured in a few inches to the edges and marked an X on both spots.

Satisfied her measurements were correct, she capped the marker and picked up two very thin sharp needles that were attached to some strange machine. It was clear the needles not only sent electricity but received returning impulses. She stuck the blue one in the first mark near my left ear and the red one in the second mark near my right ear.

She turned on the machine and I jerked up in bed from a clear surge of electricity a second, but then went unconscious again.

As for me. I was plunged in darkness. I couldn't see anything at all. Feeling around there was a hard floor I was walking on. Touching the surface it seemed solid and cool, like crystal. Suddenly a light snapped on straight ahead.

I walked to it and found Susan sitting in a plain wooden chair.

I reached over to pick her up.

"I'm glad you're here !" I said hugging her. "I just wish I knew where I was."

Susan's eyes changed their depth and she spoke, "You are being -examined- David."

"What ?"

"Examined, and very thoroughly. Apparently Tricia wants to see your entire life."

I scoffed, "There's not much to see." and kicked a foot forward.

"Maybe not for you, but she seems bound and determined to find the source of the earlier incident."

"Can I wake up ?"

"I'm afraid not. You've got two needles in your head right now and aside from sending and reading electrical impulses from your brain, they are also at a wavelength promoting deep REM sleep."

"What can I do ?"

"Not much."

We sat there for a second in the dark. I looked up at the light and realized it was just a floating globule, not even a lightbulb.

"Can I get hurt in here ?"

"It seems unlikely."

Suddenly a new light shone ahead. "That's where we go next."

"What if we just stay here, Susan ?"

* * *

Susan stirred shaking her head, "I wouldn't recommend it. If we don't go along the path Tricia has set, she could increase the electrical impulses, forcing us, and causing brain damage. We're lucky to have a type of coherence now as it is."

"Understand, David, right now, you are asleep. You're hearing and seeing me because I have been supportive in your life. And you are a good friend to me. I suspect Tricia is going to examine every aspect of your life until she finds out why there was an electrical fire when you were being checked out by that psychiatrist years ago."

"Are you responsible ?" I asked. And in truth, it was the first time I had asked her about it.

"I'm not at liberty to say just yet." Susan said. And that led me to believe there was a greater power at work.

"Let's get to the next light." and Susan pointed ahead.

I walked there and saw a new sight. A hospital bed and what clearly was my Mother in it with her ankles and legs raised up in stirrups, but she was super young, like in her 20s. My Dad was there too, holding her hand.

At once I started to cry missing them both.

Susan consoled me, "Hang in there, David. There's a good chance we'll see some disturbing things, but I need you to be strong. We'll get through this."

There was a doctor there too. A clock was suspended in mid-air at the front of the bed. There were no walls to the scene.

Suddenly my Mom screamed and the doctor pulled forth a baby bathed in red gelatin. He cut the umbilical cord, spanked him once to get him breathing air and then set him next to Mom.

As for me, I was welling up with tears watching the incredible scene.

The Doctor spoke, "Have you chosen a name for him ?"

Then my Dad spoke, "We have, it's David."

"What about a middle name ?" My Mom asked him.

Dad looked at the clock on the wall which read 11:47 and it was nighttime. Then Dad looked at his watch, apparently to confirm today's date. Finally he said, "Andrew. It's St. Andrew's day after all."

Mom hugged the tiny me, "Well then, welcome to the world, David Andrew Wicker."

At this point both me and the baby cried together. Susan sighed but didn't say anything.

Then the doctor picked me up, wrapped me up in a blue blanket and left the room, apparently for the infirmary for vital signs. Dad took my Mom's hand and rubbed it encouragingly. Mom herself was in tears from the miracle of life.

Then the scene faded and me and Susan were in a swirling mist. Only a globule of light hung above us so we could see.

I spoke in the silence, "So you weren't given to me as a baby ?"

Susan nodded, "That is correct. I am given to you - later. I suspect from Tricia's deep probing in your consciousness, all of this will be revealed over time."


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