TNP2-14 "Concession"

TNP2-14 "Concession"

A Chapter by dw817

Tricia got crisp with me, "David, this is a legal and binding contract, we didn't need a fool preacher. We =ARE= married now, as of this minute, and that entitles me to certain liberties with you."


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© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
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* * *


"Married !?" I could hardly get the words out of my mouth. As if to help, Tricia leaned over for a deeper kiss, grabbing one of my hands and placing it suggestively on her bottom.

Cecil couldn't hold back anymore and did a combination high whistle and laugh at the same time. I looked at him but then Tricia took her other hand to jerk my head to face her and kissed long and hard.

Finally she pulled away and I was breathless, still bewildered by what she said but wasn't able to speak nonetheless.

In the silence I finally added, "What about a wedding cake ? Ice cream ?"

"Did you want some ice cream, dear ?"

"Well, yeah, and maybe a party or something ? Where was the preacher in all this ?"

Tricia got crisp with me and picked up the contract wielding it like a bladed weapon, "David, this is a legal and binding contract, we didn't need a fool preacher. We =ARE= married now, as of this minute, and that entitles me to certain liberties with you."

"Oboy, here it comes." Cecil added with a big smile on his face.

I know she wanted me to ask what kind of liberties, but I kept my mouth shut. I think this surprised her for a bit because she stopped smiling to look intently at me. I didn't know if she thought I was a genius or an idiot right there for ending the conversation right there.

Then she added in my silence, "We'll pick up a cake and ice cream and bring it back home so you, Trudy, and Smithers can have some. But that will be all regarding the wedding. It's did and done now."

Then she addressed Cecil, "Once again, good work, Cecil. I appreciate it - and if I have any more legal matters, I'll bring them to you."

"Always a pleasure Candykins." he burbled contentedly. Apparently there was a great deal of profit he made on this venture and he was happy as a clam.

We left the office and started back. We got back to what I thought was his brother but he was slumped over in his seat. At first I thought he got knifed or something, not too surprising considering the neighborhood and how dirty everything was in here, but then I heard a terrible snoring coming from him.

"Great security." Tricia retorted sarcastically.

Smithers was still outside waiting for us. He immediately saw the mixed expressions on our faces. Tricia, one of being triumphant. Me, of being not quite so.

"Is everything alright, mum ?" Smithers asked while opening the door for her.

"Peachy perfect, Smithers. Let's stop by the bakery next. You did mention, you want a cake, right honey ?"

"Yah sure." I spoke into my hands.

"Hmm ..." she said wistfully. I was quiet in my thoughts when we arrived.

"Come on, David - you said you want a cake and ice cream, let's go and get it."

I followed along, a little like a lap dog. I was trying to determine by what she meant by being entitled to certain liberties now that we're married. I already knew that I would not be wearing "big boy" undies until she said so, and likely that would be never.

But how much further of my life was she going to control ? And - the secret floors of the underground house. My head was spinning with all the questions brewing in it and no immediate answers besides.

I operated on automatic and followed her inside where a portly fellow was there decorating a get well cake. "Be with you in a second folks." he spoke in a thick and cheery voice.

He added the final icing touches, "That's it. OK, what can I help you with ?"

* * *

"I want a plain vanilla wedding cake, single layer, that says, "Happily married." on it.

"Yes ma'am, you want our regular 16 inch cake ?"

"That would be fine. David, can you think of anything to add."

"No ma'am." I spoke quietly looking down at my shoes.

"I guess not." she said looking up.

The baker wasted no time in pulling out a generic cake already ready for words to be added to it and spelled out the message in pink frosting with flowery letters.

"Do you have any ice cream here as well ?" she asked the baker.

"Yeah, uh, we're not an ice-cream parlor but we have a few flavors. Vanilla, Neopolitan -"

"Neopolitan would be fine."

(For those of you who didn't know, Neopolitan is a mix of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, all separated in a single ice-cream box).

He handed her a half-gallon of that in a plastic bucket, then rang her up.

"$30 for the cake and $10 for the ice-cream. That'll be $42.80 even."

Tricia handed him her credit card and he rung her up.

She handed me the ice-cream which had a plastic handle on the top and balancing the cake on her chin and arm, used her agile foot to open the door.

"Come again !" he added - and we were out the door.

Smithers immediately took the cake off Tricia's hands and packed it neatly in the trunk. He let me continue to carry the ice-cream and we were headed back home - and - I honestly didn't know what to tell Trudy about the sudden 'wedding' we had.

We arrived back home and once again used the curious entry method of SHE to let us in. Tricia opened up one freezer near the kitchen on the side and put the cake in there. Then she took the ice-cream off my hands and placed it beside that.

"Trudy won't be home for a few hours. If you want to return to your room, I'll let you know when there's cake for everyone."

I nodded, opened the door to my room and looked around. Despite the bears on the shelves, the place still didn't look very lived in. I opened one of the big plastic containers and found a large number of my wall decorations. (See

Cut out rectangles to favored cereal boxes, paper snowflakes, glitter from Christmases long long ago, colorful kids placemats, tinsel and other bits of shiny material, metal stove covers with flowery designs on them, envelopes with Anime art, stationery with pixies and fairies, artistic food wrappers, pages torn from bright and colorful calendars - the works !

I strewed them all out. Then I found my plastic bear bank. I never used it for money but instead filled it with push pins.

I started to pin the first paper plate to the wall when I found no matter how hard I pushed I couldn't get the pin to stick.

Apparently these walls were solid and not even a nail would go through it. I looked a little further and found some tape. Doubling it over I managed to stick up several decorations.

A good hour passed as I busily taped everything from that box in there. It was like a rolling advertisement of products and pictures all around the walls now. I felt better in my head and decided this looked a lot more like home now.

I was just getting ready to add some food wrappers to the wall when I heard a soft chime on the wall. I looked to see and it was an intercom system. I hit the middle button which glowed a soft yellow and I spoke into the microphone.

"Yes ?"

I released the button and heard Tricia's voice over the tinny speaker, "Trudy's here now, David. Meet me in the main cafeteria, same place we had dinner the other night. We'll be serving cake and ice cream for everyone."


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I liked this chapter. :))

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5 Years Ago

This one concludes Cecil and goes shopping for cake and ice cream. And we are revisited by my wantin.. read more

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