Cassandra's Story. Chapter three

Cassandra's Story. Chapter three

A Chapter by Kat

 "Hey, how are you feeling?" Mai asked me.

        Bad. Andrew is so gonna hurt me. She looked at me puzzled. I just made his girlfriend get kicked off the cheerleading team because I made her fail history, science and english.She nodded in understanding. She put a hand on my shoulder and patted it awkwardly.

        "Should I get the ice pack and stitches ready?" She asked, being completely serious. I nodded, knowing very well that Aria and Andrew would hurt me, a lot. Mai gave me a quick smile and scurried off to her house to prepare the bandages and the antiseptic. Her mom was a workaholic and her father was in Afghanistan.

        "You made her fail?! I told you what would happen if she failed!" Andrew said as he kicked me in the ribs. 

        "Nice going babe!" Aria called. I doubled over in pain but refused to let my eyes tear up. He kicked me again and again and again. The fifth time he kicked me was in the mouth. My lips were bloody and as were my cheeks. He lifted me up by my hair and began to hit me. Once he got bored of thathe pulled out his pocket knife and handed it to Aria.

        "Would you like to do the honors?" He asked as if he was doing something romantic instead of hurting me. Well, maybe that was romantic. I don't know, I never had a relationship before. She grinned like a maniac and put the knife to my temple and cut down the side of my face. She then moved on to my arms, cutting down the scars that my 'father' had made and some that I had since I was seven. The scars I got from my parents   and once they were completely bloodied up. The room began to swim and I went limp. I collapsed on the floor and heard them run away.         I woke up in Ross's arms. I looked up at the room and saw that it was Mai's room. What happened? Ross looked down at me with sad eyes.

        "Mai got worried about you and told me where to find you. She waited in case you came back. I found you unconscious and bleeding at the lockers. I brought you back to Mai so that she could stitch you up. Who did this to you?" He asked. If I didn't know him so well, I would of been worried that he liked me but I knew that he had a girl friend and she was one of my friends. Heather was actually one of my friends but didn't go to our school. He was like a older over protective brother. I broke eye contact and motioned to Mai. We had invented our own sign for Aria and Andrew. She nodded and decided that she would tell Ross.

        "It was your buddy Andrew. He does this to her all the time. So does Aria. He's gonna cause her to have all these scars when the stitches are taken out. Be happy that she's brave otherwise, he and his she-devil of a girlfriend would be in jail." Mai said angrily. She couldn't believe that I hadn't told the cops yet.

        Ross looked down at me, shock and horror in his eyes. "Are you serious?" He asked, hoping against hope that I was wrong. I nodded. He hugged me tightly and let me cry into his chest. "I'll kill him. No one hurts my little sister. No one." He snarled. I looked at him confused.

        But I'm not your sister.

        "No but you're almost one. I love you like a sister and I won't let anything else happen to you." I hugged him tightly. No one, not even Mai, has ever shown me such an amount of kindness. Mai would of but I wouldn't let her. He had no issue with hurting me so whose to say he wouldn't hurt her?

© 2009 Kat

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Meh, so I'm gonna write some random stuffage about me I guess. I'm Kat, I love to write, listen to music, and hang out with my friends. I really shouldn't have caffine but I do anyway. I mean, it's ju.. more..