Cassandra's Story. Chapter fourteen

Cassandra's Story. Chapter fourteen

A Chapter by Kat

         I walked into the kitchen and saw Cassie... Cooing at a baby?

        "Whose. Baby. Is. That?" I asked shocked.

        "I found her. I'm going to tell the police first thing tomorrow." She said shrugging me off.

        What's wrong with her?I wondered. She seemed that she wanted me to leave, so I did the stupid thing... And I did exactly that. I went over to Ross and Mai's place... They now moved in togetherand if anyone would know what's up with Cassie, they would.

        "Hey, Ross, do you know what's up with Cassie?" I asked, plopping my self down on the couch.

        " I..." Ross stammered

        "She doesn't think you love her, she thinks you wish she was Aria and she wants you to act more like a boyfriend but you're not. She feels like you two are back to being... Friends but not friends. Not as bad as when you were beating her up, but like when you and her were friendly." Mai blurted out.

        "What?! I... I love this girl. I thought I loved Aria and it's just a shock. I was thinking over the past few days. How can she think that I want her to be that skank?" I asked shocked.

        "Why aren't you telling her this? Why are you telling us this and not her? Go!" Mai pushed me out the door and towards the street.

        I took off running as fast as I could to my angel. I threw open the door and began calling for her over and over again."Cassandra?" I opened her door and saw... Nothing. Absolutely nothing. All of her posters were gone, all of her stuffed animals were gone too. On her bedside table was a note. I went over to it and began to read.

        Dear Andrew.

        You have absolutely no idea how much I love you, but it hurts me like nothing I've ever felt before to see you long after the one girl that hurt me. Every morning, I would wake up with her high heels digging into my stomach and back, then when I got to school you would be waiting for me. To hurt me, make me bleed. Try to make me scream. Then when I'd come home, my 'father' would be there waiting as well. I prayed ever night that I would die. Every f*****g night.

        Then, when you became nice to me, I thought that everything was awesome. I fell in love with you and... I was happy for the first time in my life. I wasn't scared for the first time in my life. I spoke for the first time in years for you. I know that you still love Aria, that's why I'm leaving so that you can go find her and stop her from marrying some d****e. I'm sure she still loves you and... Will be happy to have you back.The next couple of words were smudged from tear stains but the thing that brought my attention back to the writing was I'll miss you... Love Cassie.

        "I can't believe it... She's gone. My Cassie. My angel. She left me... All because I was too damn stupid to realize she was hurt." I muttered to myself. I ran over to Ross's house.

        "Where is she? Where is my Cassie?" I shouted.

        "She left. That's all I know. She gave me her stuff, if you want it you can have it." Mai said avoiding my eyes. She knew something. She had too.




Two Months Later(Mai's Point Of View)

        Andrew was wasting away in front of our very eyes. He's only eaten when we've forced him, his eyes are dull and he's just sleeping all the time. I've tried to call Cassie at her new house in England, she found out that she had inherited a house from her parents, but she wouldn't pick up. I think she told me the address, but she told me to never tell Andrew. She couldn't stand to see him again, but I couldn't stand and just let my friend die... She'll understand right? I picked up the phone and gave him the information... I hope that she won't kill me...

Andrew's Point Of View

        As soon as Mai got off the phone I threw a bunch of clothes into a suit case and reserved a ticket to England. I knew that she might not take me back, but I needed to let her know that I still loved her. I had too.I shook the sleep from my eyes and walked off the plane.

        "I need a cab to take me to this address." I held out a piece of paper to the person at the desk. He eyed the paper and pointed to a yellow and black cab waiting curb side. The ride was short, five minutes at most, but it was enough time for me to get nervous. My mind racing with thoughts of 'What if she doesn't take me back?' or 'What if she hates me?'. I took a deep breath and exited the cab. I pulled my hand back and knocked on the door.

        A few minutes later, the most welcome sight I had ever seen came to the door. It was Cassie, holding the little baby that she had found in the park that one day two months ago.

        "Andrew?" She asked hesitantly.

        "Cassie..." I said breathlessly. "Can I come in? I mean... Only if you'll let me." I stammered, I didn't want to make it seem like I was forcing myself into her house.

        "How did you find this place?"


        "I should have known.She always was horrible at keeping secrets." She laughed, a sound I hadn't heard in a while, and often thought I'd never hear again.

        "Yeah." I agreed smiling.

        "Do you... Want to come in? I mean, you traveled all the way from Chicago to England." She asked hesitantly. I nodded eagerly.

        She led me into a living room and sat down on the couch.

        "Look, I know that when you left, I was treating you like a friend and not how you should have been treated. Like a girlfriend. I was shocked that Aria was getting married yes, but not because I still loved her. I was shocked because I knew that she had to of been cheating on me during our relationship, and even though she was a w***e, I didn't want to think that she had been cheating on me. I'm glad you aren't Aria. And I'm sorry I hurt you. What I did was unforgivable, but you still went out with me. I guess what I'm asking is that you take me back. I know that you might not, but I just want to let you know that I still have feelings for you." I said quickly. Her beautiful face was one of shock.

        "Andrew..." She murmured, reaching her hand out to my cheek. I braced my self for a slap, but she stroked it instead. A gesture I thought she would never do again. "I've missed you so much!" She cried leaping into my arms. She took care not to squish the baby as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

        "I've missed you too baby. I've missed you too." I mumbled into her raven hair.

        "Oh... Speaking of babies... This is Atonia. She's the baby that you saw me with... That day..." She trailed off, presenting Atonia to me.

        "She's beautiful." I stated in awe. Even though she wasn't mine, I felt a strong tug of emotions towards this baby. I was determined to create a family with this woman. "Will you... Marry me?"


© 2009 Kat

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