A Chapter by Kat

 Andrew's Point Of View

Cassie walked down the stairs hesitantly, almost like she was expecting for me to laugh at her and take back the offer and laugh at her for expecting that I would really ask her out.

        "You look great. I'm glad you agreed to go out with me." I walked over to her, offering my arm for her to take. She grinned and took my arm hesitantly, but when she did I swear I saw fireworks, I don't care how cheesy and cliche that sounds, it was true. I wonder if she noticed.I walked her out to the car and opened the door for her.

        "You ready?" She nodded and I drived off. We arrived atMasa in about ten, twenty minutes.

        'It looks great!' She signed excitedly. I smiled. Her smile could always light up a room. I mean it was beautiful.

        "Come on. Let's go inside, I'm hungry." I said, pulling her along with me. She followed me in to the restaurant and spent a lot of time signing about how it was beautiful.

        "Look, I just want to say thanks for everything. Thanks for coming on a date when you didn't have too." I told her once I had ordered my food.

        'It's fine. I'm actually glad you asked me.' She signed.

        "Oh! Before I forget..." I rummaged in my pocket for a few seconds until I found the blue velvet box. "Here." I opened it and held it out to her.

        "M-my necklace."She whispered. I was so distracted by her smile that I didn't even noticed that she had spoken. It set in a few seconds later.

        "You... You spoke? But... But..." I trailed off. She nodded. "Please? Speak again? I want to hear your voice again." I begged her.

        She blushed. "What do you want me to say?" She asked so softly, I almost missed it.

        "Say my name? Please?" I asked, almost pleading with her to say it.

        "Andrew. Andrew Evanson." She giggled.

        "You giggled! oh my god! I... I" I could barely get a full sentence out I was so excited. I loved her laugh and I had just heard it. I think... I know... I love her. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms over her. "Thank you." I whispered in her ear. "Are you going to ah... Continue to speak, you know... During school? I'm sure that Mai and Ross want to hear it. I mean, yeah. You get it, right?" I asked.

        "Yeah... But only for you guys."She said quietly. I smiled even bigger than before. We got the check and went home.

        "This was great. I had a lot of fun. Thank you." I told her before we went up to bed.

        "I had fun too." She said, the slam of the door almost drowning out her beautiful voice.

        I think I could get used to this.

© 2009 Kat

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Added on March 26, 2009




Meh, so I'm gonna write some random stuffage about me I guess. I'm Kat, I love to write, listen to music, and hang out with my friends. I really shouldn't have caffine but I do anyway. I mean, it's ju.. more..