Cassandra's Story. Chapter thirteen

Cassandra's Story. Chapter thirteen

A Chapter by Kat

I walked quietly over to Andrew's room.He had been seeming majorly disoriented over the past week and he hadn't told me what it was. "What's wrong?" I whispered in his ear wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing his cheek.

        "She's engaged..."

        "Whose engaged?" I didn't know anyone in a relationship that deep.

        "Aria. She's getting married in two weeks and never coming back." He said dazedly. I smiled. They won't be coming back, this was great news! Well, for me anyways. I hated those people, I still had nightmares... And scars.

        "I'm sorry." I said with the most amount of sincerity I could muster. I felt hurt, I mean I can understand not being over an ex, but... I guess I was taking it harder than I normally would, seeing as I hated the b***h and Andrew had been disoriented for a week and didn't tell me. Could he not trust me or something? Did he wish I was... I couldn't bring myself to finish that thought. "I'm going to go hang out with Ross and Mai." I got up, practically throwing myself off of him. He turned around and looked at me with... Disappointment?Hurt? I don't know, and I didn't plan to find out.

        "Heyy! How is my best girlfriend?" Ross asked imitating Regina George's mother from Mean Girls. I swear there are sometimes when I think he's gay. But it's like a four percent chance that he is. Anyway, I brushed past him and threw myself down on the couch and began to sob.

        "Cassandra what's wrong?" Mai asked, calling me by my full name. I grumbled into the pillow causing Mai to ask me to repeat.

        "Andrew not acting as a boyfriend, it's almost as if we went back to just being friends. He's sad that Aria's getting married and that I'm not Aria." I said, throwing myself back onto the couch.

        "I'm sure that's not the case." Mai and Ross said at the same time, almost like they knew I would say something like that, like they knew that Andrew wishes I was her.

        "You know what? I'm gonna go. You guys are right. I'm being paranoid." I said, faking my smile and getting up.

        "You won't do anything drastic will you?" Ross asked walking me to the door. I nodded, telling him I planned to go to the park.

        I walked down the sidewalk and pulled my hood over my head when it started to rain. I had always wanted to have a romantic moment like this, you know, kissing in the rain? But now I don't think that that would ever happen. I sat down on the swings and heard thunder close to the park. And that's when I heard the cry. I looked around, but didn't see anything. Then when the thunder sounded louder, and I heard the cry again, I followed it to a slide. I looked in and saw a little girl, no more than two months old.

        I gasped and reached for the little baby. I cradled her head in my arms and saw that she was pale. I knew I would have to get her food, so I ran with her to the grocery store and hastily paid for food. I threw open the door to my... Andrew's house and ran to the kitchen. A few cans of baby food and she, I think I'm gonna call her Ren, began to have color come back into her cheeks.

        "See? Now isn't that better?" I cooed, tickling her stomach. She giggled and smiled a toothless smile. Normally it would have been ugly, but she was just so damn cute!

        "Whose. Baby. Is. That." A deep, recognizable voice asked. Uh-oh.

© 2009 Kat

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Meh, so I'm gonna write some random stuffage about me I guess. I'm Kat, I love to write, listen to music, and hang out with my friends. I really shouldn't have caffine but I do anyway. I mean, it's ju.. more..