Cassandra's Story. Chapter eleven

Cassandra's Story. Chapter eleven

A Chapter by Kat

 I sat by her bed for the whole time she was unconscious, planning how I would ask her out in my head. Finally, she woke up.

        'Hi'She signed slowly, seeing as I was just getting used to reading sign language.

        "Hi. Uh... I was wondering... Would you like to...ah... go out with me?" I asked nervously.She tilted her head to the side, looking confused. "Never mind. It was..." She silenced me with a look.

        'I never said that I wouldn't go out with you. I was just confused as why you would ask me.' She explained.

        "Why wouldn't I?" I countered her question.

        'What should I wear?' She asked concerned.

        "I'll get my cousin. He and his boyfriend are awesome with clothes." I asked, waiting for her to catch on.

        'Cool. I can't wait to meet them!'She signed, her grin lighting up her face. Good, she wasn't homophobic. I'd hate it if she was. I can't stand it when people judge others on who they love.

        "I'll go call him. He's been dying to meet you." I got out my phone and dialed Damien's boyfriend.

Cassie's POV

        I went to my room and waited a grand total of five minutes before Damien came in.

        "Hi! I'm Damien and this is Jake. You're not homophobic are you? Oh and I can read sign language so don't feel like you have to write everything out. Okay? Jake can too." He said excitedly.

        'Hi, I'm Cassandra, but you can call me Cassie. And to answer your question... In the words of the great Frank Iero... Homophobia is gay.'I signed hoping that they wouldn't be offended and know who Frank Iero was.

        "Woo! Frank Iero rocks! And good. 'CauseJake is my boyfriend. I'm pretty sure that Andrew would of already told you, but I just wanted to make sure. And so let's get down to business... To defeat the huns! Sorry, I couldn't resist. I love that movie." He laughed as he continued to hum the song.

        'I love that song too! And the movie.'I smiled.

        "So you're going on a date with my cousin. What's your favorite color?" Jake asked opening my closet.

        'Purple, Green and Black. Maybe pink.' I got up and walked over to them. They pulled out a couple of tops, skirts, jeans and a few dresses.

        After about a few hundred combinations of my clothes we finally decided on a purple and black corset top, black skinny jeans, black converse and finally some fingerless purple and black striped gloves*.

        "So do you think you're ready?" Jake asked. I shook my head frantically.

        "Don't worry. It'll be fine. I remember when Jake first asked me out. I was so scared! I tried getting dressed and I put my boxers on the outside. Luckily I realized this before I went on my date." Damien chuckled.

These guys are so nice! I hope they stay over often.

        Oh don't worry, they'll come over a lot.

        Did I ask your opinion?

        Well it was an implied question.Right?


        Who asked you?

        Uh you did...

        I took in a deep breath as I let Damien and Jake push/ drag me down the steps.


I hope this goes well...

© 2009 Kat

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Nice Writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Cassandra also....:)
Keep on writing your creative stuff!!!!!!!!!! i hope to read all of it in the end!!!!!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

In the words of the great Frank Iero... Homophobia is gay.
That sentence was the best sentence in the whole chapter. I love Frank and I'm going to finish reading your book now. Great Job.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Meh, so I'm gonna write some random stuffage about me I guess. I'm Kat, I love to write, listen to music, and hang out with my friends. I really shouldn't have caffine but I do anyway. I mean, it's ju.. more..