Cassandra's Story. Chapter nine

Cassandra's Story. Chapter nine

A Chapter by Kat

Everything was going well. Mai and Ross were still together, Andrew and I had been hanging out one on one more and... I think I was beginning to like him. It was around the time that he had stood up for me when his friends were asking why he hung out with the ugly freak.

        "She's not ugly and she's not a freak. If you're going to pick on Cassie, then just piss off. You aren't worth my time anymore." he exclaimed grabbing onto my arm. Suddenly the butterflies came. LIke I started getting so nervous. It was like someone else was in control of me. "Sorry about them. They can be a******s sometimes." He whispered.

        'It's fine.' I signed. I was used to being picked on. It came with the territory.

        "No it's not. They think it's all right, because I've done it so much to you. It's not all right. I'll try to get them to stop." He said, beginning to walk off.

        'No, don't lets just go home and chill. Okay?'I asked, pulling on his arm. He just nodded and let me lead him. He's so kind. I love this

        I know I did not just say that

Actually hun, you did.

        Who are you?

        Me? Well, I'm your inner voice.

        Uh... Why are you talking to me then?

        Because I'm bored and because you know that you like him.

        I do not

        Yes you do. Trust me. I can see it.

        What ever. What do you know anyway?

        I know everything. Oh crap... I wasn't suppost to let you know that.

        What ever...

        Oh lover boy is calling you. Pay attention idiot!

        I shook out of my mental argument and turned to Andrew. 'I'm sorry, what?'I signed.

        "I was saying, what do you want to do? We can go to the mall, skateboard, play video games, watch some movies, watch TV... What?" He asked.

        I began to ponder that thought, tapping my finger against my chin. 'I wanna... Talk. I mean I've been here for about two weeks and I don't know s**t about you. So let's talk.' I suggested. He nodded and continued to drive home.

        "So, how about you go first since this was youridea."

        I cocked my head to the side. 'What do you mean?'

        "I mean, we'll play twenty questions. I'll ask you first. You only get three passes. So use them wisely." He smirked. I stared at him shocked. "Good, so... Ah-hah! I got it... Do you like to sing?" He looked rather pleased with him self.

        'I don't speak idiot.'I signed.

        "I know. But do you think you would ever try?"

        'Is that your second question?' I asked. He shook his head rather quickly. 'My turn. What did you see in Aria?' I thought that this was a legit question. I mean she was a b***h, but she did have beauty I suppose.

        "I guess it was sort of expected. I mean, she was popular, and I suppose I was too. My friends pushed me to ask her out and so I did. I mean, she wasn't awful to me. But if I looked at another girl she hated it and wouldn't... uh... you get the idea don't you?" He asked... Wait was he blushing?! Damn where's the camera when I need one?

He's so cute when he blushes! I squealed in my head.

        "My turn. Have you ever had a boyfriend?" He asked. It was now my turn to blush. I shook my head.

'What guy would want some ugly girl that can't speak?' I asked him.

        "You're not ugly. But anyway. My turn. Why don't you speak?"

        'I guess you have should know. I'm not going to go into any detail but the basic idea is that my parents were killed before my very eyes and then I was...' I let my sentence trail off. His face went from curiousity to sadness.

        "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't of asked. I'm... That is just horrible that that happened to you." He said wrapping his arms around me. He held me close to his chest. So close I could almost hear his heartbeat.

        'It's okay.'

        "No it's not. I shouldn't of asked you to do that. It was selfish and for my own gain. I just wanted to know why you were quiet all the time, but I shouldn't of asked. Can you forgive me?" His breath tickled my ear lightly.

        'Why would I be angry?' I was confused. I mean, I was used to it. He had been kind to me. I wouldn't be angry at him for being curious. His arms were wrapped around me tight and... it fit. I wonder if he thought so too...

© 2009 Kat

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Meh, so I'm gonna write some random stuffage about me I guess. I'm Kat, I love to write, listen to music, and hang out with my friends. I really shouldn't have caffine but I do anyway. I mean, it's ju.. more..