Cassandra's Story. Chapter ten

Cassandra's Story. Chapter ten

A Chapter by Kat

         I walked home from school just a little happier than normal. This time, I had two reasons, not just the 'I'm-so-happy-and-I-don't-know-why excuse that I've been using, but today was actually going well. It was friday and Andrew was having Ross and Mai over. I hadn't really hung out with them in a while so I was happy. I came home, put my back pack on the floor gently, and grabbed a snack. I was walking to the living room to see if Andrew was home when I heard... Aria's voice?

        No... No... She's not here. I'm going to close my eyes and walk in and just see...

        I was just abou to walk in when I heard moaning, and that was my sign to run away from the door as fast as possible. I ran up to my room and picked up the phone to call Mai.

        "Mai? I need to talk..."

        "Hey Cassie! I'm so sorry! I can't talk right now. And I'm afraid I can't come over today! I'm so sick" And then she burst into a fake cough. Knowing her, she'd probably only lie when she thought that I was going to be hanging out with Andrew and she thought that we must want to be alone... For what ever reason...

        I felt the tears that had been threatening to spill over, pour down my cheeks. My best friend and she wouldn't even listen to me. I ran to the bathroom and found what I was looking for. I brought the cool metal to my wrist and slid it across. Then repeated this multiple times till my wrist's pale skin was red with blood. When that wrist was done, I went to the other one, and once that one was done,I began to carve something into my stomach.

        Don't ask me what, because I couldn't tell you. The world began to spin faster and faster, making my head swim and me fall to the ground, hitting my head on the bathtub.

        "Cassie!" I heard someone shout but I couldn't respond. I just wanted to sleep.Just wanted to let the darkness claim me. "Don't die on me Cassie. Don't die. Please don't die." And that's when I passed out.


Andrew's POV(for the first time ever in a chapter with Cassie's POV)

        I ran upstairs after Mai called to tell me that Cassie called her sounding like she was crying. I had sorta guessed that Cassie came home when I was watching the video that Aria sent me (no I didn't watch it all. I watched the first minute of it and was too disgusted at what I saw to continue. I have morals too...), but I didn't expect her to do anything drastic. I mean, she didn't like me in thatway. Just in a friendly way, maybe even in a sister-brother way, but not in the way I would like for her to like me in...

        I ran upstairs and saw her bathroom light on. I burst through her door and saw her collapsed. Her beautiful emerald eyes were still slightly open, but not enough to see her eyes fully. "Cassie!" I shouted as I sprinted over to her."Don't die on me Cassie. Don't die. Please don't die." I whispered as I bent down to cradle her head. Her hair was soaked with blood and the white tiles were pink.

        I picked her up and bandaged her wrists when I noticed her shirt was slightly messed up in the front. I lifted it up and saw that she had carved into her flesh 'Hurt and Betrayed'.

        How could she feel hurt?

        Oh I wonder, maybe because she heard the video?

Who are you?

        I'm your voice of reason. Telling you that you need to bandage her up. She hasn't lost too much blood. Yet.

        Fine. Go away now.

        Rude child. Here I am helping you to save the one you love and you're tell me to go away.

        I don't love her. I like her sure, but not love.

        Keep telling yourself that kid. Keep telling yourself that.

I don't have time for this!

        I wrapped up her stomach and carried her gently to the bed. She has to live. She just has too. When she wakes up... I'm gonna ask her out. I've almost lost her two times now! I'm not going to lose her a third.

© 2009 Kat

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