Chapter 9- Betrayals

Chapter 9- Betrayals

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

Clara has betrayed the pack, Angel has been captured but in this chapter...Evangeline starts betraying her own brother...Why?


Angel’s P.O.V

When I woke up, I was in shackled to well…shackles. It was dark, cold and damp and I didn’t even know where I was. The last thing I remembered was Clara putting a dagger in front of my throat and then blank. I couldn’t move my hands and I think I broke my wrist or something. The stench of blood was overpowering. I saw light coming from the top of the stairs. It was Clara.

She walked downstairs and I wanted so much to put my hands around her neck and strangle her. How could she do this to me? What did I do to her!? “You sure have some nerve showing your face in front of me after what you did, traitor.”

She looked sorry so I shut up, no matter how furious I was. “Well, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry!? If you’re SO~ sorry, get me out of these shackles and get me back to Lyadona!”

“I-I can’t.”

“What is wrong with you?! You say you’re sorry but you don’t seem to even be doing anything to make it up to me. ‘Sorry’ isn’t gonna cut it, Clara! You betrayed all of us!”

She stood in front of me and wrapped her hands around her. “I know I did but I had no choice. What could I have done? He would’ve killed him.”

“Killed who?” I asked.

“Devlin. When I first found out that vampires had held him captive, I followed them here. To their lair and they caught me on my first try. They said they were going to kill Devlin and then me but I begged them not to kill Devlin. They made a deal with me. I bring you to them and they spare Devlin’s life.”

“And you took the deal?”

She faced me with tears in her eyes. “What was I suppose to do?! Devlin is my mate! I love him! If you were put in my situation and your lover’s fate would be decided by you, wouldn’t you have done the same thing?! Either way, he was going to die so why not let him live a little longer!?”

I didn’t dare say a word because if I had the chance to save Lucas’s life, even for a little while, I would’ve made the same decision. She must’ve loved Devlin so much. “But you’re an outcast now. You won’t be able to return back to Lyadona, your home.”

“That and Devlin probably hates me by now. I’m used to it. I’m a foster kid; having everyone hating you and no home… I’m used to it all. Why even think I made a home in Lyadona?” she said.

“Clara please, you have to get me out of here!” I begged.

She wiped her tears and inhaled. “No...I’m sorry.” She left the room and I stayed in there. What was I going to do? They were going to kill me!

Evangeline’s P.O.V

I saw Clara coming out from the dungeon and approached her. “Feeling a little guilty there, Clara? You want to back out of the deal?” I asked her. She shook her head. “Good, because you have no other places to go. The only place you belong is here with me.”

She nodded and left. Tch! If that scrawny little b***h changes her mind, it’s my a*s on the line here. She better get her act together. I walked to the throne room when I saw another garbage my brother left out in the open, Isis.

She stood there leaning against the wall with her arms crossed over. “Going to see our dear brother, Evangeline?” she asked.

“Indeed. Must be frustrating that you’re still not his favorite, sister. Always second best. That’s you, Isis.” I mocked. She wasn’t as amused as I was. She got up and walked to the opposite direction but stopped beside me.

“Brother isn’t so loving yet. He sent me out to kill you if you fail and you wouldn’t want to fail now, don’t you, Evangeline? I wouldn’t want to kill my own sister.” She brushed right past me, laughing all the way.

I would slit her throat by now but Aden insists on keeping her for whatever use she had left. I went into the throne room where brother was busy with his girls. He noticed me and frowned. He never did like my timing. “What is it now, Evangeline?!” he asked, rolling his eyes at me.

“My subordinate has brought in the girl. She’s in the dungeon awaiting your presence, brother Aden.”

He sat up and stared at me. “You didn’t fail me and I do hope this continues. Feed the girl, I don’t want her dying on me before I had the chance at her abilities.” He ordered.

“Yes brother.”

Everything is going as planned. Soon, I shall have my revenge. It’s all in a matter of time. His plans were not even close to success. My success is an inch away and my plans, my plans are already in motion. Foolish brother. You don’t even know what I’m capable of!

I went outside to the balcony where Clara was waiting for me. She looked depressed and that was not a good sign. She might mess this up for me. I went over to her where she was holding that ring of hers. “What are you doing out here?” I asked. She jumped. Startled probably. She bowed before me and tried to leave but I blocked her way. “Give me that ring.”

“It just a ring.”

“No. It’s a reminder of what you’ve done and you’re feeling guilty. Guilt can eat a person up and can turn you against me. So hand me that ring!” I demanded.

She didn’t answer and took out my dagger and threw it in front of her. “What’s this for?” she asked, picking up the dagger.

“I want you to use it and slash the snarling wolf engraving. You don’t belong to your pack anymore, you belong here as my subordinate. Do it now. It’ll be easier for you to forget about the ‘pack’.”

She still didn’t answer. She still felt loyal about her pack and this was a problem. I needed her on my side. “Look, we had a deal. Unless you want me to tell my brother about your boyfriend’s aura-seeing ability, you’d do well not to disappoint me.”

“I’m not like you!! They were my family, my pack was my family… my only family. It’s hard to betray people I love.  It must be easy for you.” she yelled.

Easy? She doesn’t know how many times I’ve betrayed my own parents. I even killed my own mother; my own father thinks I’m a monster. She had no idea what betrayal is. “Tell you what, I’ll let you free that Angel.”


I walked to the edge of the balcony and sat on top of the rail. “I said you may free Angel.”


“She hasn’t shifted yet. Her seeing powers are weak. From what I hear, it’s dangerous for a shifter to shift without a mate. Is that correct?” I asked, looking at the scenery.


“Then do so.”

“What about your brother?”

“I’ll handle him. You just do as I say, Clara. And while you’re there, I want you to give a little reminder to your ‘family’. Return the ring but not before you slash the engraving. It’ll be a good way to say Au revoire.”

“…Yes, but why all the trouble of kidnapping Angel if you were only going to release her?”

“I might as well answer that... Angel took something that belongs to me and I want it back but I don’t know where it is. Now that I know where it is… Angel can go�"all this was just a plan to get back my necklace. It was my decision to tell Aden about getting Angel. She’s but a pawn in my game and so is my brother.”

“I thought you were loyal to your brother?”

“Quite frankly, I don’t care. Clara, you’re making my plan a success and I like success. I don’t care about your pack or Angel or Devlin… all I want is revenge and then you can go. Help me and I’ll help you.”

“You won’t kill Devlin?” she asked. Her voice was full of hope.

“I make no promises. If you betray me, I will hurt him and you as well. If he, in anyway disrupts my plan, I will kill him without any hesitation.”

“If I do as you say, my pack will be safe? Devlin won’t die and Angel won’t die either? And when you get revenge… I’ll be free to go?”

“Yes. All I ask is you help me and you not to betray me. Betrayal is something I don’t tolerate, understand?”


“Go get Angel out and then come to me immediately.”

Clara left and I could feel the ends of my mouth tugging into a smile. I took out the dagger from my sleeve and threw it at the shadows near the door. “You’re not a sneaky as you thought you’d be…Isis. I know you heard everything.”

Her laughter filled the air and she had a sinister smile on her face. “And you had me fooled; made me think you didn’t even notice I was here. Wait until brother finds out about your plan to overthrow him.”

I walked around Isis with a dagger hidden under my other sleeves, ready to shed blood. “You don’t have to tell him, sister. Together, we’re stronger than Aden.”

She glared at me. “You’re not worthy to say his name!” she growled.

“I’m giving you a choice, Isis. Aden is an idiot. His plans aren’t even close to starting while mine is

“YOU killed mother. Not brother. YOU! Father deserves everything coming to him.”

“I didn’t kill mother! SHE betrayed me!!! My own mother thought I was a MONSTER! YOU will join me! Success is only obtainable if you join me. It’s your choice.”

“You’re crazy. No!”

I felt anger rushing through me. “Ok.” I wielded the dagger in my hand and thrust it into her, probably piercing the liver. I felt her warm blood oozing out of her and dripping on my hand. I took the dagger out of her and she collapsed on the ground. “You just made the wrong choice. Goodnight Isis.”

Go to hell.

© 2010 Angelauthor1204

Author's Note

In this chapter, I wrote about betrayals--namely Clara's betrayal but I want to write a plot twist that you all weren't expecting in a million years! But it's time, you all know the true villain, Evangeline (Her brother is but a puppet?!!). I wanted to do a special chapter for the villain. What's a good book without a villain scene? Muahahaha!

FYI to all my readers, I broke my right wrist so I can't type fast. (I'm actually typing with my good hand) And chapter 10 may be posted a lil' late, sorry!

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what was P.O.V.?

Posted 11 Years Ago

lol love the ending line.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I broke my wrist while i was skateboarding with my gang, just me , my friend vanessa, andrea, daniel, jason & chelsea.

Posted 12 Years Ago


Posted 12 Years Ago

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Again, please do not rush your broken wrist. (btw: how did you break it anyway?) What is Evangeline doing anyway? What is she planning? And Why? I mean, I understand Aden and why she might want to ruin his plans. Is she just planning to get Angel's powers? And how is Lucas doing?

Posted 12 Years Ago

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