Chapter 5- Answers

Chapter 5- Answers

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

Now that the truth is out, Angel wants answers. But should the answers be revealed or should be be kept under wraps??


We all got out of the car and started walking towards the inside of the forest. “Wait!” Hailey turned around and flashed me a wry smile.

“Just follow us, okay? You’re safe with us, Angel.” She assured. We strayed off the trail as we went in deeper and deeper. It became too dark for me to see anything but for the others, the darkness didn’t seem to bother them"wolves are able to see in the dark, DUH! I didn’t like the dark; I never liked the dark. Since I was small, I had extreme reactions towards the darkness that I even had panic attacks but I felt better after Aunt E"Renee taught me that light existed in me so I needn’t be afraid.

“We’re almost there.” Lucas announced.

And all of a sudden, fireflies"thousands of fireflies brightened the view of my surroundings. It was beautiful. I could close my eyes and feel myself be bathed in the warm light. I know it was weird saying that I could actually feel the light on my skin… but just the sense of it made me feel"okay. Closing my eyes, my other senses heightened. I heard the sound of a cascading waterfall, the sound of the leaves rustling or dancing in the wind, the sound of the gust blowing… it was all sounds I like hearing the most.

“Angel?” I opened my eyes and saw the others walking into the cave behind the waterfall"another dark place? I thought. I groaned, raring to stay and soak in all the light. As I walked into the cave, it was the darkest place I’ve ever been in! All around, I saw black, black, black and black! I tried putting my foot forward but I had a sinking feeling I would fall.

I felt someone’s hand wrapped around mine. It was warm and rough and I knew whose it was. The signs were all there"heart beating fast, blood rising up to my cheeks, heat pooling inside my stomach"it was Lucas or at least I hoped it was. I heard the sound of a gate opening and light appeared before me. We were at the end of the cave but it seemed as if it was a tunnel.

“Welcome to Lyadona. Home sweet home!”Cameron said in a cheerful tone. It was like I had entered a whole new realm after passing the gate. Lyadona…? It was beautiful. It was a huge. The statue of a snarling wolf in front of the entire estate took my breath away.

Lucas let go of my hand and I felt a little disappointed. He was approached by a man with a long white beard and white hair with silver eyes; Lucas walked towards him with Tommy and Connor. Behind the old man was a younger person with the same silver eyes and a he had blonde hair"his son maybe?

“What’s going on? Who are they?” I whispered to Hailey.

“Lucas and the guys are reporting to Elder Grayson and our alpha, Silv"it’s short for Silver. No doubt they’re going to report about Renee’s death.” she said.

Silv or Silver glanced in our direction and Fiona smiled sweetly at him. Were they a thing? He headed towards us and stood in front of me. “You must be Angel. I’m sorry for your loss.” He said.

I said nothing. I always thought Lucas would be the alpha; not this guy. As if he could hear my thoughts he said, “Yes, he is an alpha but he’s an alpha when it comes to his group, his subordinates and his juniors. I’m the alpha when it comes to me and him.”

H-He read my thoughts?!! I said to myself, feeling thoroughly embarrassed and ignorant. He released a chortle and I blushed. THEY CAN READ MINDS NOW?! That was a total invasion of privacy and just plain weird.

“Don’t worry, what I heard is between you and me. They didn’t hear anything because they aren’t in wolf form.” He explained. I didn’t understand what he meant by wolf form. Were they all werewolves? “Yes, but we prefer to be called Shifters or Lycans. Wolves are just a shape that we shift into.”

“Stop that!” I demanded. Since he was the big kahoona I decided to ask him about my aunt, first and foremost why she was murdered. “Why… was my A-Renee murdered?”

“She wanted to reveal the truth to you but those demons figured out her plans and they had to stop her.” He said, his voice now serious.

“If they didn’t want me to know about who I am, they would’ve killed Hailey and the others too… but they didn’t. They just let us off.”

“They knew you’d find out about yourself sooner or later; that wasn’t important to them. They killed Renee because she had something important to tell you. Something they’d kill to keep under wraps.”

“What did she want to tell me, then?” I asked.

“None of us knows.” I gritted my teeth. Renee died because she wanted to tell me something important. Her death was because of me and I hated the fact. My fists balled and I could tell that my knuckles were turning white.

Hailey placed her hand on my shoulder and gave me a wide smile. “You should rest. It’s been a hell of a day.” I nodded and smiled back.


Hailey brought me to our room and I slipped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I stripped out of my clothes, stepped into the hot and welcomed the hot water sluicing over my body. I could relax. It felt as if I was washing all the tension away. When I got out of the shower, my hair was dripping wet and the back of Hailey’s clothes were already wet (I had to wear Hailey’s clothes for the night because my clothes were covered in blood).

“You feeling okay, Angel?” Hailey asked.

“I will be…” I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I wondered if my nightmares were going to get worse from then on. If this was all real and then, the nightmares must just be some kind of torture Aden (?) was doing to me.

“…You’re scared of me, aren’t you?” Hailey asked. She sounded insecure and sad. I sat up and shook my head profusely. “But you are scared of all this, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I don’t understand why they’re attacking me.”

“From what I hear, it seems you have something that those two demons want. Any idea what it might be?” she asked. “It could be something you found recently or something you had since you were small.”

I reached for my neck. “How about a jewelry of some sort? Like my necklace… I found it when I had my first nightmare about the demons that attacked me.”

“It could be it.”

I was frustrated. There was nothing I knew exactly other than, two monsters"demons or whatever they were are trying to attack me because I might or might not have something they want and I was a werewolf and I was probably gonna go all furry during a freakin’ full moon!!!

“These are all halves! I need a whole answer, Hailey.”

“Then you should ask Elder Grayson.”

“And you think he might know?”

“Elder Grayson is an alpha of alphas, everything goes by him first before anything. He should have the answers you’re trying to find, Angel.”


“You’re welcome. Now we should sleep.”



I closed my eyes to dream of peace and hope that when I wake up, I would find the answers to my questions soon. Part of me even hoped that I would wake up and everything would be a dream and things went back to normal… but I knew it wouldn’t.

Day arrived and I woke up without nightmares, the last time that happened I was in an illusion so I pinched myself before I got out of bed. Turns out, it wasn’t an illusion. I was still pretty exhausted when I went out of the room. I the hallway, there were so many were..shifters running and laughing. They looked so normal but they weren’t. I saw Fiona and Cameron walking towards me and the other shifters stared at them and respect shone in their eyes.

“Morning Angel.” Cameron said.

“Morning… what are you guys up to?” I asked.

“We have to take you to the Guardians. Elder Grayson request your presence. He said you can get answers from them there.”


I was nervous to face the elder because like Lucas, he had an intense air to him and he was so intimidating. Mostly, I was afraid what the truth might be. At the end of the hallway was a door, it was a black door with a beautiful script engraved in gold, on it. Inside was a big round table…?

“Don’t tell me that King Arthur…?”

“He did have Merlin.” I turned around and it was Lucas and Silv.

“Why are you two here?” I asked.

“It’s the Guardians’ chambers. We’re supposed to be here because we are Guardians.” Silv answered.

Guardians? I wondered. Silv grinned and I knew he had read my mind. “You did it again, didn’t you?” I said, my voice accusing. He nodded. “Then what are Guardians?”

“Guardians are like protectors of the pack. Once we’re able to shift, the elders present the opportunity to become a Guardian. But not anyone gets the opportunity, only the ones that show our true wolf.”

“True wolf?” I asked.

“There’s three types of wolf; the alpha, the dominants and the submissive. Before we shift, we tend to show the type of wolves we are. Guardians show more of the alpha type.” Lucas said.

“So all of you are alpha types?”

The door flew open and it was Connor. He looked impatient. “You guys better get inside! Elder Grayson is beginning to get impatient.” he said in hushed tones.

Inside, everybody sat in a circle. I felt uncomfortable"I didn’t know what to do until Silv pushed me to the centre of the round table. Everyone was staring and I was standing next to the elder… it was nerve-wracking!

He stepped forward with his hand behind his back. “Many of you might wonder the sudden attacks on Angel and some of you may know why the attacked Angel. The Guardians deserve to know the truth to win this fight. Lucas.”

I turned to Lucas, in shock. He knew everything?! He knew the reasons and he knew who those creatures were and he didn’t tell me. He stood in his seat and looked at everyone. “Angel’s father is seer.”

“Seer?” I asked. “What’s a seer?”

“A seer is like an oracle, he sees the future and things that will happen to him or his friends. You actually inherited some of your father’s gift but you can only ‘see’ in your dreams.”

“So was he the last seer?!” Cameron asked, surprised by the news.

“Yes. And because Angel is a mix of seer and shifter"those creatures… the vampires are after her blood.”

“My blood?! What does this have to with my blood?!! They can just suck someone else’s, why me?!” I yelled.

“You don’t seem to understand. When vampires take in their prey’s blood, they are able to take your powers. For example, they take your blood… they can take your ability to see and to shift. And that’s what they need to get what they want.”

“I still don’t understand. If they want to shift so much, they can suck someone else’s blood!” I was being difficult with all my questions, I know that but I just had to get answers.

“When vampires take in a your blood, they take your ability. And then if they take in a normal shifter’s blood, they lose their previous ability let’s say to shift and see, and only be able to shift! Aden is greedy and he wants power, namely yours… so not anyone would do.”

“Why does he want my power so much? For what reason can he possibly have to want so much power?!”

“To rule his kind and to destroy all the other creatures of the dark and of light. You just happen to have both light and dark in you so you’re the perfect weapon for him.” He said.

Everyone was whispering and in shock but I was the one most shocked. I wasn’t normal; I wasn’t human or a normal shifter! I was a monster!! If this was the answer, I think I would’ve been better off not knowing.

© 2010 Angelauthor1204

Author's Note

Okay, now you kow why, who and what but in the next chapter there will be a BIG surprise...Aden has a plan and a traitor is amidst the pack. REad the next chapter to find out.

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Very nice detailed description at the start. This is really good, the only thing i would change is the repeat of the same question. a reader only needs to hear it once to get the message : )

Posted 12 Years Ago

very well written. nice job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I'd be asking questions like why didnt he kill me when he had the chance and why now all of a sudden? oh and how the hell do i kill the f****r? lol.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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