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Chapter 6- A Shadow of Doubt

Chapter 6- A Shadow of Doubt

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

Uh-oh! the plot thickens... a traitor amonst the Guardians?! Who could it be? A shadow of doubt had been cast and the Guardians might just fall apart in the process...


Lucas’s P.O.V

After the meeting, me and Silv and the others went to the training room. It was just a large room under the main building, where Shifters and Guardians trained and most of the ones who came to train were males. Usually, we, the Guardians, scope out for the next generation of Guardians- their behaviors and see if they have what it takes to be an alpha type wolf.

“LUCAS!” I turned around and I saw Austin, waving at me to come over. Austin was running on the treadmill when I came over. “How was Tarrant? I heard you got into a fight with some monsters. Did you beat the crap out of it?”

“Tarrant was good.” I answered. I rather leave out the part about the fight with the vampires. It was brutal and even when I shifted, the scars and bruises were still there. Austin didn’t look satisfied by my answer and since he was the dominant type, he was stubborn.

“And the fight?” he prodded.

I shook my head and gave him a ‘DON’T ASK’ look, he understood. “Have you seen my brother? I need to talk to me.” Devlin was always irresponsible and reckless ever since our parents died and I had to get his act together all the time.

“Devlin? I don’t know. Haven’t seen him since the last time we had sentry duty together. Maybe you should ask Clara.” It was weird. Devlin had a habit of disappearing for hours but never for days.

“Ok, thanks. See ya.”

I was walking around the estate grounds when I saw Angel. She was on a bench with a notebook and I believe she was drawing. Angel was not like other girl, she was literally different but I was intrigued how she saw the world-I wanted to know what she’s thinking. I was attracted to her but I had other things to worry about and I had no time for love or anything of the sort.

When I approached her, she looked up at me as if she knew I was there. “Lucas. Hey.” Her eyes were peridot green and her hair was tied into a ponytail; it was nice but I preferred her hair let down.

“How’re you holding up?” I asked.

“…Not well. I’m pretty scared and I’m not used to this whole shifter thing yet.” She said. She looked worried and I didn’t know what to say to make her feel better, so I just sat there and listened to her. “When did you know you were a shifter…a-a Lycan?”

“When I was 4, my parents took me to this beautiful spot in the forest. It was surrounded by trees but above… I could see the stars twinkling and I thought it was amazing. They shifted into wolves and I knew I came from an unusual family and they told me the truth about myself and one day I too would be able to shift.”

“Were you scared of them?” she asked. “Isn’t it scary to see them transform?”

She was scared of her ability and I wouldn’t blame her, she spent her entire childhood ignorant of her true self. “Was I scared? Sure. Was I scared of them? No. The first few moments are always scary but… when they shifted, I thought they were the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“When did you shift?” she asked.

“When I was 16. All males shift at the age of 16, females shift at the same age too but they shift with a partner who’s shifted before. Females need a partner because the first shift is dangerous for them. Males have to go through it alone.”

She looked even more scared. “Did it hurt going through the first shift?”

That was something all shifters were self-conscious about; the first shift. It was always painful. It felt as if your body was tearing apart so the wolf inside could be free. “Sorry but… the first shift is a private thing  for us shifters.” She started to bite her lip and fidget-she was really scared. “But… yeah, it was painful. I thought I was going to die but it was worth it; when I finally shifted, I felt free, like my half had finally been released.”

I sensed her body relaxing after hearing that and I was glad she wasn’t scared of shifting anymore. Suddenly my ears pricked up, I knew that voice…it was Devlin!

“Devlin!?” I stood up and Angel looked at me funny. I didn’t care about that, I heard Devlin groaning in pain so I rushed towards the sound. When I arrived at the gate, the sentries helped Devlin in and I rushed over to help. He was unconscious.

“What happened to Devlin?” I asked, Hunter, the sentry who found Devlin.

“We don’t know. We found him in the middle of the forest when we were doing our usual rounds. He was on the ground and with deep slashes on his arm, we think he was being attacked but used his arms for self-defense.”

“Do you know what attacked him?” I asked.

“No but Devlin keeps saying red eyes… does that help?”

“...No. Take him to the infirmary and report to Silv and Elder Grayson, I’ll be there later.”

I saw Hailey and Connor running towards my direction. They look worried. “LUCAS!!! Emergency!!The elder wants to see us now!” Connor said, panting.

“Calm down! Did something happen?”

“Yes! Angel saw something again and fainted not far from here!! Elder Grayson said that when a seer faints after he sees, it means something very dangerous is approaching. Let’s go!” Hailey said.

We three ran to the Guardians’ chamber and saw all the elders assembling there. It was unusual for all elders to be present there. Silv was there and he seemed fidgety. Everyone was acting all suspicious of each other and I was confused. I went up to Silv.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“We have bad news. Angel… Angel told Hailey what she saw and it’s got everyone of us talking about it. Even my father and the other elders are suspicious of each other.” He said.

“What are you talking about?! What did Angel see?!!”

“She can’t remember his or her face but she told us she saw a shifter, a Guardian shifter… he was turning Angel to the vampire you fought at Renee’s villa.”

I was shocked! Another Guardian turning his fellow shifter to the enemy? We had a traitor amidst us. I looked around, who could it be? Anyone of us could be that traitor. He could be inside the Guardians’ chamber for all we know. “A traitor…?”

Elder Grayson walked to the centre of the table; he silenced us all. “Guardians and fellow Elders of Lyadona, we are all here because the seer has seen a traitor. He or She is among us. Guardians, until now we have trusted upon yourself to maintain order in Lyadona and keep the pack safe in our absence… now there might be a traitor among you. We, the elders, will conduct an immediate search but until the search is complete… there shall be a complete lockdown of Lyadona. None shall go out of Lyadona until further notice and Guardians are to be locked up in here until we find out who the traitor is!”

“Locked up?! Father, that’s ridiculous! None of us are traitors! We swore an oath to serve and protect the pack. You have to trust us!!” Silv yelled. I know he was upset and felt a little insulted but once Elder Grayson made up his mind… there was no way to change it.

“ENOUGH! We can’t risk Angel being taken to the vampires. For the sake of pack, this is what’s best! None of you are to leave this chamber. If so, you shall be considered a traitor.” He said. I wasn’t worried about being locked up inside the room with maybe a traitor; I was more worried about Angel.

“We need to find out who the traitor is.” Hailey suggested. “One of us is working with the vampire. We need to know who.”

“Or maybe you should just admit you’re the traitor.” said Cameron.

“Excuse me?! I’m not the traitor!” Hailey retorted.

Cameron scoffed. “Oh really?! You’ve been disappearing in and out since this morning! Where were you in the morning? Before and after the meeting? You’re probably plotting everything!”

“I am not the traitor!!! Since you’re accusing me so lightly maybe you’re the traitor! You’re trying to frame me so all suspicions would be off YOU!”

The others started to pick fights with each other and things were heating up. Something needed to be done before it got worst. A shadow of doubt had been cast upon us and it’s causing the entire Guardians to doubt each other’s loyalty and faithfulness. We needed to know soon.. who’s the traitor?!!

© 2010 Angelauthor1204

Author's Note

Ohohoho!! The plot thickens and if you haven't noticed~ IT ALL ABOUT LUCAS IN THIS CHAPTER--meaning it's all Lucas's POV!


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good job. I do that "Dont ask" look often. lol.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Is it someone already introduced or a new guy? And when are you posting up more? THE WAIT IS KILLING ME!!!! ARRGGHHHH!!!! Good chapter. It was slightly confusing at the begining until i realized it was Lucas' POV, but it was still very interesting. Please post up more!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Yes Sam... it could be Devlin. I mean he went missing after his last sentry duty with Austin (it's in the chapter) and he was found injrured but he's Lucas's half-brother. Hmmm... who could it be really? I say it's someone else but then again... you never really know.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Nice chapter! Love the suspence. Can't wait to read more!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I say it's the guy who turned up injured. Why wouldn't it be him? He was alone. No one knew where he was or why he was out there. No one would suspect the wounded guy. No one would think that he inflicted that much pain on himself. I say Delvin is going to be the traitor. Someone should punch him in the face, lol!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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