A Misty Past

A Misty Past

A Chapter by Carmella

 I found my self with wet tennis shoes in Italy.


Damn didn't I just get these?!


"Ah, so you did come back." I heard Aro's smooth voice from the dark coner of a buliding.

 I turned to face him and he was with Jane in the shadows smiling.

"Yeah, I'm here to take you up on that offer."




The next couple of monthes weren't to bad. Aro thought me to sharpen my skills. I could  now jump bodies and mind of not just one. And my metal block was much, much stronger. And soon after I was a member of Aro's graud. Aro alowed me every few days or so to vist Forks and check on Bella. The wolf and her were growning closer and I found it harder to hide myself from when Ed would show up. My eyes staied golden everyday I ran away.


I sigh one chilly midnight out side. 40,000...40,001...40,002...40,003 I was busy counting stars.


"Ah! Carmella! Your hiding up here." Aro said coming up the stairs.

"Master Aro." I said, 40,004...40,005.

"How many have you counted?"

"40,010.... 40,011."

"Carmella. I wanted to ask a question."

"I'm listening sir." 40,013.....40,014.

"Do you ever miss it?" he asked.

"The Cullens were my family so yes I do miss them."

Aro chuckled, "I meant being human."

"Oh, well I guess from what I can remeber."

"Well your childhood wasn't the greatest." Aro said.

"Heh, yeah. It was- Wait! how'd you know that?!" I shouted turning around.

"How else would I? I was watching you from a very younge age." Aro said with another chuckle.

"W-What do you mean you were watching me? Since when, and why and-"

"Carmella, do you remeber how you became a vampire? That gang bit you muitiple times?"

"How could I forget?" I asked shaking at the mere thought.

"Why would a gang of vampires be in New York in spring?" Aro said with a smile.

My non pumping heart felt like it had skipped a beat.

"W-What are you saying, s-sir?" I asked dumbfounded.

"Carmella. We knew that you had wonderful gifts and were turely not ment to grow old with humans, so at some point we knew  we had to help along your transformation." Aro said staring out.

"So, you sent those beasts to rape and change me!?" I screamed.

"No!" Aro said turning back to me, "No, no ,no my dear." he took my hand and my metal block when up, "They paid dearly for that, your change was meant to be a peaceful one. Their pain went on for years longer than yours did, Carmella and you have my word."

I was still shaken that vampires had baiscly planned when I was going to die. 

"You need time. Go free your mind."

And with that I left.

                             *                            *                             *

My head was realing and I couldn't think stright. Breath in, breath out. My whole life had been planned, I wasn't going to live with my family, or settle down with kids or live to be famous singer. Breath in, breath out. Did Carlisle know? Was it really some mistake that I met him and Edward? Did he help plan my death? Breath in, breath out.

Cell phone ring?

Yes, my life was crashing down around me and my cell phone rings.

"Hello?" I didn't bother checking the caller ID, beacuse I was having a melt down.

"Carmella?" I couldn't believe my ears, on the other end of the phone was Emmett.

My voice was trapped in my throat.

"Carmella? Carmella! Please tell me your there!" Emmett sounded desperate.

"I-I'm here." I choked.

"Carmella! You don't know how happy I am to hear your voice again!" Emmett's voice it almost hurt to hear it again.

"Carmella, as badly as I want to talk to you its about Edward."

My mind and voice clicked back intoo place, "Forget it! I'm not helping him!" I shouted.

"But Carmella," Emmett pleaded. I hate when he does that, "Hes your brother."

"Edward Cullen is no brother of mine!" I shouted.

"Then do it for Carlisle! Or Esme or anyone!" Emmett pleaded.

"What is you want me to do?" I asked begging him to stop his pleads.

"Stop him from killing himself."

Everthing became very still and I answered, "I will stop him. For you and for Bella."

And before he could say a word I broke the phone and ran back to Aro.

© 2010 Carmella

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Added on February 6, 2010
Last Updated on April 11, 2010
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I'm Carmella Rose Cullen and I enjoy writing. I like anime and vampires. If theres anything you like about my work please let me know. And if its not good please tell me. If it sucks...... KEEP IT TO .. more..

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A Chapter by Carmella