Chapter 0ne Big Apple Incident

Chapter 0ne Big Apple Incident

A Chapter by Christian Lebron

After moving to New York, Nick meets his friend Emily again but notices that she doesn't seem to look ok, but the newspaper says it all. Her uncle Mayor John Shirk was murdered by something unknown.



  Eveyone always gets the feeling of picture frames suddenly glarring at them as they walk the narrow hallway that never ends. My story doesn't exactly begin looking at a creepy picture that stalks me or me walking down a long hallway, it actually starts when I receive my degree from some random tall man at University of Miami; of course my parents Joesph and Mia were tearing with a pack of tissue on their lap. Even though I miss them with all my heart, I finally get my independence. It was my dream to live in the " Big Apple ", and it actually happened, New York City here I come. I stayed near Time Square at the Staybridge Suites, room 313; as I turned the knob slowly I see a relaxing paradise. All I can do is to stare at the bed. I drop my luggage and ran quickly to the comfortable looking mattress and plump pillows. Only ten seconds later I here my phone ringing a text. You could probably imagine who it was, my mother. She said she hopes everything's alright, that I'm safe,and looking for a job. I was thinking of texting her back and make up a ridiculous lie, but I knew from the top of my head, that would be a problem. To let her know that I don't really want her to cuddle me like a little boy I replied back saying yes, so that way I wouldn't have the issue of having my parents as my neighbors. Speaking of neighbors I was curious of who lives in room 314. I walked down the hall and knock the door repeatedly. It was quite ironic that my friend from middle school Emily Perkins,a girl i use to like, was my neighbor. "Hey Nick, so long no see, I heard you've graduated from UM". I replied back "Yeah, aren't you studying in medical school". She responded back saying,"Not until the summer ends of course, but I did find a job painting pictures for the Times Square Picture Frame Gallery". I told her,"that's awesome, I'm searching for a job myself, maybe someday I'll stop by and check out your paintings at the gallery and who knows i might get a job there". She was excited when I said that,also anxious, then she put some frown on her face. It seems odd that Emily was looking down, but I don't want to get in her personal business. I decided to get some rest for a couple minutes, so later I can get the newspaper for today. After purchasing the TImes Union after my sleep, in bold letters it said" MAYOR JOHN SHIRKS ATTACKED BY SOMEONE OR SOMETHING UNKNOWN". Knowing me, I always like to figure scenes of a crime. I began to notice that the mayor is Emily's uncle. I was suspecting that she might be at the hospital a couple of blocks from where the hotel is, so I headed down there. I felt somewhat dizzy walking down the emergency hallway and notice that I wasn't at the hospital anymore. The walls instantly faded away into a hall with windows exploding glass that would cut me, then i tripped and slowly turn my head around and a man with a black cloak was holding a picture frame. It was then that a wolf popped out of the painting and attacked me, i could feel the agony of my flesh being torn apart. A bright light came and i was back in the hospital when a nurse spoke to me and said, "Sir are you alright, you fell and fainted". I coughed and said, "Yes, i'm fine, thank you". As I stood myself up, and there Emily was with her uncle. It feels like my heart drops to see someone cry especially if it's a death. On the 22nd of June Mayor John Shirks passed. Everyone was wearing black throwing their flowers. Emily ran to me and squeezed my arm with tears on her face as they dug up the mayor. Emily told me that he was her only family. I laid my head against hers and rubbed my hand on her back to cheer her up. It started to drizzle as i drove Emily to Starbucks to have some warm coffee. 'Thank you Nick for everything", she said. "My pleasure, but not to bring up the subject, has your uncle said anything to you before he passed", I asked. "Infact he did. He told me house, wolf, black, paintings, but it was all confusing to me', she responded. In my thoughts I remembered that day at the hospital when I fainted i saw a wolf jump out of the painting with a man with the black cloak holding it in front of me. Maybe it wasn't me. It could be what happened to her uncle that night. It was like a difficult puzzle being solved. I grab Emily to the hand and told her,"Emily we have to go to your uncles house, it's an ememgency".

© 2010 Christian Lebron

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This is goood. o_o" -Keeps reading.-

Posted 13 Years Ago

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