Chapter Three Scent of Salt

Chapter Three Scent of Salt

A Chapter by Christian Lebron

Nick and Emily flew to the New York Picture Frame Gallery and noticed someting odd on the second floor, the scent of salt and water flooding the floor.



  The griffon flew pass the Empire State Building. He flew us to the New York Picture Frame Gallery where Emily does her paintings. I don't know why he had taken us there, but it's probably for a reason. The griffon then flew away. Me and Emily walked inside the gallery. It seemed like there was a picture on every corner of each wall of the two-story building. Frames just surround the sides of a picture I guess to hold it in place or to make it all fancy. It was actually conspicious that some of the paintings were peculiar. I noticed that on the top middle side of the frame, there's a heart with a diamond shape in the middle. It also has a line and circle carvings which outlined the heart and diamond, like a pattern. 'Nick I feel discombobulated; its like i'm losing my mind or something.' Emily said studdering. 'Basically your uncle was murdered by the creature and man, I dont, know why; now we have no choice, but to save the sword and ourselves", I yelled fustrated. After saying that, I felt water dripping on my right shoulder and the scent of sea salt from the second floor of the gallery. I had a hunch that something was wrong. We both walk up the water-filled steps. There we saw the man in the black cloak. I raised the sword and he turned around all wet hanging up a portrait of the ocean and a ship. 'Aaaaaa you found the philosopher's sword, now give it to me or bad things will happen, now give it." he demanded." Never!', I shouted. In my head I concentrated my mind shooting a fire ball at the man with the sword which shot the man to the stomach and he burst out of the gallery, but formed into water. Someone behind then started growling as the painting flooded the place with water. Me and Emily moved our heads and a tanned color guy, about the same age as us, was shirtless; not to be funny but it seemed like Emily was admiring his muscles. I responded to him and said, 'Who are you? What's your name?". 'I'm Chad, now hurry we need to get out of here!', he yelled. He then transformed into a wolf, the same one who was attacking us. 'You were the wolf that tried to attack us, How are we suppose to know that this is not a trap, so you can eat us?', I questioned him. There was a loud sound like a ships horn, but as I turned around a colossal wave and boat were heading out of the portrait. 'Time to go' I said quickly. I grabbed Emily's arm, hopping on Chad's back, then a boat crashed the roof and walls making total destruction. The wave then splash out of the picture and it look like a massive tsunami behind us. Chad ran down the stairs. The front was block so I told him to keep running. I raised the sword again making a force that exploded that way out, but the wave was continuing to follow us. It made it out and flooded the streets and of course the boat detroyed the gallery and flowed with the water crashing into every building. Chad was still running as cars flipped in the air and derbis from the buldings flying all over the streets. Many people ran for their lives. I told Chad to stop. I raised the sword and the water froze into ice. I thought I saved thousands of lives, but someting gigantic took out it tentacles wacking people out of the way. Afterwards, there was a roaring sound that could make you deaf, so everyone covered their ears and started running and screaming. Since the roar was so loud it cracked open the ice that were the size of a bus which came falling down. There a beast came out and a huge wave came back to the city. It was the kraken. It swam and smashed every building, cars, even the billboards. I had an idea and told chad to run inside the ship. We board the ship and there was luckily cannons for us to kill the beast, but as me and Emily tried putting powder into the cannons the man in the black cloak appear and said,"You are not going to kill my beast". He took his sword out and wanted me to fight. I told Chad to take my place, so he turned back to human and helped Emily out as I was fighting the man. The kraken then broke holes in the ship and had its tentacles go inside them to kill all of us as I cut them off while fighting the man. Emily And Chad did a countdown and the man cut my face. I shouted, "Just shoot already". They fired the ten cannons and one by one the beast was shot. " Nooooooooooooooooo!", screamed the man as he disappeared. We thought it was over. The kraken's tentacles took Emily and Chad. Chad tried so hard to bite his way through, but he beast was going to eat them. I climbed up the top of the ship and the kraken drop them down looking at the sword like it was a valuable thing. The kraken roared to the tip of it's lungs. I raised the sword and the kraken exploded into little chunks that rained over the city. The water was still flowing, but then vanished, except the boat.

© 2010 Christian Lebron

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Added on August 1, 2010
Last Updated on August 11, 2010
Tags: wolves, kraken, fantasy, drama, action, pictures, ship, man in black


Christian Lebron
Christian Lebron

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