Chapter 29

Chapter 29

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

I'm the only god here...

        Dawnni had reached the golden door, drastically debilitated from the poison. His eyesight was fading and he could barely feel what he touched.
        "I can't take this any longer..." He mumbled.
        He knew he had to be smart with his light magic usage. He slowly reached for his coat pocket and pulled out the potion he had been saving since he last took a sip when he battled Mardic. He drank the last of what was in the bottle. Dawnni felt a sudden burst of energy.
        "Instant Operation!" He chanted.
        There was a swift green flash and Dawnni suddenly felt normal. The poison was no longer inside him and he quickly regained his senses.
        "Much better!"
        Dawnni's heart skipped a beat. The pain caused him to hunch over a little.
        "Damn, that hurt." He said while clutching his chest.
        He then entered through the golden door. The opening gave off a luminous purple glow. On the other side, as the light faded, Dawnni was in a large room. The walls were covered in a dark purple tint. The room was lit by a giant chandelier that was hanging from the ceiling. A large red carpet started from the entrance and continued forward to a golden throne. Dawnni slowly walked closer to the throne. There a figure sitting in it. It slowly rose from its seat. Dawnni recognized the white garments. It was Chaet.
        "You've finally came! What kept you guy?" He said in a very friendly tone.
        His voice sounded like his normal voice with another demonic voice speaking with it simultaneously. Dawnni rolled his eyes.
        "Cut the good guy act, Glast."
        Chaet dropped his head slightly and smiled mischievously. Instantaneously, he was in front of Dawnni. Startled, Dawnni jumped back. Chaet chuckled.
        "I'll just cut to the chase then..."
        Dawnni silently cast his gravity armor spell.
        Chaet suddenly appeared behind Dawnni and slashed at his neck, but the sword was quickly pushed away by Dawnni's armor.
        "What?" Chaet yelled.
        Dawnni turned around and began to slash at his opponent repeatedly. Chaet did the same. Each strike was blocked as soon at it was sent, creating a chorus of crashing metal and crystal. Dawnni quickly thrust his hand forward, creating a gravitation wave that knocked Chaet back.
        "To level the playing field. You can't use time to do your little cheap shots." Dawnni said.
        Chaet jumped away from Dawnni and raised his blade in the air. Dawnni faced him and drew out his sword.
        "Dimension Reaper!" Chaet chanted.
        Chaet swung the blade, releasing a sharp black shock wave towards Dawnni. Dawnni quickly rolled away. The shock wave easily tore through the wall behind him. Dawnni quickly regained his footing and dashed towards Chaet, blade at the ready.
        "Gravity Boost!"
        Dawnni directed a gravitational force to push him forward, making him move swifter. Dawnni slashed at Chaet's chest, but Chaet deflected the attack with his sword. Keeping rhythm, Dawnni kept running. He then jumped at a nearby wall and placed both of his feet on it, before jumping off, heading towards his opponent.
        "Dynamic Orbit!"
        The gravity armor began to gyrate Dawnni's body. Dawnni raised his blade above his head to become a fast sharp spinning missile. Chaet stood still. As Dawnni came near, Chaet slashed at Dawnni's blade with great force, knocking it out of his hands and into the air. Dawnni lost lost his momentum instantly, causing him to flip over and land on his back. He stared at the ceiling in a daze. Dawnni's sword suddenly pierced the floor right by his head. Startled, Dawnni jumped back up and grabbed it. Chaet chucked.
        "You fight with such promise, you know?"
        Dawnni didn't speak. He gritted his teeth.
        "But, the antagonist of every story will go to every length to get what he or she wants."
        Dawnni suddenly felt Chaet's blade pierce through his back and saw it stab out of his chest, right by his heart. Dawnni yelled in pain as he looked downward at the blade. It was emanating Chaet's dimensional energy.
        " of the easiest ways."
        The sword pushed further through Dawnni's body. The hilt clung to his back and pushed him forward towards Chaet. As he came closed, Chaet grabbed him by the neck.
        "One of the most important aspects of magic is that only light magic will destroy dark magic. Everything else will only prolong the inevitable."
        Chaet tightened his grip causing Dawnni to grunt in agony. He lost his grip on his sword as he stared into his opponent's cold, dark eyes. The clash of the sword and the hard floor echoed throughout the room.
        "Decades upon decades of training...just for this to happen..." He thought.
        "That's why you're here with me, personally. You're the only light magic user in here, correct? I'll kill you, and then nothing else will ever stop me! Your goddesses won't save you in this realm. I'm the only god here."
        Chaet released Dawnni. Dawnni fell to his knees with Chaet's blade still inside his body. He began to feel dizzy from coughing up blood after he hit the ground.
        "That's right, bow before your new god! I'll tell you what," he began to imitate Chaet's friendly accent, "Join me, guy. Light can only destroy dark. If light were to join the darkness, the world wouldn't be able to stand a chance!"
        Dawnni slowly looked up, but he didn't say anything. Chaet reached for his blade and quickly pulled it out of Dawnni's back, causing the blood to rush from his body. Dawnni hunched over quickly. Chaet then raised the blade to his neck.
        "Choose one or the other, guy."
        In Dawnni's blurred vision, he watched his blood run down the blade and land right on his shoulder.
        "This couldn't be what he saw in his vision years ago...could it?"
        Dawnni felt the blade touch his neck.
        "Clock is tickin' guy."
        Dawnni's head slumped. Chaet lowered his sword.
        "That's right. You make your god very proud."
        "You're no god."
        Chaet looked at him with ferocity.
        "No? I'm the strongest being here aren't I?"
        Chaet snapped his fingers. Two black portals appeared at the corners of the room. Amethyst and Topaz walked out of them, carrying their opponents over their shoulders. Their hands and feet swayed lifelessly as they took each step. Dawnni gasped.
        "Ares! Lupin!" He yelled.
        Dawnni tried to get up but he didn't have the strength. His weak body started to shiver. Chaet dropped the friendly accent.
        "You're by yourself now, kid."
        Dawnni began to glow a bright white. His wounds quickly healed.
        "So you choose to fight still, even at the risk of your life?"
        Dawnni stood up. The entirety of his eyes were shining with a bright blue. The blue energy slowly emanated down his face in the form of tears.
        "Cry of the Weeping Spirit..." He chanted.
        The white light blasted outward in a giant shockwave in the shape of a dome. Chaet was the first it struck. Chaet yelled in unbearable agony as a dark shadowy figure was ripping from Chaet's body. The figure was then released and carried by the ongoing force. The shockwave then hit Arestasia, Lupin, and their opponents. Topaz and Amethyst was knocked back from the shockwave although Arestasia and Lupin was just shrouded in the light magic as they laid on the ground. The shockwave slammed the dark figure, Amethyst, and Topaz into the wall at three different points of the room and disappeared. The dark figure appeared to be a pitch black silhouette with red eyes as he laid by the wall several feet away from Chaet. The figure struggled to get back on its feet as he glared at Dawnni in disbelief. Dawnni picked up his sword and pointed it at the figure.
        "If I die, or if I live; either way, I'll make sure you won't leave this dimension."

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

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