Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

I never thought simple words would be so powerful...

The team entered the cave. The walls were dripping and the sound of rats scurrying on the cold hard ground echoed inside. The team followed the lone path and came across a stone pillar with glowing red runes along the sides. 
"So what do we do now?" Arestasia asked. 
Lupin walked closer to the pillar. He gave a dead stare. The red reflected off of his steel chest plate and guards.  
"It's so beautiful..." he said. 
He softly rubbed the pillar and suddenly vanished in a bright red flash that startled Dawnni and Arestasia.  
"Oh. That must be how it works." Dawnni said. 
They both placed their hand on the pillar and vanished with a bright red light. They reappeared beside Lupin in a broken down temple. The stained glass was shattered, revealing the bright moon that illuminated the  whole area greatly. Broken pillars were laying all around the ground. 
"Nowhere to go but forward, looks like." Arestasia said. 
The team ran down the large hallway. A few moments later, they have reached a giant pit that stretched from wall to wall. 
"Great! How are we going to cross this?!" Arestasia yelled. 
Dawnni thought for a moment. 
"I believe I can create a path to cross." 
Dawnni walked to the edge of the pit and kneeled down. He placed his hands on the edge and closed his eyes. Bright yellow square-shaped platforms began to appear one right after the other, slowly reaching across the pit.  
"Your usefulness makes me very happy..." Arestasia said calmly. 
Dawnni smiled and stood up. Suddenly there was a boom above the temple. Dust and rubble fell from the ceiling.  
"I don't even want to stay and find out what's going on." Dawnni said with a very annoyed tone in his voice.  
The team rushed across the bridge of light and continued down the path. Further in the depths of the temple was a throne with a knight in full black armor sitting there. Lit torches with blue flames were to its sides. Arestasia cautiously drew her sword. The knight didn't move.  
"Hello?" Dawnni said as the team inched closer and closer. 
"Hey, is anyone in there?" Lupin asked. 
Suddenly there was another boom above the temple. The ceiling cracked near the team, as if whatever was up there was following them. The spot in the ceiling suddenly collapsed. The team could see a green figure fall and crash into the ground, causing dirt to burst into the air. The smoke cleared as the green figured picked itself up slowly. 
"Hi there!" the figured said. 
The team stayed silent. 
"The name's Po! But you don't have to introduce yourselves. Chevalier told me everything." 
Dawnni then realized that he was a spirit. Arestasia readied her blade.   
"What did he tell you? Explain yourself!" Arestasia commanded. 
"Wait..." Dawnni intervened. 
Dawnni walked towards Po.  
"Dawnni, I'm here to help you on your quest." he said. 
"What can you do?" 
"I can help you with your strength, increase the power of physical attacks." 
"But of course, you must first pass my trial." 
"So be it." 
"What's this dude talking about Dawn?" Lupin asked. 
"It's too much to explain...I could barely handle it all myself." 
"Your task is to capture your first soul. You must do this by yourself." 
"Alright... Sounds easy enough." 
Dawnni couldn't help but to glance over at the knight in hopes that he didn't have to fight it.
"Let the trial begin!" 
A black puddle started to form in front of the knight. Tentacles blasted out from it and grasped onto the ground. Fear shot through Dawnni's body. 
"Oh no..." 
A Xadow slowly crawled out of the puddle and raised its head on the air before letting out a terrifying screech that echoed throughout the temple. Dawnni drew his shield. 
"It's that ugly thing again!" Arestasia exclaimed. 
"I'll be sure to slice it up really good this time." Lupin said as he took out a blade from his arm pocket. 
"No Lupin, I have to do this myself." 
"Hell no! I'm not going to let that thing put you out like it did last time!" Lupin grasped onto a second blade and began to run towards the Xadow. 
"Stand back!" Dawnni shouted. 
The fierce shout caused a shockwave that blasted Lupin backwards. He then back flipped in mid-air and landed on his feet. 
"I never thought simple words would be so powerful..." Dawnni thought. 
"Fine... Just be careful." 
Dawnni nodded and faced the Xadow. The Xadow lunged its tentacles towards Dawnni. Dawnni held his hand out. 
"Weapon Transmutation!"  
A glowing ball of light appeared over his hand and formed into a scythe. The tentacles came in close but Dawnni jumped out of the way.  
"Damn, I was hoping for something one-handed.
Dawnni unequipped his shield and grasped onto the scythe. The Xadow swung its tentacles towards Dawnni. Dawnni swiftly sliced the tentacles as they came near. He then ran towards the foul creature and decapitated it with one swing. The Xadow's head fell to the ground with a loud thud.  
"Well, that was easy..." 
Dawnni realized that the body was still upright. The Xadow's head eerily slid back up it's body and planted itself back into position. Dawnni suddenly remembered Verdin's words.  
"It can only be killed with holy power!
Dawnni jumped back a few yards to get out of the creature's range and pointed his scythe towards his foe. 
"Weapon Transmutation!" 
The scythe glowed and formed into a ball of light. 
"Come on, give me something good!
The ball of light formed into battleaxe. 
"Good enough!"  
The Xadow began to slither towards Dawnni. 
"Come to my aid: Bon!"  
Dawnni was shrouded in an orange aura. The Xadow hissed as it was getting closer.  
"Archangel's Courage!"  
The battleaxe started to emanate a yellow and red aura. The Xadow lunged its beak towards Dawnni but he back flipped out of the way.  
"Here goes!
Dawnni raised the battleaxe in the air and smashed it on the amethyst in the Xadow's head, causing a devastating explosion. The Xadow was laying there motionless. Dawnni could see its body releasing a feint purple glow. He then directed his palm towards the creature and closed his eyes. The Xadow's soul slowly seeped into the empty Soul Orb. 
"Well done!" Po exclaimed.  
"Now you can challenge Mardic!" 
The spirit quickly seeped into the empty Spirit Orb. 
"Challenge who?"
A strong gust of wind blew inside the temple. 
"Dawnni, watch out!" Lupin said. 
Dawnni quickly turned around to see the knight was standing with his giant sword at hand. The blue flames that were by his side were out. Dawnni quickly ran back to his team.  
"Looks like y'all came after all!" Mardic exclaimed. 
He started stepping closer and raised his sword at them. 
"Your not getting that crystal!"

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

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