Chapter 8 Arliegh

Chapter 8 Arliegh

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 8 Arliegh

That night when Arliegh went to bed all he could think about was hearing Kaelyn sing that song. He had asked if she was talking about him in that song and she said “No I was talking about my old boyfriend.” That had made Arliegh feel better. He thought he could work out some cords for her song and maybe they would be able to play it together and it would most likely sound pretty good. The only problem was that his brother was in a band and took Arliegh's guitar on tour to Europe with him so he would have to get another guitar or wait six months for his brother to get back from his tour. He had a feeling he was going to have to get another guitar.

That Saturday he was looking at guitars on eBay. The phone rang and since he was home alone he went and answered it. The second he did he wished he hadn't. It was his ex girlfriend, Shea. “Hello” said Arliegh. “Hello Arliegh,” she said coldly “so I hear you’re going out with some pathetic little eighth grader. I can't believe you dumped me so you could go out with her. You completely ignored her last year and you knew she liked you. Gawd you are such a jerk sometimes, but that’s okay if you dump her I'll gladly take you back and then you and I can just pretend that this little excursion with her was just a bad dream. What do you say?” “Well, since you just said that I'm a jerk I guess all I have to say is good bye.” Then he hung up on her. I can't believe she thought I would take her back after her saying stuff like that. Besides I could never do a thing like that to Kaelyn he thought.

When he went to school on Monday he had just walked in when Shea stopped him and said “What’s she got that I didn't have for you huh? I mean really she’s not prettier than me why do you like her more than you did me you never said I love you to me.” “I'll tell you what she has that you don't. One thing you don't have that she does is class. The other is a heart and yes she is prettier than you. I never said it because I never felt that way about you. Now get out of my way and leave me alone please.” he said then walked off and never once looked back at her.

He needed to see Kaelyn that’s all there was to it. He would go see her right after school he was lucky he finally had a car. After school he headed back to LDS and knew she wasn't done with classes yet so he waited by her locker for her. When she got there she looked very tired to him. “Why are you so tired Angel? What’s wrong?” he asked raising her face so he could see it better. She had a black eye on her left eye. She looked at him for a long minute and said “Will punched me. He said I looked stupid with you. So I said that he was stupid. Then he punched me. I look tired because I stayed up all night finishing a chapter of my U.S. History for Miss. Niki. I probably don't look so pretty now do I?” He looked at her and then he said smiling at her “Angel, I will love you no matter how you look. I’ll fix Arden and he may come out with two black eyes when I'm done with him.” Then he leaned down and kissed her on the lips softly at first, then more intensely. This was the girl he was going to marry this was his one girl for life she was his girl. That was exactly what he told her too. “You’re my angel right?” he asked “Yes of course. Why do you ask?” “Because you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with I never want to have anyone but you. You are my whole world without you I'm nothing”

“Babe, I don't want to spend my life with anyone but you.” She knew the moment that their lips touched that afternoon that he was the one she wanted for forever. She knew that right there in his arms was where she always wanted to be. He was the only one who could make her feel safe. When he kissed her she was so shocked he still loved her that much that she almost fell over but grabbed on to him and he made sure she didn't. “Well you almost took quite a spill there didn't you Angel?” Kaelyn looked at him and laughed “It’s a good thing I have you here to catch me then huh?”


© 2010 Kaelyn Shea

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Lovely, just lovely. I like how Arleigh's staying true :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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