Chapter 12 Arliegh

Chapter 12 Arliegh

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 12 Arliegh

When he got home he got in the shower and then got some sweat pants, a t-shirt and a dark blue button down shirt. Then he put on a pair of diesel dark wash jeans and a black button down shirt. He grabbed the extra clothes and headed over to Kaelyn’s house. His parents were out of town and so were hers which was a weird thing but also a good thing in his mind. Her parents trusted both of them completely. They never cared if she had people over while they were gone. Another good thing for him.

When he pulled up in front of her house he called her and told her he was at the house. “Hey Angel I’m outside” “Come in I left the door unlocked. See you in a second” When he walked in he put his clothes on the stairs and went into the living room. She was laying on the floor writing in her journal. When he went and laid down beside her, she turned to look at him. He smiled and kissed her cheek. She curled up in his arms hiding her face in his chest. He took her face in his hands and pulled her lips to his. She unbuttoned his shirt while they’re kissing so it was just his chest. He stopped her before she could go any further then get his shirt off and again told her to wait. She said fine but, he left his shirt off because it made her happy. They kissed awhile longer and then she twisted herself around him and said “How was your day babe?” “It was okay, but it got better when you crawled into my arms. I missed you Angel. I missed your face and your lips;” pausing to kiss her again “I missed your eyes and your smile. God how I love your smile. How was your day?” “O you know the usual. Boring until I see you and then you’re all I think about. It makes it hard to concentrate on things you know!” she said smiling while tracing patterns on his arms and chest. They talked for awhile longer then she said she needed to get in the shower and he could change in the guest bedroom if he wanted to. When she got out she went to the living room and put his shirt on then went and put her soffe sleeping shorts on. When she was dressed she went into the bedroom where he was sitting on the queen size bed and watching television. When he saw her walk in, he laid down and pulled her down on top of him. He kissed her lips, her cheeks, and any part of her face he could reach. He start to get excited when she started to unbutton the shirt and hoped she wouldn’t notice. He grabbed her wrists and stopped her before she can get past the second button. “What are you doing angel?” She twisted around to where she was beside him and her back was to Arliegh. He got right behind her and started talking to her softly and playing with her hair. She finally turned around and said very quietly “I’m sorry. I just wanted to make you happy” He looked at her and smiled “Having you in my arms, dressed or not, makes me happy. I wouldn’t want to have any other girl in my arms. You’re my girl and nothing’s going to tear us apart okay” “Okay, but are you sure that you are okay with waiting?” she said looking at him worriedly. “I am completely sure of this. I am defiantly ok with waiting for you. You are worth waiting for.” “Well, thank you!” Then she crawled back to her spot on his chest and closed her eyes. He stroked her back and closed his eyes also. Within minutes they were both asleep.

When Arliegh woke up the next morning at six forty-five he got up carefully so he wouldn’t wake her up. He let her sleep for the fifteen or so minutes it took him to get dressed. Once he was dressed he laid down beside her. This woke her up and she rolled over and saw him there beside her and smiled. “Good Morning Sleeping Beauty!” Arliegh said grinning at her and thinking of how truly beautiful she was. She stretched and said “Morning Handsome! Wait here while I get dressed then we can go to school.” She went into her room which was next door and then he said “How did my Angel that fell from heaven sleep?” “I got the best night of sleep I ever have. Then I woke up to my one and only. I think that is the best way to start the day.” She grabbed another pair of shorts to sleep in and a pair of jeans for the next morning. She came out wearing his shirt over a red camisole and her jean skirt and uggs. He just smiled and shook his head. He picked her up and carried her to his truck. She laughed and playfully tried to get him to put her down, even though they both knew she didn’t really want to get down. Then they drove to school.

© 2010 Kaelyn Shea

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