Chapter 18 Arliegh

Chapter 18 Arliegh

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 18 Arliegh

When he got home he said hi to his mom and dad. Then he went into his bedroom and closed and locked the door. He went over to his lap top and turned it on. While he was waiting he heard the doorbell ring and his mom answer it. He couldn’t tell who it was but he heard his mom say “He’s in his room. I’ll show you where,” Arliegh got up and un locked his door quickly because he didn’t want to get in trouble for having it locked up. Then he went and sat back down in front of the computer. He saw his door open and heard a familiar voice thank his mom. He couldn’t tell who the voice belonged to but he knew it was a girl. He heard his door close and then he felt arms wrapping around his neck and slide down his chest. He still ignored the girl until he heard her whisper in his ear, “How’s Kaelyn? Is she dead or at least so injured she has to stay in the hospital?” He knew it was Shea and took her arms off his chest and spun around. When he turned around he saw Shea was wearing a black very short pleated skirt and a white button up shirt with the first few buttons undone. He knew she un did the buttons when his mother had left. “No she’s not dead. No, she’s not in the hospital. She has a broken ankle.” Shea came back over to him and straddled his lap. “Darn I was hoping for more. Oh well, since she has a broken ankle she won’t be able to come and stop me then will she?” She took his t-shirt off of him and began kissing his neck and shoulders. He kept trying to tell himself that this was bad and would hurt Kaelyn but he couldn’t stop. He undid more of the buttons on her shirt and then he took it off of her. She kissed him and he pushed her off of his lap. He took her hand and brought her over to his bed. He laid down and she crawled on top of him like Kaelyn had done before. He had a sudden guilt rush, but that only lasted for a moment. She started to unbutton her skirt and pull it off. She got it half way down her thighs when Arliegh reached up and finished the job for her. Shea leaned down and was kissing him again when she then started to trail her kisses down his chest and his stomach. When she got to his jeans she undid them and pulled them off of him. She went back to kissing her way down his middle section when he stopped her. “No! I will not cheat on Kaelyn, especially not with you! Get out of my house Shea!” She got dressed and then said “I can give you more whenever you like. Just tell me and I’ll be over here,” she winked and then walked out of his room. He sat on the edge of his bed and thought about what he had just done and how badly it would hurt Kaelyn when she found out. He put his head in his hands and started to cry. How could he have done this to her? How come he let things go so far? He had to tell Kaelyn so he put on some sweats and went back to the computer. He went to his IM and saw that she was on.

R-LY1: hey angel

K*Lyn: Hey Baby! J

R-LY1: I gotta tell you something but I don’t want you to break up with me so can I tell you and you promise not to break up with me?

K*Lyn: What did you do? L

R-LY1: You have to promise first

K*Lyn: Fine, I promise. Now tell me what you did.

R-LY1: Shea came over to my house after I came home. We kissed and to spare you the details she ended up in her under ware. She tried to take it farther but I stopped the whole thing and told her to get out of my house. Long story short I cheated on you Kaelyn. I know that you don’t care that I’m saying this but, I’m sorry

K*Lyn: You did what? :*( how could you do this to me? Don’t come to my house tomorrow. I’ll ride to school with Skyla. I thought you loved me! I thought you hated her! I hate you! :*(

K*Lyn has signed off at 6:30

Arliegh  leaned back in his chair and sighed. How could have been so stupid? He did love Kaelyn. He did hate Shea. Now Kaelyn hated him and worst of all he broke her heart!


© 2010 Kaelyn Shea

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