Chapter 9 Kaelyn

Chapter 9 Kaelyn

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 9 Kaelyn

Two weeks later Kaelyn was walking to the parking lot where Arliegh was going to pick her up. When she got out there he was leaning against his truck. She smiled and walked over to him. He gave a hug and a quick kiss because Kaelyn had already been in trouble once for P.D.A (public displays of affection) then he got her backpack and tossed into the back seat and got in. “Hey Baby” Kaelyn said “Hey Angel” he said this time kissing her longer. When he pulled away she smiled at him and said “I want you to come to the Christmas party we're having at my house this weekend. Will you please come?” “Yeah I'll come”

Kaelyn was sitting on her living room floor waiting for her guests to arrive when the doorbell rang. She got up and ran to go get it. It was her friend Reed's dad. “Reed's coming” “Okay! Everybody is out back on the patio.” Then she waited for Reed. When he got there he noticed the mistletoe she was standing under that she had forgotten about. When she went to hug him he pulled her face to his. “Reed! Get off of me” “I thought you liked me” “I did but that was before. I've gotten over you. Amazing what therapy will do” she said angrily “O come on you don't still blame me for that do you. You were going to commit suicide what was I supposed to do? Let you? Hell no! I was trying to help you.” “Well you didn't. Besides I have a boyfriend anyway” “O really?” Reed said “How old is he?” “15 in April” “How tall is he” “5'10” “What kind of g...” His next words were drowned out when the door bell rang “Go sit in the living room” “Fine” “ Thank you” Her next visitor was Skyla. “Hey girl. Where’s the party?” “Ha ha come on we're in the living room” She had just introduced Skyla and Reed when the doorbell rang again. “Hold on let me go get that” When she opened the door it was Arliegh “Hey baby” He grabbed her and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around him and smiled at him. “Hey Angel” He said. He kissed her lips and then set her down “Come on we're in the living room” she said. Once she had introduced everyone she went and got a blanket and was about to sit next to Arliegh when he pulled her into his lap. “Well okay then!” Kaelyn said laughing.  Reed saw this and started to get kind of protective. “Hey man, she’s only in eighth grade. She doesn’t need you getting her pregnant and crap!” “Reed! I can take care of myself thank you very much” Kaelyn said turning bright red. “Obviously you do!” said Reed “Reed just lay off ok?” “Kaelyn, its fine angel. If he wants to protect you he can. There is nothing to protect you from but he can if wants.” Arliegh said trying to calm her down. She finally gave up and tried to have a good time.

They were all talking when Reed asked Arliegh a personal question. “What kind of grades do you get” Kaelyn immediately got up pulled Reed to his feet and pulled him over to the hall way and said “What the hell! Why would you ask something like that?” “I'm just making sure he’s appropriate for you.” “I don’t need you to see if he's appropriate for me okay? I ...” her phone beeped and she said “hold on” and put a finger up. He took the finger while she was texting and started to kiss it. She made a fist with it and was just about to hit him when Arliegh came in and grabbed her wrist and pulled it away from him. “Don't ever try anything like that again” “Oh and who is going to stop me?” “I will” “Whatever. You might want to hold on to her pretty tightly. If you ever let her go she’s mine and believe me I won’t let go. I will always be fighting for her to be mine.” “That's too bad. I'm never letting her go. I love her. More than you could ever love her.” “You love me?” “Yes with all my heart I do. I told you without you I'm nothing” she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. She could have stayed like that for quite awhile but Reed pulled them apart and said “Cool it. She may not be mine yet but that doesn't mean I want to see you making out with her” “Then don't watch” said Arliegh before Reed flipped him off.


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