Chapter 11 Kaelyn

Chapter 11 Kaelyn

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 11 Kaelyn

When the movie was over they drove back to Lutheran Day so she could go to volleyball practice. He came in with her and sat down in the upper part of the bleachers. Kaelyn went and got a ball and started talking to Skyla. “We made out for the first time. Not kidding. We were watching a movie and then it just kind of happened.” she said as she easily sent an over hand serve over the net. “Did you like it? That’s the main thing is if you liked it” “Yes I liked it. Who wouldn't like making out with their boyfriend? I mean really” She noticed he was still there and smiled at him. She thought he had left already. “He drove me over here. I told you he got his license already right?” “No” “Oh, well he got it because his parents go to work at like six thirty and don't get home until after nine thirty. So since no one can drive his sister to school except him. He had to a special test so he could get his license early that’s how he’s been picking me up for school. That and taking me home. Today though we went to his house. We had it all to ourselves because his sister is visiting some relatives in another state” “Hey free rides are always cool good pick for a boyfriend. Okay I approve” said Skyla “I didn’t need you to approve of him but your opinion is always appreciated. Thank you for telling me you like him.”

The next day when he picked her up from school Arliegh asked her if she had ever been ice skating. “Yes I have but I’m never going again” she said shaking her head. “Why are you never going again to me it kind of sounds fun” “The last time I went ice skating was in seventh grade for a class trip. It was almost time to go so I was going to the wall so I could turn my skates in and get ready to leave. I slipped and my left knee dislocated then popped back into to place. It hurt so badly. My cousin, her friend and my teacher had to drag me off the ice because I was wearing skates and was still on the ice and couldn’t stand up with one leg. Now I am deathly afraid of ice. It just scares the hell out of me” “You never told me that. Is that why you have to wear a brace on your knee for volleyball.” “Yes, it is.” “Why do you have to wear the ankle brace?” “Well, I was at a friend’s birthday party and they stole my phone. I sort of needed it back so I ran after them. I found out who had my phone and it was someone I didn’t even know one of her friends from her neighborhood I guess. So any way I ran after him and then I stepped in a gopher hole and my left ankle went sideways. I heard a crack and suddenly I couldn’t move and kind of fell over. My other friend brought my phone over after they looked at my ankle, which by the way was purple and blue and turned weird, and they called my mom and dad. We went to the emergency room and found out it was just a major sprain. On crutches for a week.  Now I wear that brace for support in my ankle. That’s all” “I would never let anything like that happen to you. Ever” he said kissing her forehead and then driving her home. When she got out she made sure to turn around and say “I love you Babe” He smiled and said “I love you too Angel.”

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Kaelyn Shea

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A Story by Kaelyn Shea