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Sunday, January 31. 2016

Okay, sorry to myself for missing yesterday's entry.
I have a somewhat (not really) valid reason for this.

As mentioned on chapter fourteen, my parents went away for the weekend. So, obviously, I asked Jones to sleepover. He came over after work on Friday and-
Jeez, I can't even remember what we did. Hold on.
Okay, so we were planning on going to the club since I've never been, but when the time came we were both too exhausted. Instead we went to East Side Mario's since it's a restaurant we've both never been to. It turned out to be great and we ended up ordering way too much food. We got back to my house around 11 pm and by then we watched a movie on Netflix (and chilled) then passed out.

On Saturday we (tried) to get up early, but Jones literally wouldn't wake up.
It's so nice to snuggle with him though, I love  just waking up in the morning to arms wrapped around me. I can't wait until I'm older and we live together. That's not creepy okay a girl can fantasize.
Anyways, we got to the local mountain at around 1 pm, which made me very frustrated since whenever I go to the mountains I like to be an early riser. We didn't get to head up to the top until 2 pm since Jones had to go through rentals and such because it's only his second time boarding.
I'm extremely happy over the fact he enjoys snowboarding because every since I moved to this city, I had to leave all my skier and boarder friends back home and I haven't found any here (that I like riding with) yet.
We had a great time, fantastic really, because I hit my first rail ever in park and landed it on first try. I find myself a decently good boarder, and I can hit jumps and boxes but rails scare me, so I was over the top happy when I landed that rail.
Afterwards, we headed back to my house, showered, and then my sister and her boyfriend came over. We watched t.v. and then went for ice cream at Dairy Queen, and then Jones and I were off to the movies.
We watched The Fifth Wave, which was an okay movie. It could have ended better. 
Then Jones came back to my house with me (by then it was already past 12 am) and he slept over, or as he likes to call it a "power nap" since he had work at 9 am. 
He left around 8:30 and then I was alone.

I'm super thankful for this weekend though with him. I know I'm young to have my boyfriend sleeping over, but honestly I can't help it. I'm so in love with him, and I just want to spend every second of my time with him before my life is over. 
Young love is a crazy thing.

© 2016 therealMEL

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Added on February 1, 2016
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