Bite Me Baby

Bite Me Baby

A Chapter by Mary Something--Or--Other

Cal slept over for the first time that night. We didn’t do anything—we didn’t need to. Just being together was enough. I woke up wrapped in his cold embrace and shivered a little as I looked up at him. He was still asleep and breathing softly. It was the first time I’d ever seen him so peaceful, so happy, such a normal looking 16 year old boy. Normal… Yeah, Cal was anything but.


Yet at the time we both had bigger things to think about—that little thing called high school… But I didn’t want to wake him up! He looked so darn cute. Well, I’d woken up a little earlier then usual, so I could let him sleep a little longer.


As quietly as I could I slipped out of his hold—not easy—and tiptoed for the door, glancing back to smile at his sleeping form one last time before I slunk into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and smiled at the thought of Calvin “accidentally” walking in on me as I stepped in.


I felt like our connection had been taken to a totally new level. He loved me, I loved him, and now we both knew it. My only fear was that he’d stop loving me. Did he know that I’d never stop loving him?


I sighed and shut off the water.


After everything he’d been through, I wanted to give him something he could hold onto—something that would always be there to lift him up and never let him down. After all the horrors of his life, he deserved at least that…


See, when Calvin tunred 16 years old his parents made a deal with a witch—Calvin as her slave, or their deaths. Guess which one they chose… But little did they know that the witch would kill them anyway, right in front of Cal. He told me once that he still had nightmares about it too. We found him on a mission to destroy Isabel Lucifenda, the witch holding Calvin. I was still a rooky back then but we succeeded, little did we know that Cal had been left with a terrible curse though—one that had lasted the past 250 years. He never even told me about it until we started dating, and even then it took him six months!


I’d never seen how he actually looked—the demon half anyway—and the “program” had no idea he even had another side. They’d never let me see a case if they did.


I was in my room, jumping up and down while I tried to get my knee high socks on over my purple tights, when Calvin stirred. I smiled and crawled into bad next to him. “Morning, sleepy head!”


“Good morning…” he yawned.


“This is nice,” I sighed.


His eyes fluttered open and looked at me sleepily. “What is?”


“Getting to wake up next to those eyes.” He looked away from me as his face reddened. “Calvin!”




“Did you just blush?” I laughed.


“No…” He blushed again.


I wrapped my arms around his neck rolled on top of him. “God I love how cute you are!”


He smiled and kissed my cheek, making me shiver a little. “Was I asleep?”


“Nope.” I began playing with his hair. “You’ve been awake the whole time.”


He just kissed my forehead. “That’s the first full night’s sleep I’ve had years…” I watched his eyes drift back to when he was mortal for a moment then abruptly return.


“Than you should spend the night more often,” I teased. I took his hand—the one that had been a claw the night before. “You okay?”


He nodded and rolled atop me. “As long as I’m with you—of course I am.”


Oh my God I could have melted… His hand stroked my cheek, combed though my hair, and stroked down my neck. My he was getting bold! I closed my eyes and let out a long breath. “Calvin…?”


He leaned down to whisper on my neck, “Yes, my love.”


“If you wanted to take a bite…” I opened my eyes. “I wouldn’t mind.”


He snapped back up and looked down at me sharply. “Don’t you ever ask me that again, Shane.”


He got off the bed and started for the door. “Cal, wait.” He did and I sat up. “You need blood to survive. It’s not a big deal.”


“I am not a Vampire, I am not a parasite, and I am not a monster,” he said coldly. “I don’t appreciate you insinuating such things about me.”


“I’m not insinuating anything!” I cried, jumping out of bed. “Cal, I don’t understand a lot of things about you but…” I walked over and set my hands at his bare waist. “But I know that you’re not a monster. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.” He still wouldn’t turn around, so I wrapped my arms around his stomach and rested my head on his freezing back. “I know that I love you. I just wanna be closer to you…”


“You would want that?” he grumbled.


“Yes,” I smiled into his skin. “I do.”


I was suddenly tackled back onto the bed, his hands holding my shoulders down painfully. “This is what you want?” The white of his right eye had been completely consumed by a sickly blood red, his iris black, and a bright red + fell in the middle of it all. He shook me. “This is what you love?”

© 2009 Mary Something--Or--Other

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Added on November 2, 2009
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Mary Something--Or--Other
Mary Something--Or--Other

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