Chapter 4 - Angel

Chapter 4 - Angel

A Chapter by AngelBeat

by P.H.97 (Pixieheart97)


    Rory woke to light filtering through the white silk curtains. She rolled over to look up at the roman clock on the wall. 7:30. She wasn't sure what time mortals were expected to be at school by. She decided to go ask Evangeline. As she walked into the dining room she noticed a note on the table.

    "Rory, I'm sorry I'm not at home at this moment. I've had some business to attend to. I have made you breakfast. It's on the counter. School starts at 8:50. Please be there by at least 8:30. Break a leg. But not literally ,Evangeline"

    She walked over to the counter...bacon & eggs. After she'd scoffed them, she headed back to her room in search of her uniform. It was lying on her bed. She was shocked that she hadn't noticed it when she woke up. It was a red top and a black skirt. She was suprised that she actually liked it. After all, Rory had seen some pretty shocking uniforms in her years. She got dressed and threw on the first shoes she found...a pair of black converse.

    She made herself some lunch grabbed all her supplies and locked up. The walk to the local highschool "Valkyrie Academy" wasn't so bad. It was very scenic and it was very sunny that day. As she walked, Rory summed up the students. Clusters of girls seemed to hang around the front of school whereas the boys lingered around a large field which Rory presumed was where she'd be doing P.E. later that day.

    She decided to do an investigation and start looking for Devin Mayer. When she was completely honest with herself she realized that she had no idea what she was looking for. Or who to be exact. Rory decided to give up until her first class: English. But something was drawing her towards a large oak tree. Or...someone to be exact. Leaning against it was a boy. He stared at her with intense blue eyes from behind a fringe as black as night. "Hello," he said in a mysterious but beautiful voice."I'm Seth Holder."

    Rory opened her mouth, rose-like against her too pale skin, trying to speak but she was too awestruck. He was Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. From the top of his head to the tip of his toes.

    "And you are??" he said with the slightest smirk on his too handsome lips.

    "I-I'm R-R-Rory,"she stuttered.

    Seth's smirk grew wider. "Rory??" he pushed.

    "Rory Warrick,"she said with more confidence than the last time.

    Seth leaned forward, gazing deeply into her eyes, like blue mirrors. Then the bell rang.

    Rory spun, looking for her new class." Seth?? Do you know where Miss Lucia's class is??" she asked but when she turned around Seth had completely disappeared. She pulled a map of the school out of her bag. Evangeline had got it off the principal the day she enrolled Rory. She followed the map, using her angel speed to get there but slowing down as she neared the class because if a mere mortal were to see her stop running it would look as if she appeared out of thin air.

    She walked up the ramp that led to a large, spacious classroom. Immediately,the teacher introduced herself. "I'm Miss Lucia,"she said. "And you are?"

    Rory took one curious gaze across the classroom, searching for Seth and finding him, before replying."I'm Rory Warrick, nice to meet you Miss Lucia." The name sounded odd on her tongue and Rory wondered why it seemed so familiar.

    "Warrick??" asked Miss Lucia with a slight edge to her voice.

    "Yes. Like I said, I'm Rory Warrick..." added Rory.

    "Take a seat please Miss Warrick."

    Rory noticed that the only available seat was right behind Seth. She walked towards him, never looking anywhere else. But, for some reason he seemed to be avoiding eye contact. She took her seat and began doodling on the cover of her book. Then she got an idea. Rory ripped out a piece of paper and crumpled it into a ball. Then, she threw it right at the centre of the back of Seth's head. "Seth!" she whispered vigorously.

    This went on repeatedly until Miss Lucia noticed a hole book worth of paper crumpled on the floor. "Care to explain Miss Warrick?"

    The bell for next class same by slowly. Unfortunately,the next class was maths and according to Rory, it was possibly the worst subject ever invented.

    Throughout the day, Seth continued to ignore her. Had she done something to upset him?? Then she got another of her brilliant ideas... She could always just read his mind. Though, before she had died, her mum had made Rory promise not to mind read unless it was absolutely necessary because otherwise it is invading other peoples personal space. She weighed it up on a scale of one to ten, ten being absolutely necessary. It was definitely somewhere in the ten section.

    Now all she had to do was find him. But that wouldn't be hard. Ever since she had walked into Valkyrie High she had felt a pull towards him, like he was a magnet. It was almost as if there was an invisible chain, linking them together.

    She followed her instinct,walking slowly. It took her less than a minute to find him. Seth Holder was playing a very rough game of rugby on the school field. "Seth!!!" she shouted over the noisy boys. He turned to look at her, smirked but then continued with his game. Rory stormed off in a mood. He hardly even acknowledged her existence.

    For the rest of the day she decided to play at his game and ignored him back. Neither of them made any kind of attempt at communicating with the other. The end of the day came. Finally. Rory found Evangeline waiting in a car parked outside the school gate. She strode towards it, thankful that she didn't have to walk. Evangeline opened the car door and as Rory went to step in, Seth came out of nowhere, swooped down and kissed her gently on the lips. " I didn't talk to you because I couldn't explain how I was feeling... Even that didn't," he said in his voice that sent warm shivers along Rory's spine.

© 2012 AngelBeat

Author's Note

any name mistakes? (if u see damon in it, or athena, tell me)

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Thanks Ice Girl..youre amazing

Posted 12 Years Ago

Oooh! I loved it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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