Chapter 10 - Angel

Chapter 10 - Angel

A Chapter by AngelBeat

By Pixieheart97


    The healing process seemed to go quite fast. Rory's wing felt better than new. She got home faster than usual which gave her too much time to think about the day's events. She was getting used to the idea that Seth was a demon. She still loved him. Even though it was still extremely forbidden for the both of them.

    Rory's stomach grumbled... She hadn't eaten since the huge bag of chips. She opened the cupboard and searched high and low for something to fill her hungry angelic belly. Corn chips. Good enough. It was a good thing that mortal food wouldn't cause her to put on weight. She sat down in front of the television, watching re-runs of The Vampire Diaries. It was dark before she knew it and Rory was starting to feel incredibly tired.

    A horrible ringing noise was erupting from the kitchen... It took her a while to work out it was the phone. "Hello, Rory speaking," she said.

    "Rory it's Seth," a voice said in an urgent voice on the other end of the telephone. He didn't give her time to speak. "Ummm.. There's been a house-fire at my parent's place. I had a fight with my grandmother and she's kicked me out.. And.. Well.. I.. Was wondering.. Could I stay.. With you?" Seth asked.

    Rory thought this over even though she already knew the answer. Evangeline was gone for the time being and there were millions of spare rooms. Okay maybe not quite millions but still a lot. "Sure," she replied. " Do you want me to pick you up?" she added.

    There was a long silence."Rory? Do you think you could teach me how to fly?" he added finally.

    Rory was shocked."You don't know how to fly?" she asked.

    "My parents never taught me.." he replied.

    "Oh, well where should I pick you up?" Rory asked, realizing she had no idea where Seth lived. Or once lived.

    "You could pick me up at my umm house. The address is 97 Shadow Drive.. See you soon I guess," Seth said before hanging up.

    She sighed. Rory hadn't even changed out of her uniform yet.. Everything had been a jumbled up mess in her head. She raced to her room and pulled out a pair of dark blue jeggings and a plain white long-sleeved top. She put on a pair of black Nike hightop sneakers that looked almost exactly like Hayley Williams'. Then she pulled her long waves into a high bun. Rory grabbed a grey hoodie and was out the door running with her angel speed, not caring if anyone saw her.

    She came to a stop outside 97 Shadow Drive, confused. Had he given her the right address? This house looked abandoned. She walked up to the red door. The paint was peeling. She knocked and then looked around. She hadn't even noticed the knee-high grass or the cracked windows. Ivy was climbing up the grey bricked walls. Weeping Willows,dead plants and weeds completed the garden. It was kind of Beautiful in a horror movie kind of way. Rory giggled and turned as the door creaked open. Seth stood, barely an inch from her.

    "Hey!" he said. Rory screamed but then relaxed when she realized who it was. Seth pulled her into the hall by her wrist. He kissed her deeply but something felt different. There was something wrong in his stormy blue eyes.

    "Seth? Umm is something up?," she said through a gulp.

    His eyes seemed to flicker from blue to red then back to blue. "No," he lied and his grip tightened on her wrist.

    "Seth you're hurting me!!" Rory shouted.

    Seth smirked.

    "Grandma! What the hell are you doing!?!?" That was Seth's voice. She turned to see an identical Seth standing by the stairs shouting at the other Seth figure. Rory was suddenly very confused. The Seth figure was slowly changing. The dark hair turned silver. It grew to the clone's knees in tangled knots. It's eyes changed back to red. Permanently. It grew about 60cm shorter and turned from slim and muscular to plump and round. The smooth, creamy pale skin turned tanned and wrinkly. An old lady now stood before her, gripping her wrist just as firmly as she had when she was pretending to be Seth. The real Seth was the one standing by the stairs. There were bags at his feet. He shot lightning at the wrinkly hag's hands. She immediately released, screeching and whimpering, rubbing her hands and looking at Seth with pure fury clear in her eyes.

    "Let's go," Seth ordered pushing Rory slightly until she was out of the house. He grabbed his bags and locked the old woman in the house. The chains on the door were rattling as they left. Grandma Mayer was making her escape.

    Rory glanced nervously behind her. "Maybe I should teach you how to fly another time," she said.

    "Agreed," Seth agreed.

    Rory extended her wings and grabbed Seth around the waist, lifting them both into the now starry sky.

© 2012 AngelBeat

Author's Note

Mistakes? There shouldn't be though
(Rory was probably tongue wrestling with his Grandma...hahaha...ew...) XD
I could use the word french kissing...but I just want to make it sound more grosser :P

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Yes..the old lady tongue wrestle. I love my mind

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