Chapter 11 - Demon

Chapter 11 - Demon

A Chapter by AngelBeat

I was going to make this the last chapter.. But then this chapter became so long. Written by me.


    Lilith slowly opened her eyes, she felt warm air brushing against her skin, she slowly turned her head, Devin?! she tried to sit up but something tugged her down, it was Devin's arm around her chest, "Devin?" she whispered,

    "Ngghh," Devin said in his sleep,

    "Are you awake?" she whispered again,

    "Don't wake me up mummy..." he mumbled,

    Lilith held in her laughter, Mummy?... Awww... He even sleep talks... "Devin..wake up," she whispered but now shaking him slightly,

    "Hmm..." He slowly opened his eyes, then when he saw Lilith awake, he quickly sat up, "I.. Um.. Sorry.." He started to slide off the bed,

    "Wait!" Lilith grabbed his arm, "please don't go..." she quietly said,

    He turned around, "why?" he said,

    "Because I.. I.. Do I have to say it?" She said, feeling embarrassed all of a sudden.

    He moved to where Lilith was, put his arms on each side of her arms, brought his face so close to hers that their noses were touching and said "I don't sleep talk," then kissed her. She put her arms around his waist and he fell down right beside her on the bed,

    "Please.. Don't.. Leave.. Me," Lilith said in between kisses.

    Devin stopped kissing her and said "I'll never leave you," then started to kiss her again.


    Morning came and Lilith woke up entangled in Devin's arms. "Devin?" Lilith quietly said,

    "Yeah?" Devin replied,

    "You're awake?!" she asked, shocked,

    "I've been awake for a few minutes"

    "Why didn't you wake me up?"

    "I wanted to watch your sleeping face and hold you longer,"

    Lilith didn't have to look up to know that he was smiling, she moved away a little so their faces were only a few centimetres away from each other, "I love you," she whispered, then kissed him,

    "I love you too." He kissed her back more intensely.

    The phone rang, why now.. Lilith broke the kiss, "sorry." She picked up her phone and answered "Hello,"

    "I won't be back for a few weeks, so make sure to stay with a friend while I'm gone, okay?" It was Sophia.

    "Okay" Lilith answered, Sophia hung up. Not too talkative on the phone are ya?

    "Who was it?" Devin asked,

    "It was Sophia,"

    "Is everything alright?"

    Lilith smiled. "Yes."

    "Good," Devin said and pulled her in for another kiss.

    "No," Lilith said, putting her hand in the space distancing their lips. She pulled Devin's arms off her and slid off the bed. "I need to, um, go and have a shower." She walked over to where her clothes were and pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans, a plain black t-shirt and a jersey which had 'BlessTheFall' written across it in big light blue and purple letters. "Be back in a few," she said to sad eyed boy sitting in the bed, "and I'm sorry." She quickly grabbed a towel and ran into the bathroom, sliding down against the door once she shut it. "I'm so, so, so, sorry," she whispered to herself.

    "It's okay," she heard Devin's voice say from the other side of the door. He clearly sounded hurt.

    This just shouldn't be happening.. She got up from the floor and headed over to the shower and turned the shower knob on to the hot side. She stripped off her uniform and walked under the still warming up water. She grabbed one of those body scrubbing things and squeezed some body wash soap onto it. It smelled fruity. She covered her whole body with the fruity soap and washed that off. Washing her hair, she suddenly heard a thud. It must've been something big if she were to be able to hear it over the running water. She quickly rinsed her hair, turned the shower off, and hopped out. She grabbed her towel off the floor and (poorly) dried herself. Pulling her clothes on was sort of hard, since she was still partly wet.

Not caring about her dripping wet hair, she opened the bathroom door and scanned the room. Devin was gone. "W-where is he?" She asked herself, then saw a a piece of piece of paper lying on the bed. She hesitantly walked over and picked up the paper.

    The writing on it was written in blood. It read: If you want the Angel, come to the school grounds. And Hurry.

    She scrunched up the piece of paper and burned it in her palm, dropping the ashes onto the carpet. She ran to the door and quickly pulled on some black boots, opened the door and extended her wings. In one motion, she was up in the air, flying towards the school. She could've ran, but she wanted to get there as fast as she could.

    She hovered above the school and saw a few demon soldiers holding someone. Devin! She swooped down and landed in front of the demons. "Let him go!" She yelled.

    The demons pushed Devin towards Lilith, what the hell.. Devin dropped down once he reached Lilith, he also took Lilith with him to the ground. "D-devin, are y-you okay?" She asked, moving his head upwards.

    A wide smile broke across his face and before Lilith could react, she was pinned to the ground with a rough claw like hand around her neck. The Devin from just a moment ago started to change it's shape. 'Devin's' eyes turned red and had slits in them. His mouth grew ten times bigger and his teeth grew a whole lot sharper and ragged. His back suddenly grew these massive spikes.

    Lilith knew this wasn't Devin and knew this was one of the fiercest monsters (second to the Devil himself) in the Underworld.

    The monster slowly tightened it's grip and Lilith slowly started to lose consciousness. No, I won't die until I've saved Devin..! She formed fire in her palms and pushed it into the monster's eyes. The monster screeched as it let go of Lilith and fell back. Lilith knew the monster would recover quickly, so she got up and flew into the air. Her eyes weren't focusing all that well and her throat was throbbing. Where are you...

    I'm here!

    "Huh?!" Lilith was suprised by the sound and looked around. No one was there.

    Down here Lilith!

    It was Devin! The real one! He was speaking to her through his mind.

    I'm by our English class!

    Lilith dove towards their class and saw that Devin was sitting on the ground chained up and gagged. She ran to him and tried to break the chains. Ugh.. Why won't you break! She could feel tears wanting to escape, but she blinked them back. She gave up on the chains for now, and untied the cloth gagging Devin. "I'm sorry!" She yelled and hugged him.

    "Please.. Don't.. Be.."

    Lilith pulled away and looked him in the eyes. He still looked hurt, mentally. She shifted her gaze to his lips before kissing him. He kissed her back, well, tried to.

    "..Ook.. Ou.."

    Lilith pulled away, "wha-" Before she could finish saying what, something shot fire at her back. The fire seemed to do a lot damage.

    Lilith's eyes widened and slowly closed as she fell to the ground near Devin. Lilith couldn't scream, she couldn't move.

    "Lilith!" Devin yelled in a desperate voice.

    Lilith heard him and slowly opened her eyes, everything was blurry and spinning. "Yeah?"

    "You won't die! I won't let you! Please hold on!" He yelled.

    Lilith smiled weakly. She knew she was going to die. "I'm so sorry for not being able to protect you.." She whispered, then her eyes slowly closed again, and her smile slowly died away, along with her life.


    "Lilith!!!" Devin screamed with tears running down his face. "No!" She was dead. He knew it. But didn't want to believe it. He looked at the thing who killed Lilith. It was the Devil himself. Devin's eyes filled with rage and tears, he yelled "you b*****d!"

    "Watch your mouth boy!" The Devil spoke in a deep voice.

    Devin felt energy building up inside him. He tried to break the chains holding him, he succeeded. He stood up, still a bit wobbly, and threw the rest of the chains attached to him, away. He ran towards the devil, punched him right in the face and rebounded. "Holy F**k," he said as he shook his wrist. He looked back at Lilith who lay on the ground, "I should be the one to say sorry.. Not you.. I should never have spoken to you in the first place.. But if I never did.. I wouldn't have known what love was like.." He whispered. A sad smile formed on his face.

    "Any last words boy?"

    Devin walked over to Lilith and held her body in his arms. He dug his crying face into her neck, "I'll meet you soon," he whispered. He looked at her face and saw a tear running down it. He wiped it away with his thumb and suddenly, everything went white.

    He saw Lilith standing right in front of him in the whiteness. "L-lilith?" He whispered, then started to walk over to her. She had a smile on her face and her hand was held out. He picked up his pace and grabbed her hand. She instantly disappeared. "No!"

    Everything became normal again, he was sitting on the ground with Lilith in his arms, the Devil stood there watching them. Something felt different though. He seemed some how heavier. Something white and black caught his eye. He turned his head and his eyes widened when he saw wings. "I-I'm an-"

    "You're an Angel.. Yes.. That's right.. Now, time for you to die." The Devil formed a shining red blade made of fire in his hands.

    Devin tried summon up some sort of weapon himself. He got a sword that looked much like the Devil's, but Devin's sword was a white-ish pale yellow, and radiated light. It had a Blue jewel incrusted at the top of the blade and it seemed to have some sort of swirly mist inside it.

    The sword felt light in Devin's hand as he ran and swung the sword at the Devil. The Devil blocked his attack with his arm. He let out a slight groan. Using his free hand, he swung his weapon at Devin. Devin saw it coming from the side of his eye and ducked down. He moved back and jumped up to his feet. He fully extended his wings and flew into the air. He could tell that the Devil couldn't fly because his face was filled with rage, and, if he could fly, he would be in the air by now. Devin slightly smiled to himself, thinking that maybe there was a chance he could actually win. He dove down and slashed the devil's other arm.

    The Devil let out another groan, but this time a bit louder. His arms were now starting to become covered with black blood.

    Devin hovered in the air watching the blood becoming a pool, how much blood does this guy have? He flew down again and this time slashed both his legs.

    The Devil's body slowly started to slip off his legs. Before he fell to the ground, he threw his sword straight at Devin.

    The sword moved with such speed, that he didn't even see it coming. His eyes widened as pain seared through his body. He looked up at his wing and saw a bright red sword stuck in it. As the blood soaked his wing, he saw that the devil was slowly dissolving into the ground. Behind him, this hideous creature was running towards him. No, towards Lilith. He dropped down in front of Lilith's body and held his sword as if ready for a fight. Which he was.

    Devin held down his weapon when he realised that the monster was sinking into the ground, like the Devil. Maybe those creatures can't be in this world without the Devil..

    "Don't think I won't come back.. I will.. And when I do.. I'll kill you all.." The devil said before he disappeared into the ground, along with the monster.

    The pain in his wing became worse. He looked back at his wing and saw that the red sword was slightly shaking. Devin held in a scream of pain. He dropped his own sword (which disappeared as soon as it touched the ground) and grabbed hold of the sword in his wing. The sword was burning his skin and pulling the sword out wasn't making it any better. The pain increased and he could feel his wound throbbing. With a final yell of pain and determination, he pulled out the sword and threw it to the ground. It to disappeared. He fell down to his knees and his vision started to blacken. I'm going to die.. He smiled to himself, only sadness and a slight bit of happiness formed that smile. He crawled over to Lilith's body and he lay on the ground beside her. "I'm coming." He took Lilith's hand and closed his eyes.

© 2012 AngelBeat

Author's Note

Okay! :D There's another chapter..and hopefully it's going to be the last one (written by me)... They don't die.. Okay? If they did, it would ruin the novella pixieheart97 is writing.. But if she wasn't writing it, they would've died :) hehe

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I LOVED IT!!! But it was slightly going too fast.

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