Chapter 6 - Angel

Chapter 6 - Angel

A Chapter by AngelBeat

by Ph97

    Her lips were still tingling from the kiss as they arrived at the house. Evangeline had left soon after on another business trip so Rory had the house to herself. If only she had her mind to herself. She could feel someone probing it. She could feel someone reading it over like a book, searching for something. From that second fowards, Rory knew something... There was a demon in town.

    But who?? She kept thinking back to the odd edge in Miss Lucia's voice when Rory had told her she was a Warrick. Only Angels and Demons should know the true meaning behind that name. Was Miss Lucia a mere mortal teacher? Or was she something bigger, something that no mortal could possibly imagine? A demon.

    Then Rory remembered something. Something that had once shaped her entire life, something that had created her entire being as it was that very day... Lucia was the surname of the person that killed her parents. Rory now had two missions, to protect Devin Mayer and to find out if Miss Lucia was a demon. And then destroy her.

    Immediately, the probing stopped. Whoever it was had found what they wanted to know. Whoever it was now knew she was an angel. Her original, and possibly newer, mission were at risk. Devin's life and her own could both be at stake.

    Rory stayed completely alert and awake until Evangeline arrived home at 3:00 a.m. Then together they had flown back to the gates to alert Him of this problem. It had taken less than 2 minutes. They traveled there using a portal.. The same way they had got to the mortal division and Rory had been told only one thing: Exterminate all earthwalking demons that come across Devin Mayer.

    For some reason, this sent horrible shivers down her spine. But what she really couldn't stop thinking of was that when he had said this, her first thought.. Was one of Seth. The words exterminate all earthwalking demons kept ringing in her mind.

    The day left her in a blur of confused thoughts. When Rory was tucked under the comfortable silk sheets, it was almost impossible to sleep. It was filled with horrifying visions that made her even more puzzled and startled her awake. She felt relieved when the morning came by... Finally.

    Rory got up and brushed through the tangled mess she called hair. Looking into the mirror she discovered that sleep deprivation turned her into a walking zombie. But she had never met a living zombie before so technically she wouldn't know if she really did look like one. Rory put on her uniform. Unfortunately she couldn't find all her shoes so she had to  scavenge through Evangeline's (who coincidentally had the same shoe size). It took her awhile but she finally settled on a pair of shiny black gladiator sandals.

    Rory looked up at the clock.. 8:25 and she was walking. She looked for some food.. A family sized packet of chips. That would have to do. It had taken her five minutes just to find something to eat and there was 20 minutes until the bell rang. She could make it. 

    She grabbed her bag and the chips and left, forgetting to lock up. She walked just faster than human-speed because she didn't want to be late but she also didn't want to freak anyone out. Her stomach gurgled.. She hadn't touched the chips yet. Rory opened them and shoveled handfuls at at time into her mouth, barely pausing to swallow.

    "A girl with an appetite huh?" A familiar and mysterious voice asked. She turned around, mouth overflowing with chips. Seth. "Wow," he said mysteriously.

   "What?" Rory asked, forgetting that her mouth was full, eagar to know what he had been wowing about.

    "You're so beautiful. Even with your mouth full. You're so gorgeous, it's otherworldly. It's breathtaking," Seth said.

    No. This could not happen. It is strictly forbidden to fall in love with a mortal, especially on a mission. He would send people to kill Seth. Rory could not let that happen. She swallowed her chips just as he leaned down to kiss her. But she turned and ran before he could, leaving him to fall to the ground. She didn't dare look back.. It would only hurt more to leave him.

    She arrived at school just as the bell rang. Seth would be late because of her. She suddenly felt so guilty from the past events that it was overwhelming. She walked up the ramp into the English class. Rory had forgotten completely about Miss Lucia.. Her mind was solely focused on Seth. Who was sitting in his seat. He was behind her! She was sure of it. Then she noticed a bleeding scrape on his knee. She had made him bleed! But it was for his own good. In the long run anyway. It was a tiny wound or death. Rory felt the classroom suddenly heat up.. The hairs on the back of her neck raised. There was a demon in here and it wasn't Miss Lucia. There was another one. She glared around the classroom until her eyes locked with a girl. She had jet black hair. Time came to a halt, the only movement came from her and the demon girl at the back of the classroom. "Who are you? What is your business here?" Rory hissed.

    "What are you? What are you doing in the mortal world?" the demon spat, ignoring Rory's question like she hadn't said a word.

    "I am the angel, Rory Warrick! I am here to protect the boy! Now. Answer my question! Who are you and what is your business here?!"she screeched back.

    "I am Lilith Revana from the Underworld! And I'm here to watch this boy!" replied the demon, pointing towards Devin as she said the last words.

    They ran outside, preparing to fight. Lilith extended jet black wings with a splotch of crimson red that looked like blood stains and shot forth into the sky. Rory extended hers, pure white with gold tips and blue streaks, and followed. They got into their battle positions and Lilith attacked, Rory lurched, dodging her. Somehow they collided and flew apart once more. Rory shot lightning from her eyes.. Aiming for the demon, who dodged in and raised her hands in front of her. For a millisecond, Rory actually believed that Lilith was surrendering. That was, until she saw the blue fire balls erupting from each of her fingertips. Rory tried to dodge them but one struck her left wing. Blood dripped like a steady stream from the wound and a searing pain filled her body. Her vision blurred and she could feel her self slowly falling, her right wing flailing to make up for her nonworking left. Then Lilith sprung towards her, in hand to hand combat. She could feel blood trickling from her nose and lip. "Please! Is this what you want? To kill me? To kill Devin?" she shouted.

    Lilith looked shocked."No I don't want to kill Devin! Why would you even think that!" Liltih yelled back.

    Rory was confused.. Something was different about this demon."But you're a demon! You kill for a living!"she stated.

    Lilith seemed to ponder this. "That's true, but I don't want to kill him..." she said somberly.

    Realization flooded into Rory's mind "You're... In love with him..."

    Lilith looked away "I guess I am.."

    Rory knew how Lilith felt.. Loving someone whom you were never supposed to love.. "Then lets make a truce... As long as no harm comes to Devin, you can protect him along side me," Rory offered.

    "Yeah," Lilith answered, holding out a hand.

    Rory held out the hand that wasn't saturated in her blood and clutching her wing. They shook. Rory realized they were already on the ground. She felt light headed and nauseated. She was breathing in short gasps, trying to ignore the pain, as she folded her wings. They walked back into class and time immediately resumed.

© 2012 AngelBeat

Author's Note

Any Mistakes? Ha, if you've actually read this far... :| you must just be looking forward to the angel chapters x) Since my chapters suck (coz of how I use to write ages ago)

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Ree! your chapters do NOT suck!!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

No, no your chapters don't suck! I love them all! And no mistakes at all!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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