Chapter 8 - Angel

Chapter 8 - Angel

A Chapter by AngelBeat

By Pixieheart97


    The class went by too slowly and the pain, now somewhere inside her, never faded. Throughout the class, Seth had been trying to get her attention. Probably trying to ask why I ran.. She ignored him still. Rory kept telling herself that this was for him. It was his life at stake and she couldn't put it on the line just because she had fallen in love. She sighed aloud which made him try even harder. She turned her head away, unable to face him. Across the room, she caught Lilith's eye. Her big mauve eyes were filled with sympathy for Rory and for herself. They had both crossed the line here and if they didn't fix things right now then all four of them could end up dead. Rory rested her head in her hands, wanting nothing more than to curl up in bed and cry til there were no tears left. She looked up. Seth was staring at her with intense eyes and for the first time today, she noticed something in them. Sadness. Or was it anger? Or both? That must be because she ran away from him. She must have hurt his feelings. And his knee. She chuckled in a sad kind of way. A noise awoke her from her daydreams. The bell. Finally. She went to get up but Seth grabbed her around the wrist and pulled her back. When everyone had left the room she noticed that Devin had done the same for Lilith. The boys pulled up a chair each and sat, gesturing to the girls to do the same. When they sat, Devin spoke. "What the hell happened to you two out there?" He looked at Lilith, then Rory, then back to Lilith.

    "We don't know what you're talking about Devin," Rory lied.

    "You're lying. Now, start talking. This time make it the truth," said Seth with a knowing look. Then he looked into Rory's eyes. "Please," he whispered.

    "What did you see?" Lilith half spoke, half sighed.

    Devin looked up."You. And her," he gestured towards Rory before continuing,  "Y-you had w-wings. And then you started fighting.. But mostly not with your hands and fists. You fought with powers. Some kind of superpowers," he said.

    Rory and Lilith looked at each other. "Boys, Lilith and I need to talk in private for a second okay... We'll be right back," Rory said, grabbing Lilith's arm and guiding her to the farthest side of the classroom. They both looked shocked and confused. "How did he see that?!" Rory demanded in a whisper.

    "Rory, you know only angels and demons can see past paused time!" Lilith whispered back, then added, "use your heart to sense him."

    The girls went back to their chairs and sat down. Rory closed her eyes and cleared her mind. Then she felt it again. The heatwave. All the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Her eyes widened. Seth was a demon! Rory fought back the urge to scream, instead she ran  out of the class. "Seth... She knows. What you are I mean," Lilith said. He ran after Rory.

    It wasn't hard to find her. She had left the school. Or was trying to. Her wings were extended and she was trying to fly away but her wing just wasn't working.

    "Rory..." he said, almost in a whisper.

    She turned her head and saw Seth, then she turned ready to bolt. "Rory stop! Please... Hear me out..." he pleaded.

    Rory sighed, tears rolling down her cheeks, but she turned around to listen anyway. "Well?" She said after a few minutes silence. They felt like a lifetime.

    "What do you want to know?" Seth asked.

    "Firstly, why did you come here? Do you have business with Devin as well?" Rory asked urgently, crying even harder.

    Seth giggled. "No, not exactly," he laughed and then added "Devin is my brother."

    Rory's eyes opened the widest they could possibly go before popping out. "How is that even possible? Devin is definitely an angel. But you, you're demon!" she said, confused and shocked.

    "Our parents. My mum is angel but Dad is demon. A few years back I demanded to know what was going on, I knew there was something different about me. They told me I half angel, half demon but I had to choose a side. My mum and I never really got on very well, so naturally, I went with my Dad's side. I chose the Underworld. They made me swear not to tell Devin anything.. So I didn't. And then I saw you. Rory, I knew what you were the second I saw you, but unlike most demons, I do not have a problem with angels." Seth said.

    Rory looked into his eyes.

    Then he said "Demon is just a name, it doesn't define you or make you who you are." His eye's sent her a silent plea.

    Rory gave in and pulled Seth into a tight embrace. He only barely nudged her wing. She screamed in pain and fell to her knees.

    "Rory! You need to go back to Lilith! She is the only person that will be willing to help you because I don't know how to yet and any other demons around here will probably just let you die!" he yelled. Seth scooped her up into his arms and trudged back towards the classroom, ignoring Rory's moans of protest.

    When they reached the door, Lilith was in tears. Seth didn't bother asking why. "Rory's wing needs immediate attention. Can you help her?" he said.

    "Okay, lay her down in front of me," Lilith said.

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Author's Note

mistakes? cmon people :

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Nope, nothing! I loved it!

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